by dragging documents

I dragged a single document at a time on a cd. How can I drag multiple documents?

I prefer more good advice from Elizabeth23, instead of keeping the left mouse button, hold the right button and then when I release him I get a context menu short with the copy, move, create shortcuts here or Canceloptions. The Cancel has saved me several times when I dropped the files in the wrong place! Oops!

Even if the page below is written for Windows Vista, the information is good for all versions of Windows.

Moving and copying files using the drag-and - move

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    I have a new iMac 27 inches. Previous (more recent) TM backup of my old computer could have corrupted some files (non-adobe software). Apple asked me to only migrate my apps (which I did) and then manually drag documents on. I configured CS6 and lightroom, but not the 3rd party editing applications I used as "Topaz", alien skin, and NIK came. In addition, all my preferences that have been recorded as watermarks, export settings, settings etc. of development are missing. I'm looking for files that I could drag during backup time machine to my new machine that would be the best possible save me Lightroom reconstruction from scratch. NOTE: I am able to access all my different cat files stored on external drives without problem. Just need to preferences back if possible.

    Thank you!

    Preference and other locations of files in Lightroom 5

  • I just bought Photoshop CC and the shortcut of the space for the hand tool bar does not work?

    I googled solutions to the problem and most of them said that I need to close other programs that I opened, as well as photoshop and then restart the program, so I tried this and nothing seems to work. Tool hand by itself works, but I prefer by far with the SPACEBAR shortcut as I need to work fast and it's much easier.

    Is it possible that I need to activate the SPACEBAR shortcut, because I bought the software this morning?

    Thank you

    Hi Jessthristan,

    Hold the space bar to drag documents works very well for me. You can try closing out of all your other applications one by one and see if one of them interferes with Photoshop? Chrome is known for sometimes pleasant not with that.

  • I downloaded El Capitan and can't drag and drop Photos for pictures of Mac to my documents Pages.  Is there a solution?

    I downloaded El Capitan and can't drag and drop Photos for pictures of Mac to my ' 09 Pages documents as I did before with iPhoto.  Is there a solution?

    Hi gr.

    Drag / drop photos to Pages ' 09 seems to be broken. Copy-paste works.

    Select the photo in the Photos. Edition > copy

    Click in the page document. Edition > paste


    Click on the photo

    Command + C

    Click on the pages

    Command + V

    Kind regards


    PS: The time to update your profile information.

    El Cap is running on the iBook G4? Problems outside of it?

  • I can't move my documents in folders - I drag them on the record, but then nothing happens

    I can't move my documents in folders - I drag them on the record, but when I communicated nothing has changed and that they remain in the form of separate documents - can anyone help?

    Hi fulham404,

    I understand that you can not copy the files to a folder. I'm not sure where the destination is, but I would recommend that you look at the permissions for your destination file. As long as you are authorized, you should be good to go.

    Set permissions for the items on your Mac OS X El Capitan:

    Let me know if it helps. If it is not the case, give a little more detail as to where you copy your files.

    Nice day

  • I accidentally dragged the folder "documents" off the coast of the sidebar of the finder, how can I get that back?

    I accidentally dragged the folder (?) of 'documents' off the coast of the left sidebar in the finder, a cloud popped up on the screen and then the missing documents. He had a few things in there and I can't recover, could help you?

    In the menu bar click on finder, then Preferences. In the sidebar tab, make sure documents is checked.

  • Drag and drop the email from windows to the folder my documents

    I am trying to drag and drop an email from Windows mail to a folder in my documents each time I do I have an option to copy and replace or do not copy. I just want to copy it here is another option or I can change to get it to copy the settings. I'm sure that once there was before me a third option so that it can be copied, can someone help me please.

    Drop into a different folder itthere and renmae before moving on to the final
    "SS0001" wrote in message news: f9a3b155-6263-4000-89c 0-596bcea9a814...
    > I get emails from the same source, on a weekly basis and the program
    > think I want to update the existing emails with new emails, but I just
    > to add new emails to the existing e-mail file, make
    > you know how I can fix this?
  • By dragging the jpeg documents to wordpad

    When I try to drag a jpeg document saved from the desktop to wordpad, the first document will stick and lift you up as it should, but the second document, jpeg, I'm trying to drag will convert to the first document when I go to open it.  It's for a college class assignment and I have not received a response from the instructor still and it drives me crazy.  Any recommendations?

    After inserting the first image, you must press on enter to access a new line before inserting another image (you will notice that the cursor flashes in the lower right of the image).

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Envy 110 Series printers and I tried several times to reprint documents m in different qualities and align the cartridges, but the lines of words have dragged through them

    I have a HP Envy 110 series printers and I tried several times to reprint documents m in different qualities and align the cartridges, but the lines of words have dragged through them and are not clear. Much of the document is blurry and cut through. Any suggestions?

    Read this article, he describes some steps on how to use the printer utility that came with the printer to run a few steps that might improve the print quality, including cleaning the print cartridge and other procedures.

  • drag multiple layers from one document to another

    When I drag multiple layers from one document to another, now the keys ctrl-shift-alt (that is placed exactly in the same place) Photoshop changes the selected layers. He eithers add a leyer or just pass.

    He wants me to drag a segment of the leyer where there is 'information' or pixels.

    I drag in the document itself, not the layerpanel.

    In previous versions, it wasn't like that.

    Sometimes there is a very little information or pixels in a layer. This is way hard to aim straight for photoshop to do what I want it to do.

    I don't know if it's done on purpose or it is a very annoying bug.

    Photoshop 20151114.r.301x64

    win10 64-bit x 64-proc

    Intel i7 - 4770 s 3.1 GHz

    24 GB RAM


    Well, it is quit interesting: while we are working on this problem, I advised a new update for photoshop: some problems occurred with the last update.

    I was working with 20151114.r.301

    And now I have the 20151209.r.327 version (which comes in fact in a few minutes ago)

    I tried the same thing as above and now my problem with the sliding of the layers went!

    So it was a bug. Nothing to do with the settings or anything.

  • Vectors in the shared library now appear as a "smart object" when you drag a PSD document in 2015

    When they added the library I was overjoyed but now with CC 2015 when I drag my vector objects from my library in a PSD document they no longer drop as a vector but a variant of a dynamic object (has an icon of cloud beside him). It is very undesirable because I need to be able to use these vectors in sizes very easily without having to edit a smart object each time. Is it possible outside decommissioning to 2014 to change this behavior in the libraries?

    All my libraries were created in 2014 CC photoshop vectors. I use all of the other CC apps with libraries.

    Dragging an asset library creates a linked smart object that can only be changed if you open the assets of the cloud. If you hold down the Alt/opt, you get the old way and a local copy of this asset which can be edited in PS.

  • applying master pages to the pages of the document, can't drag any page icon that the hand tool loose when I move my mouse.

    I am a student at the University of anchorage Alaska system.

    I am a student in inDesign adobe cs6 with the classroom in a book, I'm going through the book and have a problem with a long head.

    When mastering pages and I'm trying to drag and drop the page icon mastered to pages of documents icon the little hand loose when I move my mouse.

    Similarly, when I drag and drop a page icon to another icon of documents documents hand let go when I move my mouse.

    I restarted saved and recreated my documents, that nothing seems to solve the problem


    I am running an hp Pavilion AMD APU A10 - 5750M with clocked at 2.5 ghz, Radeon HD graphics card

    I have 8 GB of ram 64 bit op X 64 based processor, I have a 750 GB drive with more than 60% free space

    I believe that my system can handle CS6

    win 8.1 current as of 02/05/2015

    My problem was that when I take and drag the page contained in the pages Panel icon, then place the cursor on the page icon of the document I wanted to apply mastering too.
    It did not show the hand with the icon of the master, or the border turn dark, waiting for the fall to apply the format of mask, hand became the pointer.

    I followed a suggestion to viola "remove-reboot-re install - restart" it works now!

    Unknown problem with the first installation

  • PSE 12 Drag and Drop to open documents

    12 PES running on a Tablet from Asus with Windows 8.

    The PSE12 property since December of 2013.  Finally entered the serial number Monday to get the pop message - up to start to go.

    Now, I can't drag a layer from one document open to another.  It worked without a problem since I bought the software.

    I select the layer directly or in the side bar and move the mouse to go on the tab of the document that I wish to copy the layer. Nothing.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Yes, if your using a windows machine, you must have obtained the 12.1 update which breaks which, among other bugs introduced.

    It does not appear that adobe has no plan on fixing it.

    To work around the problem, you can use the Organize menu to set your images side by side, and then drag a document

    to the other.

  • PES 12 - drag the photo in larger document tray resizes the image

    I upgraded from the 10 to 12 PSE PSE this week and leave me perplexed by a change in behavior.

    I created a large blank document (3600 x 3600 pixels, size of scrapbook) and then drag the other top items to create new layers.

    In PSE10, what I dragged into guarded their original size. In PES 12, they get resized to match the size of the document that I am dragging on.

    Y at - it a setting I need to change? Can't find it.

    For a few versions, including 10 PES, dragging it to the top of the photo tray placed things as dynamic objects. It normally puts in PES 12, would make a dough in the same way. If you want to reproduce the behavior of PES 10, use file > place instead of drag.

  • How can I stop fonts to change when I drag/copy a text box in a new document?

    I use Mac OS X version 10.7.5 CS6 version 8.0. When I create an ad in indesign and copy or drag it onto another page (the layout page over for a newspaper), show some of the fonts that are activated in my suitcase, as if they do not find when you drag to the new document. When I use 'find the police' and replace the "missing" font with the same exact that it was built with (in the other document), it comes in slightly different and requires some adjustments. I deal with a lot of ads and do together to build many collective pages. How can I transfer my pages of individual ads on my pages of collective presentation without having any problems with the police? I want to still be able to edit the ad on the page (collective), place a doc PDF or ID is not an option.

    Help, please! It is slowing production and reveals very frustrating!

    Thanks in advance.

    Do you use styles in these ads? Same styles named in the document of reception with different definitions (or the same styles named with different definitions as the basis for other styles) can cause this. Another possibility is moving an element of a file saved in a previous version of ID in a document of newer version. Legacy text blocks are not laid until you try to change them.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Matrix - vector lines and columns

    M1 (3,2) gives the element of line 3, column 2 M1 (2) gives the second row of a matrix (as a vector line) Is there a way to return a column (other than transpose, store again and using the method above on the transposed matrix)?


    Whenever I try to scan a document, I get the message 'server busy' and ' switct on and try again. I can't delete the message without closing the program.

  • Failure of sistem ink C6180 all in one

    I have a hp photosmart c6180 and I have an error message when I want to print, it says ink system has failed, unable to copy or print, error: 0xc18a0106

  • Switch Ahpha 12

    I bought the Alpha 12 switch a month ago. I am very happy with it, except that the card micro sd, drive E, appears from time to time while working. It's embarrassing. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • frames / SG 200-08 / do not transfer

    Someone at - it running on this switch frames? Using ICMP Echo as my test protocol, I can reach 1552 bytes in size from image... but in 1553 and beyond (1578, 1932, 2090, 4138, 8978, 9014), the switch swallows. When I physically swap the SG 200-8 wit