by dragging the boxes from one page to the other in tabs

I like the tabbed pages feature because it keeps my own office while working, but I can't seem to drag boxes of pictures/text from one page to another when they are tabulated.

Often, I need to do this to make pages with similar designs/style sheets/photos can I just draw a box from one document to another, etc... is there a way to do this in the tabs?

Thank you!


No, you can't do that.

But why not just copy and paste.

There is a very useful command called 'Paste in Place' under the Edit menu.

You can copy a selection, then use CTRL TAB or CMD-TAB to move between windows, then paste in Place (CTRL (CMD) ALT (OPTION) SHIFT V)

It is much faster as drag / drop objects

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  • Best way to move data from one page to another within the app

    Hi all as I started to write that and was way to complicated to explain in full without a novel.

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    So my question is what is the best way in a platform open to move data from one page to another?

    You do it this way, it's in the menu.json, but when you work within the iframe and if your loading pages in applications using vairable relative URLS cross they come through.
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  • Moving objects from one page to the other

    Hi all

    I need to move an image from one page to the other...

    For example, on page 1, I have an image that he be shifted to page 5 of the document. Is this possible?


    Click the page 1 picture to select it and run it:

    var doc = app.activeDocument;

    var r = app.selection [0];  'r' is the graphic image containing the image

    r.Move(doc.pages[4]);          on page '5 '.

  • Passing parameters from one page to the OFA to another PAge of the OFA


    I was wondering, if there is a possibility of passing parameters to the request from one page to another page in EBS (eBusiness Suite).
    I tried to use the following

    (a) PageContext.putParamater ('MyParamater', 'ParamaterValue')
    (b) I have addded above the line of code by extending a controller on the page of OAF and personalized page

    When I retrieve the value of getParameter() on the next page. I am also unable to access the parameter in the following page.

    I tried the above code while trying to create expenses in the module I have costs... I would like the ReportHeaderId from one page to another page for customization purposes. I am not able to get the ReportHeaderId in the ReviewPAge... There is no Business Objects in the review page... try the idea of putParameter.

    Any help will be much appreciated

    Thank you

    Yes, the value will remain unless the root AM is released or remove you it with oapagecontext.removeTransactionTransientValue ("myParam");

    Glad to hear it works for you! Also, please mark your messages as helpful or correct answers as it will help others.

    Thank you

  • Passing the value from one page to the other page

    Hi gurus,

    I need to pass the value from one page to the other page and two pages use different AMs.
    In the first page I have sellers results region table where the $vendor_name column is a hyperlink that navigates to the page Vendor_Sites. Now after accessing the second page, I want to excute the VendorSitesVO in PR of CO based on the value passed to VendorsVO (vendor_id) of first page.

    can someone help me on this?

    Thank you

    Published by: user4933347 on December 4, 2009 12:19 AM

    You can set parameters of Pagecontext and transmit values through them. These values can be passed between pages, even if the AMs are different.

    pageContext.putParameter ("Parameter1", value1);
    pagecontext.setForwardURL (second page)


  • How to manage the attribute date, passing the parameter from one page to another

    Hi friends,

    I want to spend attribute data from one page to another page-

    I'm passing as below, in the log window jdev I get error below.
    String StatusUpdateDate = row.getAttribute ("StatusUpdateDate");
    params.put ("StatusUpdateDate", StatusUpdateDate)
    Error (121.50): incompatible types. found: java.lang.Object, required: java.lang.String

    Suppose that I'm passing as below, while moving from one page to the other, I am getting error in the application below
    String StatusUpdateDate = row.getAttribute("StatusUpdateDate").toString)
    Date of update of State - Houston-25009: failed to create an object of type: oracle.jbo.domain.Date with value: 26-MAR-2009

    Please you can suggest me how to handle this error.

    Thank you and best regards,



    you're right, this method is to launch error, which is why I got, bcz timstamp is also not implmenting Serializable interface, is there he throwing error at run time

    u just go this way

    another page of request-Destination page Controller-Process-

    Add a new line below the following line

    DATE StatusUpdateDate = (DATE) pageContext.getTransactionTransientValue ("StatusUpdateDate");

    String stringStatusUpdateDate = StatusUpdateDate.toString ();

    and also in your AM CODE

    change your method like this

    public void testselection (String Name, String Email, String product, the string, String StatusUpdateDate)

    hope this will solve the problem



  • Cyan fails from one page to another on Officejet Pro K8600

    I have an Officejet Pro K8600, installed on XP. A nearly full cyan stopped working in the middle of printing from one page to the other - tried all the patches.  No msg error - says all cartridges are full. Buy HP new cartridge, always did the same thing. I uninstalled and reinstalled this morning. First page of diagnostics showed labour cyan on the first block, broken on the second line. Then would not work again at all. Do I need a new print head? The health of the print head shows that both are OK. Thank you! Very frustrating. It's a good printer!

    The Officejet Pro K8600 has ink cartridges that are separated from the print head Assembly.  The pipes of the unit ink cartridges in the front lower left of the printer internal for the print heads.  With this type of printing mechanism, a print quality problem, for example a missing color, usually resides in the printheads of the unit.

    I'll try to run 3 levels of the print head cleaning utility in the part of the Toolbox of the software for this printer.  Thus, there is a document with steps to help solve a problem of print quality in the K8600.  The document can be accessed here.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • How to remove white screen when you navigate from one page to another in Webworks BB?

    Hi all

    I have developed a web application for Blackberry using Blackberry webworks SDK... I created the package using emulator Ripple... In that when you navigate from one page to another page... coming white screen... How to remove this white screen... and instead of the definition of the loading screen in web application... Please me... Thank you very much in advance...

    With respect,


    normally it is not a white screen to navigate. You can view data-bb-effect as "bland" for the transition to the screen:

    second thing, is to use the activity indicator for loading (pending content):

  • Navigate from one page to another programmatically


    12.1.3 Jdev

    I want to navigate from one page to another on a button click.

    I used the below code 2 and both works fine. I wanted to know what the difference is in the present and what is the best practice.


            FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
            Application app = context.getApplication();
            NavigationHandler handler = app.getNavigationHandler();
            handler.handleNavigation(context, null, "goHome");


            String loginUrl = "/adfAuthentication?success_url=/faces/home.jsf";
            FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
            HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest) ctx.getExternalContext().getRequest();
            HttpServletResponse response = (HttpServletResponse) ctx.getExternalContext().getResponse();
            RequestDispatcher dispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher(loginUrl);
            try {
                dispatcher.forward(request, response);
            } catch (ServletException se) {
                reportUnexpectedLoginError("ServletException", se);
            } catch (IOException ie) {
                reportUnexpectedLoginError("IOException", ie);

    See you soon


    You can use the actionListener to the button for the action before the navigation and the action itself do navigation.


  • How nagivate values from one page to another page as well assured in different modules like po and pon

    How nagivate values from one page to another page as well assured in different modules like po and pon?

    I tried using the session values, hashmap, and Transaction. But none worked.

    Please help me on this.

    Dilip thanks.

    My problem is solved.

    I solved the issue.using the main concepts of java.

    By importing a package into other package and then instantiate the required class.

    Kind regards


  • Why do I get a minimal movement of my design from one page to another?

    I copied the content from one page to another and then changed some text - when I saw I find design moves a few mm of one page to the other - the design is minimal, so it is really obvious. Thank you

    It's ok - it worked

  • drag multiple layers from one document to another

    When I drag multiple layers from one document to another, now the keys ctrl-shift-alt (that is placed exactly in the same place) Photoshop changes the selected layers. He eithers add a leyer or just pass.

    He wants me to drag a segment of the leyer where there is 'information' or pixels.

    I drag in the document itself, not the layerpanel.

    In previous versions, it wasn't like that.

    Sometimes there is a very little information or pixels in a layer. This is way hard to aim straight for photoshop to do what I want it to do.

    I don't know if it's done on purpose or it is a very annoying bug.

    Photoshop 20151114.r.301x64

    win10 64-bit x 64-proc

    Intel i7 - 4770 s 3.1 GHz

    24 GB RAM


    Well, it is quit interesting: while we are working on this problem, I advised a new update for photoshop: some problems occurred with the last update.

    I was working with 20151114.r.301

    And now I have the 20151209.r.327 version (which comes in fact in a few minutes ago)

    I tried the same thing as above and now my problem with the sliding of the layers went!

    So it was a bug. Nothing to do with the settings or anything.

Maybe you are looking for