by specifying the vmpath for cloning a virtual machine with the vmClone SDK sample

Does anyone know the syntax on how the vmpath should be passed.

I have tried many examples:

-vmpath data center/folder/vmname

I can't to work theis


Hi Jim,.

It should be "Princeton, vm, VM, vm1. The virtual machine within the string is a bit tricky.

The managed object browser is the best tool to find the path of the inventory of a specific managed entity. To get it, simply pointing a browser with the following url:



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    What is the best way to specify a specific folder for a new virtual machine. At the Moment so I just say Linux it is said that there are several files with the same name. I discovered a way to get the good record, but it's very nearby. Any comments would be much appreciated.


    Perhaps the function in my folder through post might help?

  • Cloning of virtual machines with snapshots

    Is it possible to take a virtual machine with snapshots, and then copy the individual vmdk files that make up a set of 5 shots manually and create a new virtual machine, so that all of the snapshots is all kept - and if it works what are the possible caviats / traps?  When you use just the cloning tool, it includes all snapshots.

    Hi TheVMinator,

    As mentioned in the kb, it is not recommended. But if you stop your virtual machine, copy the complete folder and then save the new VMX, it should work.

    The only problem that you have is a corruption of the sequence of disk. In this case, you can try to fix it or make another copy of the original VM. But you will not damage your original machine.

    Good luck.



  • Cloning a virtual machine with 2 hard drives!

    Hi all!

    I ran into a very annoying problem. I'm trying to Migrate/convert virtual machines to a host in the CR. Each virtual machine has 2 hard drives which are located on 2 different data stores. When I try to migrate or to clone virtual machines from the host on my Cluster I get an 'error of operation period.

    After scratching my head for a while, I discovered why. The virtual machine have 2 hard drives on 2 different data stores. Both flat.vmdk files are called eponymous because they are on different data warehouses (TTDC001.vmdk). I created a VM test on the cluster with 2 hard drives and flat.vmdk flies are named TTDC001.vmdk and TTDC001_1.vmdk.

    So my conclusion as to why I get "Opération Timeout Error" is that VC trying Migrate/Clone to the virtual machine but is mistake because his attempts to migrate/Clone 2 hard files with the same name!

    Can someone give me some pointers as to how I can get around this? I am currently copy the file hard 2nd to my deskop from the data store and rename it then copy him on the new cluster data store to see if it works as you cannot rename the file hard in the data store. It just seems long way round to migrate virtual machines with 2 hard drives, and I don't even know if it works!

    Please help!  :|

    Andy Hughes

    Andy of the evening,

    I do it well. Thank you for asking.

    So if I'm reading correctly it seems that you are trying to clone a virtual machine from a stand-alone host to a host that is part of a VMware Cluster. When you do this you get a network midway through the copy error. Is this correct?

    Can you confirm how fast is connected to the Service Console between the two servers? For this kind of work I would recommend making them run at 1000/full, assuming you're not already. Could you also post the entire message that you get when the clone fails.

    Kind regards


  • The substitution of parameters of the device when the cloning of virtual machines?


    I'm trying to find out how I can substitute the disk space for a HARD drive or the network for an adapter in the cloning of virtual machines.
    I thought it should be in the VirtualMachineCloneSpec, but it doesn't seem to be an option for him. I forgot something?

    Thanks in advance.

    So it turns out that the code was perfectly fine, the problem is that in my lab I have always tried setting disk space on something weaker than what it was before that does not work.

    Thought, after verification of the documentation for Set-disc hard, as I wanted reconstruct this cmdlet to see what he's doing: Set - hard - drive vSphere PowerCLI cmdlets reference

    Thanks again for your help

  • I'm looking for a Script that can list all virtual machines with type of NIC E1000 via the output of the CSV file.

    Hi gurrus and LucD

    I'm looking for a Script that can list all virtual machines with type of NIC E1000 via the output of the CSV file.

    The script should search for information in a multiple Vcenter servers and multiple clusters and list all the VMs name, status (two powers on or off) with type card NETWORK Type E1000 only no other.



    Try like this

    $report = @)

    {foreach ($cluster Get-cluster)

    foreach ($rp in Get-ResourcePool-location $cluster) {}

    foreach ($vm in (Get-VM-location the $rp |)) Where {Get-NetworkAdapter - VM $_______ | where {$_.}} Type - eq "e1000"}})) {}

    $report += $vm. Select @{N = "VM"; E={$_. Name}},

    @{N = 'vCenter'; E={$_. Uid.Split('@') [1]. "Split(':') [0]}},"

    @{N = "Cluster"; E = {$cluster. Name}},

    @{N = "ResourcePool"; E = {$rp. Name}}




    $report | Export Csv C:\temp\report.csv - NoTypeInformation - UseCulture

  • Plan for the creation of new virtual machine with 3 TB data drive

    We have an old server, we need to virtualize, and one thing that we need is a lot more storage. We have approximately 3.25 TB of available for this machine (250 GB for the OS and 3 to for the data drives), but I'm going in circles trying to find the best approach for this server. It is not possible to separate the data between several players because of the way the files are indexed. I have created a virtual machine with 2 TB of disk space (for the readers of OS and data) and added 1.25 TB of disk space I want to add on the data reader, but it does not seem possible to add 1.25 TB without destroying the data on the first disk of 2 TB. What is the best approach? Create a single disc for my virtual machine that is 250 GB and then add in two separate disks of 1.5 TB for storage and combine them within Windows?

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    Unfortunately, the maximum size of virtual disk to a virtual computer is 2 TB - 512 bytes. In you case it should create two or three separate virtual disks and combine them (disks RAID 0 or concatenate). Another way (IMHO besser way) is to create several virtual drives and mount using NTFS mount points.

    An example:

    C:\Data is a folder on one of the virtual disks. Create a second virtual disks and create the C:\Data\Data2 folder. Rather than assign a drive letter for the newly created disk, you can mount it in the Database2 folder. This gives you the ability to move the largest files on separate virtual drives without lose you the structure of folders.

    Kind regards


  • Change the default options for a NEW virtual machine in ESXI 5.1


    I am looking for a solution change the 'default' options for a new virtual machine created in ESXI 5.1

    I want to have parameters such as 'cpu/memory HOT-add' default to enabled instead of disabled.

    There may be more options to change to a new virtual machine.

    All those who have an option to change the 'default' options for new virtual machines?


    You can change the/etc/vmware/config of vSphere host file and add the lines mem.hotadd = 'TRUE' and vcpu.hotadd = 'TRUE '.
    The settings then apply to any VM on this host when virtual machines are turned on...

    I just tried this on a 5.1 ESXi host and it seems to work perfectly...

    / Rubeck

  • Create the virtual machine with the type of controller SCSI LSI logic SAS with PowerCLi

    Hey guys,.

    IM the difficulty to create a virtual machine with the type of controller SCSI to "LSI Logic SAS". The cmdlet New - VM im struggling to find where to create the type of controller?

    If you create a virtual machine without specifying a disk it will create a 4 GB SCSI type thick (0:0) hard drive 1 with 0 Parrall default BusLogic SCSI controller.

    What im wanting to do is to create a disk hard which is thin Prov. and create SCSI LSI logic SAS controller is set to.

    New-VM -name VMSTORE23 -$vmhost $esxhost MemoryMB- 4096 NumCpu- 2 -NetworkName "Vlan 6 Machine Virtual Network" | Get-NetworkAdapter | Set-NetworkAdapter -Type Vmxnet3 -MacAddress '00:50:56:00:00:21' -confirm:$false

    I have recived of aid by some LucD who helped direct the value of the network card in the New - VM cmdlet as follows. But I'm not able to add a hose for hard disk also like:

    | Get-hard drive | Together-hard drive - Datastore $datastore - slim StorageFormat

    And I have no idea how change the type of SCSI conroller or create it with the correct configuration?

    Any help would be great,

    Thanks in advance


    Greetings, steddyeddie-

    You should be able to use Set - hard drive and SCSI controller Set cmdlets to set the storage format of your hard drive and the SCSI controller type, respectively.  You were close to on the part of game - hard drive .  Try something like:

    ## get the VM object $vmVMSTORE23 = Get-VM VMSTORE23 ## set the harddisk storageformat to thin$vmVMSTORE23 | Get-HardDisk | Set-HardDisk -StorageFormat Thin ## set the SCSI controller type$vmVMSTORE23 | Get-ScsiController | Set-ScsiController -Type VirtualLsiLogicSAS

    It could pack in to your existing order to keep it as a good word, but for readability.


  • How can I get the version of VMware to virtual machines with powercli officer?

    How can I get the version of VMware View Agent running on a virtual machine with powercli or view Powercli?

    As much as I know there is no cmdlet PowerCLI for this, but you can use the Invoke-VMScript cmdlet and interrogate the Win32_Product class.

    By running the following. You can add a Where clause to return only the Agent of the view

    Get-WmiObject-class Win32_Product | Select the name, Version

  • Cannot create a virtual machine with a vmdk file copied from another location, please find the attached error

    Hi all

    I copied a file from one place vmdk and try to make a new virtual machine with this vmdk file. But when I turn on after the creation of vm error is coming. Error in the text and the image below

    Power on the virtual machine: cannot open scsi0:0 disc: disc not supported or not valid type 7. Ensure that the disk has been imported.

    See the error of the stack for more details on the cause of this problem.

    Time: 31/03/2015-14:40:05

    Target: DBServer

    vCenter Server: vcsa

    Error stack

    An error was received from the ESX host turning on DBServer VM.

    Unable to start the virtual machine.

    Power DevicePowerOn module has failed.

    Unable to create the virtual SCSI device for scsi0:0, ' / vmfs/volumes/543d140b-feb33d52-7640-90b11c9796c3/vmdk/kapuatdb.vmdk'

    Could not open scsi0:0 disc: disc not supported or not valid type 7. Ensure that the disk has been imported.

    This error message generally if the hard files have been copied hosted as VMware Workstation product, which uses a format of sparse file that is not supported on an ESXi host. Instead of the hard copy, you can use VMware Converter, or - if you prefer - you can convert the hard using vmware-vdiskmanager (before transfer) or vmkfstools (after downloading). I deal to use vmkfstools you will need to load the mutliextent module (see for example "Clone or migration operations involving virtual discs non-VMFS on ESXi fail with an error" vSphere 5.1 Release Notes)


  • Impossible to deploy the virtual machine with customization.

    Hi all

    I have a model Winodws 2008 R2 Std and Ent.  I use to deploy virtual machines with the model using the Customization Wizard.  All of a sudden since 2 days I can't provision VMS with the wizard of customiation.  Earlier, there seems to be no problem with the customization, but when I turn on the virtual machine, I see errors, attached is the screen shot for your reference.

    After the error 2 the vm keeps restarting without end time.

    I don't know what is the cause.  Please help me with the problem.  Let me know if you need additional information.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey there,

    Have you tried to get the Microsoft Windows product key? And maybe the password in the profile customization.

    If this does not work, try using a new profile customization.

    Let us know how things work!

    See you soon,.


  • Average throughput of the network to a virtual machine with PowerCLI

    I would get average network throughput for a virtual machine with PowerCLI including all e-cards, the virtual machine has for the last week (not including NFS or storage of traffic-related).

    How best should add this report:

    Get - vm myvm | Select name, numcpu

    Thank you!

    Try like this

    Get-VM | Select Name, @{N="Avg Network Throughput MBPs";E={    [math]::Round((Get-Stat -Entity $_ -Start (Get-Date).AddDays(-7) -Stat "net.throughput.usage.average" |    where {$_.Instance -eq ""} |    Measure-Object -Property Value -Average | Select -ExpandProperty Average)/1KB,2)}}

    The script takes the aggregate value for all NICs for (the one where the Instance is an empty string).

    Then we take the average and converts the Kbps, Mbps.

  • URGENT! After installing 6 Fusion and creation of new virtual machine with Windows 7, I get a message "VMware Fusion cannot enter the unit". WHAT SHOULD DO?

    After purchase, installation and activation Fusion 6 with the license key, I had a library of VMS showing 2 Boot Camp partitions. It's strange that I only have 1.
    I tried to activate them but received a message that it is out of date in 2 cases. (see annex 1)

    I started a new virtual machine with a Windows 7 installation disc directly on my HD. I have provided a way to do this and followed the instructions of Fusion to the screen.

    Apparently, everything went well and after several restarts, the installation appears to be over (see annex 2) I tried to open and run the installed Windows 7. I had however a window with the following message:

    "Pending the unit.

    "VMware Fusion cannot enter the unit. Please wait until the unit starts automatically, or interact with the virtual machine below. ' (see annex 3)

    Here Windows 7 seems to start but after a while with the home screen and of the Øresund finishing this window closed and open a new window called library Virtual Machine on the left showing the partitions of Bootcamp and the Virtual Machine Windows 7 x 64 and in the middle gray a representation of what is supposed to be the Windows 7 desktop. (see Exhibit 4). When I opened the settings button a window with different setting options pops up. This mark means to me that Windows is installed but the final opening isn't the case

    When you quit Vmware Fusion indeed Windows seems to be close (see part 5)

    What is going on? What has gone wrong? What should I do? I don't know how to solve the problem.

    I should f.i. remove the virtual machine from Windows 7 and is free automatically made partition on my HD as the reboot with the Windows installation disc? or y at - it another way to enter the UNIT?

    Help, please!

    Thanks in advance

    Your virtual machine is running. It is in the unit - which each windows gets its own window of Mac - and you have no application Windows running, there is no visible windows. You can start a Windows application in the start of Fusion menu in the menu bar at the top right, or turn on the Windows task bar on the view menu and start applications from there. Or use the view menu to switch to the Single mode or full-screen, which puts all of your Windows desktop in a window separate from Mac.

    You do not have two partitions to Boot Camp on your Mac, you have two virtual machines named "Boot Camp partition".

    The message about it being unable to enter the unit arrives while the merger is pending for the tools begin to run, because the tool is necessary for the unit.

  • create a new virtual machine with the default settings?

    I was wondering if there was a way to create a new virtual machine with the default settings.

    For example, let's say I want all new Lion VM to have 2 CPU cores. Is there a way to set this automatically? There are other parameters I want a new machine to inherit automatically, I was wondering if there is an automatic way to do this, or is it a feature request...

    Thanks in advance

    lerker wrote:

    Just for my clarification, when you say a vm model, basically I would execute a finder copy then drag back to the VM library, right?


    On the orders of spcirpting, it would be unix commands or are there specific vmware controls that make your job easier (in Applications/VMware\ Fusion/content or elsewhere)...

    IIRC, VMware Fusion 3 and later versions has an AppleScript dictionary, but it is not yet officially supported and may not be able to do what you want so, basically, only Unix Shell scripts, that's what I was referring to.  For an example, see my script attached to the following response: Re: vmware - script of the creation of the vm and the operating system installation process

Maybe you are looking for

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