By using a data form and the display of graphics

Hi guys,.

Don't know how to approach this issue.

My partner has a severely autistic son who has aggression and the wild emotional changes. Then we wanted to use a predetermined list of control on a Web page, so it can record and save daily moods were a few displayed graphics (for example a graphical pie or line graphs etc.) to show trends in its conduct on a daily, weekly and continued basis.

Seemed much easier that trying to record everything on paper as we do now and we well on the use of a Web page so she can access and save if we are away from home or at one of the clinics.

Can is this possible in Dreamweaver and someone suggest how to on this subject? I think that we would need a data graphic radio button or something like that, a database and then a way to extract and view a chart.

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Public static HTML has no opportunity to do such things. We could use use the script on the server with a database to preserve the history of day to day information side. As a result, with limited experience (static only), I would say your chance to be able to produce something like you describe in a reasonable amount of time would be low. I agree with the suggestion of Ben to use an online tool which is able to give you what you need. Try it and see if you can adapt the features of Google spreadsheet.

However, with your experience, you can pick up enough information PHP and MySQL just Google search for tutorials online on the subject. David Powers has a great resource of information out there that could help you get started- David powers: biography, Blog, audiobooks, Kindle books

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