Bytes of TCP IP and subset of bytes for the connection of server and clients


I have a problem on the server and the client connection using the TCP/IP protocol. In the client, I have 41 cases, 1 case of timeout, others are for the case of button when they are pressed and then the LED on the server will be to market and if a click again the led will be off. But when I reached cases 10, 11, 12 up to the 41 (key case), that the LED lights if you click only once, but when he double clicked then the light does not turn off. So, how you solve the problem? Is this subset or bytes to read because the first subset is 1 case but no 10 to 41 will not work, but I change the subset in 2 then the case works for don't light the LED, but it do not work to turn the LED off.

I also download the vi in this for reference.

the user name for the client is the user and the password is pass.

Thank you

Hi ican.

you have not changed the customer. See the attached picture. The error in the server side, it's that the 4 was connected on the two functions of split to the length. See Server for the necessary difference image.


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    Kind regards

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    I wish I could do more to help, but I can't.  Try searching online for help.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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    I did some tests with 802. 1 x on the cable network.

    I can tell you that, in my tests, windows, begging was highly reliable. I had to apply 3 or 4 registry settings to make it work properly, but the opening of session has been delayed because of this. The biggest problem was authenticate before that happen a DHCP timeout. I could never do x reathentication 802.1 working either.

    I went then to experimentation Odyssey 802. 1 x customer Funk Software. It worked very well. I still have any problem with him. The only downside is that it comes with a price tag.

    Once configured, machine authentication is performed at the start. This allows you to apply the strategy of the computer before the Windows logon screen appears.

    After the authentication of the computer, users enter their name to username/password at the Windows logon screen and the supplicant 802. 1 x uses to authenticate again on the network using the credentials of the users. Once authentication is successful, the credentials of users are then passed to Windows AD for the connection. The user must only enter their information once to do if configured to do so.

    From my experience, I would recommend a client 802. 1 x third party of the difinetly. On the one hand, you can't use Group Policy to configure the Wired 802. 1 x parameters with the client integrated Windows. Our admin has found a way to do it with the registry settings, but it is a real pain.

    Hope this helps,


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    Thank you very much!


    its everything to you and you have security concerns if the backup point is registered with the business data.


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    see you soon,


    I can tell you that the composer can run on X 64 because it is the only way to install vCenter now and that the connection brokers can be 2008 R2.

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    I think I am confused?

    It is on this link?

    Supported for VirtualCenter 2.0 only NAT

    This version supports for the connection from ESX Server 2.5 and VirtualCenter 3.0 hosts using NAT (NAT). To configure ESX Server to connect to a VirtualCenter server is configured behind a NAT, you must add the following in vpxd.cfg configuration setting:

    < vpxd >


    < managedip >ipAddress< / managedip >


    < / vpxd >

    When the IP address is the address of the host ESX Server uses to communicate with the VirtualCenter server.

    See KB 2195771 "Manually setting Cluster IP address for Clustered VirtualCenter Server" for more information on the manual configuration of the IP address in the file vpxd.cfg.

    Also note that the NAT must be configured to allow packets UDP Port 902 of this IP address.

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    I change a field in a table big enough (500 mill + lines) of the semantics of the byte to the semantics of tank by simply issuing
    (CONCEPT_CODE VARCHAR2 (50 CHAR)) - takes time very litle

    The problem is that concept_code is also part of an index.
    Now the question is: is it really necessary to rebuild this huge index?
    In test (same size), it took about 10 hours by deleting and recreating.

    I'll be investigaing the possibility of regeneration 'online', but maybe that's not even necessary?

    Kurt Laugesen

    What is the status of the index after you modify the column?

    select status from dba_indexes where owner='&owner' and index_name ='&index_name';

    There should be no need to rebuild at all, unless the state changes to "UNUSABLE". After you change a column from byte to char semantics, I expect the index remains valid, and there is no need to rebuild.

    As far as the reconstructions of index in general, the option "nologging" can help things run much more quickly and, depending on your available CPU and I/O capacity, making the reconstruction at the same time could also speed things considerably.

    Hope that helps,


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    The first program sends a packet that contains an integer n to the second program that would return n packages containing 9 bytes, there is a pause between each two consecutive packets.

    When I set the baudrate to 500 or 700 for both programs and for n = 360, they are operating correctly and no byte is not respected.

    The problem is when I change baud rate to 1000 and more, for both programs and n is always equal to 360, there are a few separate bytes failed (between 0 and 3 bytes in general).

    So, what do you think is the source of the problem?

    May not be the size of the buffer because it is set to 64399599 (no kidding, this is the maximum size). Besides, I used both programs to other purposes where one received the second 1000 * 9 bytes for n times (there is a period of pause between two consecutive of 9000 bytes is sent).

    On the other hand, I checked what the second program sends looking out back County of the entry VISA and trying to send these packets to hyperTerminal. And there is no packet lost (even for a 9600 baud rate).

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