C in XCODE build problems with VISAS / NOR


I'm developing a C program to connect with my oscilloscope Tektronix. I inherited this project from a friend (who is currently in the secret), so I can't talk to him on this subject.

On my system: I'm running OS X 10.8.4, development in XCODE 4.6.3. Initially, I had problems with NI-VISA 5.3, and they are repeated when I upgraded to 5.4 (I thought the upgrade would solve the problem).

It's also a position of the cross. I posted on the forum of developers to Apple without success (https://discussions.apple.com/message/22681139#22681139). If my problem is solved it there first, I'll post the solution here as well. I don't take sides.

In fact, my problem is that my program will not be built because of a linker issue. I use the functions of the NI-VISA 5.4 for OS package X 10.8. However, the linker can't find the correct functions for my system:

Undefined symbols for x86_64 architecture:

"_viClose", referenced from:

_setupVI in oscilloscope.o

_getData in oscilloscope.o

_closeInstr in oscilloscope.o

"_viOpen", referenced from:

_setupVI in oscilloscope.o

"_viOpenDefaultRM", referenced from:

_setupVI in oscilloscope.o

"_viRead", referenced from:

_setupVI in oscilloscope.o

_getData in oscilloscope.o

"_viStatusDesc", referenced from:

_setupVI in oscilloscope.o

_getData in oscilloscope.o

"_viWrite", referenced from:

_setupVI in oscilloscope.o

_getData in oscilloscope.o

LD: symbol not found for architecture x86_64

Clang: error: the linker command failed with exit code 1 (use - v see invocation)

This is all pretty basic VISA functions. I struggled in just, including the appropriate header file


did not work. When I went to the detailed shape, it worked:

#include "/ Library/Frameworks/VISA.framework/Versions/A/Headers/visa.h".

However, then the problem began to occur that I have now - links in the object editor cannot find the code for the functions of the VISA. I tried to change build architctures x86_64 for only x 86, without success. I am currently building in i386 x 86. I also tried (to the title of the Phases of construction-> link binary with libraries) to link the VISA.framework to the project, but this simply gives the error of the linker 'not found VISA framework '. I also tried option-clean.

I feel I am missing something very obvious. I'm still operating under the notion that either NI-VISA has not been installed in the correct location, or that my configuration settings are incorrect.

Does anyone have any idea to lend? I searched through various forums for help for almost 2 days now, with nothing doesn't.

resolved cross wire https://discussions.apple.com/message/22682742#22682742

copied settings from: Instruments/NI-VISA/Examples/C/ExamplesProject.pbproj National

done with:

I ended up using the final settings:



Build the Active Architecture only: No.

Valid architectures: i386, x86_64

Search paths

Unframed search paths

No library search path

Build Phases

Link binary with libraries: VISA.framework

I think it's now/Library/Frameworks in the search paths, what was causing my problems when you try to link binary.

Thanks to xnav and Frank (had the idea of original law, which I tried but just the wrong way).

Tags: NI Software

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    I built an application using your code (with task.verify) and it works beautifully.

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    There seems to be a problem with the lvlib of fuzzy logic tool. I filed the #348498 against her CAR.

    This issue is obviously for 2009 has been and remains in the LV 2011 SP1.

    hope this helps,


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    The uploaded image has no verification


    I came across the same problem (with a refurb M610, iDRAC firmware has been 2.20).

    I tried to upgrade the iDRAC6 firmware to 3.60 via the web interface of iDRAC6 and it was a no go.

    I tried several browsers (chrome and firefox) and same problem each time.
    I tried to go to firmware (as shown in the accompanying note) 2.31 instead of 3.60 and same question every time.

    I finally managed to update the firmware of the iDRAC6 by upgrading the web interface M1000e and not in the iDRAC6 web interface.

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    This should be corrected in the next version.

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    BTW the support chat is really really really disappointing. think that they have no idea what they are talking...

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    If still the same issue please let me know and I will arrange you a reminder of our experts.

    Kind regards

    Romit Sinha

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    Ok. I built a new version of 22 App from scratch rather than update the 21 to 22 version I already had my DPS App Builder. This time it worked, no crash at launch on the iPhone. Also downloaded an edition in the sandbox and it worked fine.

    I would caution anyone to spend 21 to 22/23 with this new version of the App Builder. Take the extra few minutes and build it from scratch.

    Thanks for the pointer to Nathan.

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    Building a website with Web Premium CS4 - part 2: creating a local site

    Since after taking all the steps in the tutorial and choosing Localhost from the menu to open the homepage of the Apache server in a web browser, IIS7 opens instead of the home page of the Apache server...

    I use Google Chrome as the default webbrowser...

    Looks like you have IIS as the Web server 'by default'.

    Try this http://localhost: 8080

    If that takes you to the Apache Web server, then you must set it as your default.


    News added: it is possible that both are listening on port 80 and IIS is a winner. To reconfigure IIS, open it and site web by default, you must change the site link. Http must be on port 8080.

    If Apache is already set to port 80, then you will not need to do anything else. I think that is fair. I don't know how to set up Apache to listen on port 80 if it is defined on port 8080. I do not have to look at.

    Make sure that you stop and restart your web services.

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    COM1 and Com3 share an interruption.

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    COM1 and Com3 share IRQ3

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