C5180: C5180 change to the previous version of the operating system in the drop-down dialog box

I tried to fix the parse error: 4, [(0,12,80004005), (2,7,80040007), (3,7,0) error of scanning hp] and stumbled upon a fix in support of HP that says if the scanning functions work properly before an upgrade of the operating system to try to use the previous version. I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 when it is released, but just recently started having problems with scanning. Now, I can't find the setting with the dialog box with the drop down box that allowed me to make this change and I need to reset Windows 7 on XP.  Where should I go to my settings of the computer to find this setting?

Hi pfeif25,

You are welcome!

The video was an example, how to get to this screen. So what you want to do is the same procedure indicated in this video with your HP Solution Center, or any other program you want to use compatibility mode with...

I hope this clears up things!

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    Thank you


    With a small change I think that the code works as expected. I changed your mainDD.value to event.value, as on the validate event the mainDD.value property cannot be updated as expected.


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    You can use the method to reset to zero (using an invoke node) before setting the [Strings] (after setting the value by default an empty array) or create an Xcontrol (you can see examples of LabVIEW for xcontrol).


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    Thank you.


    It seems that the drop-down list box may be getting filled with code that runs when the form is opened. If so, it will overwrite the value selected, whenever it opens. The solution would be to change the code so that it is not than that. If not, you can post the form somewhere so we can take a look?

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    str_entries = myArray [i];

    trace ("str_entries =" + str_entries)




    You can not able to delete the index 0th, the code below, did the trick:

    delbtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, delfn);
    function delfn(e:MouseEvent):void {}
    var str:String=String(Entries.selectedItem.label).toLowerCase();
    for (var i = 0; i)<>
    var str1:String=String(myArray[i]).toLowerCase();
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    In fact, after actually reading your post...

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    Kind regards


    Hi hari,.

    I couldn't open your vi I use Labview 8.5.

    See vi attached with this post.

  • How to display the drop-down list box in MS excel by using labview report generation toolkit? pleasepost code block diagram?

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    Like this. (edition, use the reference forms instead of the reference to the worksheet)


  • How to add a destination folder in the drop-down list box "send to" in Windows XP?

    One of my disks in CD does not work, so I want to add the DVD drive in the drop-down list box... I can't remember how.


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  • Automatically populate a drop-down list by using another selection from the drop-down list box

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    Far, I could for that box to fill but only when the person clicks in the box (as if they were about to enter their own text.) Then only it will fill the drop-down list "employer." I would like it auto fill once the person has chosen retired, Virgin or stay-at-home woman without having to enter in the box (just using the arrow to the size of the drop-down list box).

    I currently have a key shot that resets the employer box when a person chooses the option vacuum/enter your own option. I then a JavaScript (only for the housewife now) that only works if you click the box of. Key combination works I want to than the other options work as well. If the client settles on white, the choice of the employer updates automatically empty without having to click in the box of. Any help (including general advice to make my code cleaner) is very appreciated!

    Current script of typing:

    If {(event.willCommit)

    If (event.value == "") this.resetForm (["use"]); of other SetFieldValues (event.value);


    The current upward, mice running JavaScript :

    var v = this.getField ("Occupation") .value

    If (v is "Housewife")

    1. this.getField("Employer").value = "N/a".

    I think maybe I should use event.willCommit in my formula, but I'm not sure how to include it.

    Thank you!

    I would not use the key sequence or MouseUp actions for this, but the action post.

    Just make sure that you set the field option to validate the selected value immediately (under Properties - Options) and then use this code as the custom validation script:

    var employerField = this.getField("Employer");
    if (event.value=="Homemaker" || event.value=="Retired")
        employerField.value = "N/A";
    else employerField.value = employerField.defaultValue;
  • How to fill out the database in the drop-down list box

    Hi all, I want to display all the data in database (c_type) column in the drop-down list box, how can I do?

    I use form 6i.

    Sorry if the question is already exist in the forum...

    Kind regards

    Maybe this helps http://andreas.weiden.orcl.over-blog.de/article-28957008.html

  • Reg - key event "F1" in the drop-down list box



    I need that to launch a browser window press the 'F1' key during the video (swf) has the focus. I did and it works very well for me in the web application.

    Problem statement:

    When a film was released and with focus in "Combo" (which has the list of items begins with A letter Z) control then, I pressed the 'F1' key but the browser window has been launched, instead "main action from the drop-down list box event fired and the article begins with the letter 'P' has been selected in the combo box." So now again once I hit 'F1', the browser window launched according to my condition.

    This behavior occurs whenever launched film has the focus in the "combo box"; otherwise, if the focus is on another control as TextInput etc, no problem for me. A more information, if the drop-down list box is not no matter what element does begin with the letter 'P' so no problem for me.

    I tried to understand the behavior of the combo, but again, I have no idea. Please share your knowledge/thoughts.


    Flex builder 3.5

    11.2 Adobe flash player

    Windows XP SP3

    Kind regards



    I just replaced Manager keydown to the ComboBox component to avoid his own behaviour of spread of events if the 'F1' key and his works fine for me.

    Thanks for all,


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    I'm a beginner when it comes to Java Script.  I have seen a lot of different discussions, look at a lot of articles "helping" Acrobat 9 and Java Script, but only to be left confused and dazed.  I hope someone can tell me how to write a script that fills a text box that sits on my form with the value of exports of the selection in the combo box...

    Thank you

    If you want that the read-only text box, simply set with the following custom calculate script:

    Set this field to the value of the drop-down list box

    Event.Value = getField("combo1").value;

    but replace "combo1' with the actual name of the combo box field.

    If you want something else, post again with more information.

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    When my form user selects an option in a drop-down list box, the value in the field (in this case, Total) I would like to update, but it isn't.

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    Someone at - it a code (Javascript?) to get there.

    Thank you very much.

    You don't need a script, simply select the 'Value selected to validate immediately' checkbox on the Options tab of the dialog list box drop-down list box field properties.

  • Validation in the drop-down list box


    I use JDev 11.1 with fusion ADF

    I have the drop-down list box, this drop-down list box include a description and the value I want to if the user choose value e.g. - 2 and press the button Save appear validation said cannot insert this value, how can I do?

    Note that this drop-down list box to retrieve data from managed bean (not the view object)



    You add a validator to your combobox component.

    Select your component in the property inspector-> Behaivour-> Validator-Edit... and create a method, and then you add the validation code it.

    More details on custom validators: http://database.in2p3.fr/doc/oracle/Oracle_Application_Server_10_Release_3/web.1013/b25947/web_val004.htm#CIHFJBDI


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