Cable/adapter for use of 2007 iMac as a display for 2009 MacBook Pro

I would use my older iMac as a monitor for my MacBook Pro. Want to know which cable and/or adapter I need help.

The iMac is a 24 inch, Intel based since 2007 (6.1). 2 GB, 667 MHZ.  It uses iOS 10.5.8. Its port is a Mini-DVI video output.

The MacBook Pro is a 15-inch (5.4) 2009. 4 GB, 1067 MHZ. It uses iOS 10.11.6. Its port is a Mini display port.

Popular Wizard. Thank you.


You must use a wireless or Ethernet connection and configure Virtual Network Computing. A 2007 iMac only supports video-, and cannot function without the standard display cable.


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