calculation of text file

Hi all

How to extract 2 or 3 fields from txt file and do caculation and save it to another file.

are there examples for this.

Thank you


To concatenate two table you can use the array build with selection of the CONCATENATE array property.

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  • How to save the text file input array

    Hello, I am very new to LabVIEW, so apologies if I use the wrong terminology.

    I did a VI which reads 25 text files from a 3D array.  When I click on run I need to select the files 25 text.  Is there a way I can save the data imported for later calculations without having to select the files each time?

    Here's what I have:

    Dan_Owen101 wrote:

    Thanks for that.  But the user will not have access to these files during execution of the VI.  There are many other paintings that I'll need to save and index for other variables as well, so just for that would use the method of you would be useful to know.  All I really need is a way to save these relatively few values in a table.

    So do you intend to have these values hard-coded into your executable?  This seems dangerous and likely to have you to make updates much.  Believe me when I say you want to have the sitting files with the executable.

    But if you're insistent on this, I would use a global variable.  Have a VI just read all files and build the table for you and write in the global variable.  Then you can right-click on the control on the Panel before global variable 'Create default value'.  Save the variable and build your executable file.

  • How to find the largest number of text file

    I use the "Read from the text file" block to read the data in my .txt file in labview.  It is now in the string format.  I have a lot of numbers in the file.

    For example:









    That's what might look like a text file.  I want to find out which of these numbers is larger and do calculations with this number.  I have problems with channels/number/berries formats, etc.  Thank you

    Try to read that the file with reading worksheet with transposes the True value. Then use the table Max & Min to get the biggest number in the table.


  • Write to a file text (file size problem) problem

    Use ADF 11g.
    In my web app, there is a recording feature in newspapers of calculation in a text file.
    If my application generates a text file with calculation of wood.

    The problem is: the size of the log file is attaches to 448 KB. As soon as the size becomes 448KB, the logs are not written on the fichier.*
    Thus incomplete records are displayed with the file.

    The original size of logs will come somewhere around 1 MB.

    Are there varying parameters sto must be done to solve the problem. or any other thing must therefore be done...

    Help, please...

    Thanks and greetings
    Maryline Roussel
  • AppleScript to delete a text file

    Hi, here is a job Applescript that lists the contents of a folder and its subfolders to a text file named 'file inventory. The problem, for example, is that if a subfolder is emptied of files, the list of his previous content is always indicated in the text of the inventory of the last time file that the script is run. So, I would delete all of the text in the file until it is written again. I searched and found this code and put my name of file in there, but I can't make it work.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    expressions of folklore ": folder files inventory.txt" value 0

    property file_id: null

                  tell application "Finder" for the value this_folder for folder 'movies' from disk 'files '.

    the value log_file_path to ": folder files Inventory.txt.

    file_id value to open access file log_file_path with write permission


    write ('Start' & (current date) & back) to file_id

    my do_subfolders (this_folder, "")

    write (back & return) to file_id

    file_id of close access

    say "finished".

    we error error message

    file_id of close access

    errMsg say

                  end try

    on do_subfolders (this_folder, name_prefix)

    say application 'Finder '.

    Journal name_prefix & string (name of this_folder)

    write (back & name_prefix & (name of this_folder) chain ) to file_id

    the value File_List for each file in this_folder

    Repeat with this_file in File_List

    Journal name_prefix & "" & string (name of this_file)

    write (back & name_prefix & "" & (name of this_file) chain ) to file_id

    end Repeat

    the value folder_list for each folder in this_folder

    Repeat with this_subfolder in folder_list

    my do_subfolders (this_subfolder, "" & name_prefix)

    end Repeat

    end say

    end do_subfolders

    You are on the right track, but set the folklore expressions takes the file reference that you have already opened, not the path text.

    so, since you open the file via:

    file_id value to open access file log_file_path with write permission

    the appropriate solution would be:

    file_id of the folklore of the value to 0

  • Is there a way to open the text files with arbitrary extensions?

    As part of the mobile platform iOS, is possible to open arbitrary text files that have an arbitrary extension?  For example, in the course of my work day, I meet regularly with plain text files that have an .out extension.  I'd love to be able to open these simply with iOS notes without renaming them in .txt.  I meet many of them and only need to do this for a few minutes, so take the time to rename them significantly adds both.

    On the desktop a BONE can generally "open with", then choose the application.   I'm looking for the equivalent in iOS.  Please note that to access the files on iOS is not a problem with icloud drive, dropbox, etc..  they just can not be opened easily.   Simple text editor, word processor not full blown.

    You will need a software that can handle the file.

    Usually the file management applications can manage any type of file.  I like the 5 Documents to Readdle, it can open almost anything.

    The equivalent of 'Open with' in the iOS is "open in", 'Share xxx' or even 'Copy To '.

    How to get to it, depends on where the file is located.

    ICloud drive for example, you can do open the file in a specific application by holding your finger on the icon of the file and by selecting more «...» "in the menu that appears, and then selecting"Share point... ". "and finally select an application from the list.

  • Create the file CSV to edit the text file

    I am trying to convert an image list to a CSV file, so I can import it into a Web site. But the Web site importer does not recognize out of editing text in CSV. I am registering as a simple text file. When I create dummy data in a spreadsheet and the export to CSV is exactly the same when I opened in text editing, but it matter perfectly.

    Any ideas?

    The following thread might solve your issue.

    Text to CSV Editor

  • How can I put all the mail to a folder in a text file?

    I want to put all the lines of the object to a file (any file) in a text file for analysis of traffic.


    How to install.

    Right-click on a folder, ImportExportTools/export all messages in the folder/just index (CSV or HTML).

  • I can no longer print to PDF for Firefox. I have Adobe Acrobat. I get now is a text file saying it did not work. Help, please!

    Here is the message from text file:
    %% [ProductName: Distiller] %.
    X8AEC0BD1 not found, by using the messaging service.
    %% [Error: invalidfont;] [OffendingCommand: show] %.


    %% [Flushing: rest of job (end of file) will be ignored] %%.
    %% [Warning: PostScript error.] No PDF file produced. ] %%

    What print driver are you using to print to PDF. Firefox is not any printer to print a page in PDF format.

    I use CutePDF , if you are interested. It's free.

  • How can I save an email as a text file before you delete it my Inbox?

    Some emails I want to save on my computer so that I can view without opening to the top of my email. I'm used to be able to do this by registering in a document as a text file folder. (Outlook express). I don't find this capablity in Thunderbird. If it is there, I have not found it.

    File | Register under gives you several options. By default, it will save in an .eml file, which will need an e-mail client to display. You can usually save drag-and-drop, but that creates an .eml file too.

    You can save as HTML by putting in a file html extension when you do file | Save as.

    This add-on:

    offers several options to save one or more messages in different formats.

  • How can I convert a page typed into an editable text file

    How can I convert a page typed in an edible text file? I have a 50 page typed (on a typewriter ;-) document I want to convert (scan?) in a format so that I can then open the file in a text editing application (Word?) and edit.

    How is the most effective (and least expensive) way to do it?

    Thank you


    < re-titled by host >

    "Edible text file?" You hear as he print on rice paper, so you can serve it up like at dinner side dish? You want someone to eat their words

    I think that the last two multifunction printers, I bought came with some kind of OCR characters (OCR) software as part of the sweeping package.  I guess that's not the greatest.

  • Our clients have trouble downloading a text file (.txt) on our website version 33.0 (using a filestream);

    Our clients have trouble downloading a text file (.txt) on our site version 33.0 (using a filestream). It worked well in previous versions.

    The error message they get reads as follows:
    {name of file and download user path} not can be saved, because the source file could not be read.

    Thank you

    It is an old relative to corrupted downloads ( error message, but has become more widespread in Firefox 33.

    To make a long story short... before, if the server sent a response which was smaller than the specified size, the gap has been ignored and the download was considered to be very good. From Firefox 33, a file that is smaller than the specified size is considered as being damaged.

    This comment in the bug tracking system has more information:

  • Automator: using a text file to set several items from the finder?


    what I would do:

    I have a text file that contains multiple entries for files and folders, each on a separate line. I want to dragndrop this file on an automator action, he should ask me a destination folder and then copy all the files and folders in this folder.

    I have my action, automator, set up like this:

    Elements of the open Finder

    Get the content of the TextEdit Document

    Copy to the Clipboard (I have not found another way to keep my text sort file values and let it not be crushed by the following, but it works)

    Quit the Application (TextEdit)

    Ask the Finder items (this requires a destination folder)

    Set the value of the Variable (Destination)

    Get the contents of the Clipboard

    Copies the items from the Finder (at Destination)

    It all works, but only when there is 1 entry in my text file. As soon as I have 2 lines of text, I get the following error message:

    The action "copy Finder items" has not provided with the required data.

    How can I make this work with multiple entries?

    The problem is that you only pass the only element to the copy action (you have copied text), instead of an element for each line (paragraph) in the text.  The solution is to use the action filter paragraphs to break up along the borders of paragraph text, which will give you a list of items.  In addition, you do not necessarily have to use TextEdit or the Clipboard - If you already have a file somewhere, you can simply use the action to combine text files to read the text.

    With the above modifications, your workflow should look like:

    Ask the Finder items  (ask for a destination folder)

    Set the value of the Variable  (Destination)

    Ask the Finder items  (Download text files) - set the action to ignore the entry

    Combine text files  (read the text files)

    Filter paragraphs  (paragraphs which are not empty return)

    Copy the items to the Finder  (at Destination)

  • USB for my iPhone, so it can read a text file

    Hi, I would like to be able to connect a standard USB to my iPhone, so it can read a text file from USB, any suggestions on cable/apps? Thank you, Tony

    Hello. In fact, you can use any USB adapter to connect your iPhone to the computer and transfer text files. Apple recommends the adapter like this

  • Is there an easy way to copy the content of each message into a folder in a text file (without visiting each email, select, copy paste)?

    I need to scratch the data of a few 1000 + email. How can I believe more easily the content of these emails and either push in text files, or treat them with a script?

    Thank you

    Install ImportExportTools:

    Copy the messages in a folder, select the folder, tools/ImportExportTools/export all of the messages in the text file / in the single folder.

Maybe you are looking for