calDAV, cardDAV difficulty when? 10.11.6 OSX

Hi can someone Apple confirm if they are working on a fix for webDAV?

They can also confirm if webDAV standard in OSX 10.11.6 is broken and that it does not support the standard webDAV protocols for servers such as ownCloud.

Aplications of the address and schedule connect to google with WebDAV, and yet no other standard webDav server is supported, is that OK?

Currently, we are on OSX 10.11.6 Victorian writing this request and there is no solution?

hopfuly I'm wrong and that this problem has been fixed a long time ago?

I look forward to a response from Apple


benyboy2 wrote:

Hi can someone Apple confirm if they are working on a fix for webDAV?

They can also confirm if webDAV standard in OSX 10.11.6 is broken and that it does not support the standard webDAV protocols for servers such as ownCloud.

Aplications of the address and schedule connect to google with WebDAV, and yet no other standard webDav server is supported, is that OK?

Currently, we are on OSX 10.11.6 Victorian writing this request and there is no solution?

hopfuly I'm wrong and that this problem has been fixed a long time ago?

I look forward to a response from Apple

This is a user forum.

If you can describe how precise you are with webDAV, maybe someone on this list can help, but we are a few users, not Apple.

What, you think that webDAV does not work or is broken? It is supposed to work. Have you actually tried? Or someone told you it's broken?

Edit: Have a look at this document OS X El Capitan: to connect to a WebDAV server

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    Kind regards


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    So now I'm quite desperate; I don't know what is the problem here.

    P. S.

    Yes, I checked the support area, but has not found a solution.


    And no, native Mac address book and iCal syncing is not a solution. To the address book, there is a rather brutal solution (which works) but iCal don't two-way synchronization with Daylite. He gets the appointment via CalDav of Daylite.

    So, it would be great if anyone has a suggestion, or could make a proposal, why the synchronization fails.

    TXS in advance and best regards,


    I had a problem quite similar (but with a provider of different servers), in any case, I searched the web and literature extensively and found the implementation of blackberries CardAV is very limited and only works on specific providers correctl. So I guess that you are in a similar situation, and your server vendor is simply 'not supported '.

    I have resovled this by installing an application called ContactSync on the device of BB (simply searching for Mac OS x Server or the name of apps BlackBerry World), the app seems to be more flexible then the native BlackBerry implementation. However, it worked and I got my contacts on the device and can sync it. Later, I had a problem similar with CalDAV, but tried the interafe BB that only once did not work - once again and instead of searching and tweaking for hours - againa - I installed an application from the same supplier that contactsync comes directly (called CalendarSync). CalDAV worked with him out of the box (with the first try!), so I'm happy.

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  • Display random flicker watching videos.

    So whenever I look at Netflix or Youtube, the video will play very well, but 30 seconds after he plays, he flickers the video on the screen or decrease intensity for a second or two and then return to normal. This issue started happening when I upgraded to OSX Sierra.  I don't find it a big deal if it happened only once or twice, but sometimes every 30-60 seconds on Netflix and youtube. I tried to restart my MacBook Pro (retina, 13-inch, early 2015) with no luck. So, anyone think they have a potential solution to this? (P.S. Yes, everything is fully updated)

    Hey there! I was confronted with this exactly the same problem with probably the same MacBook Pro (retina, 13 inches, early 2015, 128 GB SSD). You can check my comments in these threads:

    So far, no solution. But I use Firefox for Netflix playback and I don't have to deal with all the questions.

  • Cannot copy songs on ipod classic

    I recently found errors when you synchronize from itunes for my ipod to 6gen classic to my hp Windows 10.  When I connect to the start via USB, I get the message "of problems with the drive, the analysis to solve." then in itunes after initially connected and recognizing the device, I get errors for most / all of the songs with messages of unknown error-50 and -53.  When I select the device via windows Explorer, I get the message "Please insert a disk in (name of my ipod).

    I've performed the manual start and ran smartdata that gives these results:

    Retracts 206

    Reallocation 352

    Sectors pending 2

    Turn on/off hours 504

    start/stop 238

    current temp 32 c

    Temp min 14 c

    temp max 49 c

    I want to avoid the scan to fix the solution unless its my only hope - I had problems with the other USB storage after that

    This ipod is still salvagable?

    See corrupted iPod Classic. Overall stats doesn't seem too bad. A restore DFU or reformatting may be necessary to release the waiting areas. Make sure that Windows 10 is fully updated as some recent versions have raised false alarms that require analysis and difficulty when she is not necessary.


  • store updates in Mac App not updated

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    Please launch the Console application in one of the following ways:

    ☞ Enter the first letters of his name in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

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    SYSTEM LOG QUERIES ▹ all Messages

    in the list of logs on the left. If you don't see this list, select

    List of newspapers seen ▹ display

    in the menu at the top of the screen bar.

    Click on the clear view icon in the toolbar. Then take an action that does not work the way you expect. Select all of the lines that appear in the Console window. Copy to the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. Paste into a reply to this message by pressing command + V.

    The journal contains a large amount of information, almost everything that is not relevant to solve a particular problem. When you post a journal excerpt, be selective. A few dozen lines are almost always more than enough.

    Please don't dump blindly thousands of lines in the journal in this discussion.

    Please do not post screenshots of log messages - text poster.

    Some private information, such as your name or e-mail address, can appear in the log. Anonymize before posting.

    When you post the journal excerpt, an error message may appear on the web page: "you include content in your post that is not allowed", or "the message contains invalid characters." It's a bug in the forum software. Thanks for posting the text on Pastebin, then post here a link to the page you created.

    If you have an account on Pastebin, please do not select private in exposure menu to paste on the page, because no one else that you will be able to see it.

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    So I got a macbook pro for about 5 years now, and he is currently shooting OSX El Capitan. I have a Toshiba external hard drive that runs on it. I had problems editing on that before, when I upgraded to OSX El Capitan, but I downloaded a update for it and it started working again.

    Just today, I just bought a new macbook pro (retina, 512 GB HDD, 8 GB memory display) also running OSX El Capitan. But when I plug the external hard drive it does not rise. I've seen similar issues on here before the problem is "lack of power", but I don't see why my old work and isn't my only new. I also saw a solution to reformat the external hard drive, but that would erase all my data on the external hard drive, and which completely defeats the purpose of an external HD then. And for me, it is already formatted for mac. Did he have the same problem and found a solution?

    What format is the external? How is it connected to the Mac? How is it linked to iPhoto?

  • Admin password stopped working in the Terminal

    Just found on sudo no longer accepts my admin password in the Terminal. I'm guessing that it happened when I upgraded to OSX 10.11.4. Someone has an idea how to solve this problem short execution of the Combo update, even if only it will fix.

    Your Admin password works elsewhere?  Is the rejection of password specifically with sudo and not (also) some other components of Mac OS X?   If the password work elsewhere and only not to sudo, then create a new administrative user, connect to this new user, launch here and see if sudo works there.

    Your administrator password is empty?  If so, replace it with a valid, non-empty password, then try again sudo.

  • Works very well with the iPad, stutters badly with Macbook Pro

    Work fine with the iPad but stutters badly when using Macbook Pro OSX Version 10.11.4 El Capitan

    We need more in detail here, please.

    I'm assuming that you are referring to AirPlay of these devices. You are AirPlaying video, music or using mirroring of the screen?

    If you are mirrored, others may comment on OS X settings to make this work.

  • Probably two stupid installation questions...

    I just do a fresh install of El Cap on an SSD in my Mac Pro being initialized in another installation of El Cap (on a HARD drive).

    For various reasons, I had to run the installation program via an ethernet cable from my Macbook because was unable to download the Setup program when you start installing OSX on the HARD drive.

    I ran the installer and then came a prompt that the Mac Pro could restart 29 s so I pressed restart.

    Then the screen went black and a cone appeared.

    The spinner was there for probably 30 minutes before I pressed the power button to force a stop down.

    I installed El Cap several times before but never seen this behavior.

    When I pressed the power button again, the normal gray screen appeared and showed a bar countdown the minutes of progression

    And then I was able to complete the installation by entering the AppleID, etc..

    My two questions are 1) if installing from the Macbook could cause trouble? And (2) if I could have messed up anything forcing the closure downwards?

    Thank you very much in advance


    I had happen in the past (2 or 3 times that I can remember) after installation with no adverse reactions.

    (1) no comments because I don't know

    (2) I doubt it, but it is still possible. If the system works as it should with no quirks, I guess everything was fine

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