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I use CallManager Express Version 15.5 (M). How can I limit some ip phones emit an external calls to the PSTN. I use 2 lines I want to affect every line to a pone ip only 2 ip phones can make external calls. I tried to configure that but all ip phones emit an external calls

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Hi Moussa, you must configure the Corinthians to refer the link for more information below: HTH Fox

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  • CallManager Express SIP trunk problem

    Hi all here.

    I have a problem with my SIP trunk CallManager Express (version 10.0). On my site already configured trunk SIP between CME and CUE. I have configured DN for SIP phone and SIP phones recorded on CME successfully, but... As soon as SIP phone registered on CME, DIAL-PEER for CME and CUE connection changes. Especially 'session target ipv4' automatically changes to my IP phone SIP and all calls go to my SIP phone and does not reach the auto attendant.

    How can I solve this problem?


    Following is the error of CUCM;

    WARNING: 399 UnicompCM "cannot find a Device Manager for the request received on port 55549 leave

    This probably means that CME use for source packages SIP CUCM however SIP trunk in CUCM is not directed to this IP address, it is useful to point out to another IP interface of the GUY and therefore dismiss this appeal.

    Can you please check what is the IP of CMF address you configured on the SIP trunk in CUCM?


  • Possible to install UCCE on the same server as CallManager MCS


    Trying to set up improved 4.5 on an MCS 7835 UCCE. Now, if I want to install CallManager 5.1 in this environment, can I put the same box of MCS? Or do I have to buy an another MCS?

    Thanks in advance.

    Juan, I think that you misread his post.

    "If I changed CallManager express to 4.2 then it would be possible to run on the same server MCS?

    I don't think that he meant "CallManager express."

    The solution, lpezi, is to read the compatibility matrix where all your questions are answered.

    Kind regards


  • SCp call flow between ipphone and CME messages.

    Hello world.

    I'm looking for some good link on sccp call flow between cisco ip phone and a MAN messages.

    I'd appreciate your help if you could direct me to a good link.

    Thank you and have a nice day.


    Take a look at this:

    Is an excerpt chapter of Cisco IP Communications Express: CallManager Express with Cisco Unity Express:

    Hoping to help, please don't forget to rate the post if it isn't.

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  • Integration of the unit limit

    We have a few clusters of CallManager and CallManager Express to connect to a single server from the unit. What is the maximum number of integrations, supported by a single server of the unit?

    I hope that the unity of the CCME integration guide you will get what you need. It includes a section on 'Programming Multiple Cisco CallManager routers integrate with a single-server Cisco Unity Express'...

  • NM - CUE Password Recovery

    Hi all

    I have been filled by Cisco rep a NM - CUE loaded with a beta version which only works with CallManager Server (not express)

    I'm trying to do two things:

    1 perform a recovery password on it

    2. somehow reformat the module so it will work with Callmanager express.

    Best regards

    Just do a "software installation own.." and specify the license package file (new) for the integration of CME (exactly the same steps except that it will not ask you any questions, he has for the full software install). Once it's loaded, restart CUE and it will be ready to go.

  • IPCC Enterprise/Express without Office

    Dear professionals,

    All those put implement IPCC Enterprise/Express without the Desktop agent tool? Simply a Cisco IP phone?

    A particular customer refuses to update their dumb linux terminals. They think that windows translates more distractions. Any way around this?

    Thank you!

    Yes, you have an option of creating service Agent on CallManager IP phone and have agents of the IPCC directly login on the phone without office. Take a look at this doc for more details of configuration:

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  • CCM4.1 (2) sr1 with IPCC 3.5 Expr.Co-Res and IPCC Express 3.5


    I installed sr1 CCM 4.1 (2) IPCC expr. 3.5 Res Co.

    Now I will connect (MCS7825) of the IPCC.

    Is it possible to run

    IPCC Express 3.5 Res Co and

    IPCC Express 3.5 (MCS7825)

    at the same time?

    Thanks in advance



    You want to point living CRS and Standalone CRS on the same Cisco CallManager? If so, yes you certainly can point several CRS to CCM. But, you need a different configuration for each CRS Server profile. Profile repository can be shared between the two CRS servers.



  • IPCC Express Office supervisor cannot connect you

    I install IPCC Express (Enhanced) 3.5 with CCM 4.1.

    I configured 3 users like angets. All of these users can connect to the agent's office.

    I set up one of these users as a supervisor help administrator as well as management of CRS users.

    But this user still can't connect to the supervisor. I get the message 'invalid password'.

    But understanding mu, is that if the password is wrong, it can not even connect as an agent?

    Any idea what went wrong?


    For the contractor, regardless of its pw in callmanager, her initial supervisor login pw is identical to its connection. For example, if its login is nkariyawasam, even if your pw in CM is 12345, you will need to connect with the nkariyawasam username and the same password during your first login.

    Hope this helps,


  • Design CRS in IPCC Express 3.5 question (3)

    We'll go to implement 5 lines (saying 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555) using IPCC Express 3.5 (3). However, we only put all these 5 direct line numbers calls in the same CSQ. And we will define different priorities to these 5 numbers from direct line such as all calls be answered firstly with 1111. How to implement this scenario? Thank you very much.

    (1) triggers have nothing to do with CSQs, triggers, it is allowing CallManager transfer a call to CRS, you can have as much as you want pointing to the same scripts

    (2) you can create 5 separate scripts if you want, I think that it is easier in a script.

    I have attached the script for you, any questions?

  • IPCC-Callmanager redundant

    Hi all

    Someone know how to deploy the IPCC and Callmanager with redundant

    I know that Callmanager Publisher and the customer

    But I do not know IPCC have any redundant solution?

    Thanks for help

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    Guests and IPCC Express configuration scripts are stored in the CallManager LDAP profile that IPCC Express uses. If you have updated all the guests and the CallManager LDAP scripts you will have problems.

    Hope this helps,

    Juan Luis

  • IPCC Express - step of reading DB with variables


    With the help of the IPCC Express 4.0.5. I have a DB reading step that takes call coverage of CallManager information on specific extensions. "Selection field" tab I have:

    In this case, he pulls the info for extension 66960 successfully. What I really want, is to replace '66960' with a variable that gets defined earlier in the script.

    Does anyone have experience with this? I can create a variable of string called 'test '. However, if I can replace "66960" $test I get an "undefined SQL statement variable: test" error message.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks - Rob.

    You can control if you have a return transport after that the variable 'test' in the db read step. If so, removing the same will save the step with the variable in the query without any error message.

  • IPCC Express, option for the appellants out of the queue and leave a message.

    We are running 4.0 (5) IPCC Express improved. I need to configure our current ICD script so that when the appellants are held in the queue, they can press 0, out of the queue and leave a voice message. The ICD script we use is an exact copy of the script icd.aef by default on the system, it has just been copied and renamed. My question is, what are the steps I need to use the script to enable this feature?

    Two options. Option 1: Use the IPCC completely to save messages and manage messages as you seem to did so. Option 2: Transfer the caller to your voicemail number pilot and use your voice mail system to record the message.

    Steps to Option 1:

    1 early on in the script, use the step to read the Contact information call to capture the called number and save it as a variable.

    2. use the step to get a string to allow the caller to press 0 to leave a message. On the Filter tab, allow only the key 0 be hurry.

    3. in the leg successful step to get a string of digits, add the following steps.

    a. contact Dequeue step.

    b. reading quick step that contains a prompt that asks the caller to record a message after the tone.

    c. step recording, which records the message saved in a Variable of type "Invite".

    d. use the Terminate step to end communication with the appellant (you can add a quick step before that game if you want to tell the caller that the message has been saved).

    e. at this point, you can either use writing document step to record voice messages in a folder on the server of the IPCC, or you can use a series of other steps to place a call to the queue and play the message the following agent that meets, or you can attach it to an email and send it it make the address email of your choice (or a combination).

    I have this HUGE warning. I had several problems with what I've been able to overcome, but it requires a bit of diligence.

    -L' registration step requires a termination character (# or *). If the caller hangs just straight up, the script returns an exception and drop dead. You can manage the 'contactinactiveexception' using a step on the Exception and have it go to a label that you can put it as the first step under the leg successful registration step. In this way, if the user hangs up, the script handles the exception by going directly to the successful step. You can clear the exception just after that.

    -You will also want to handle this exception before Terminate step. If the caller hangs up and you try to put an end to this contact when he is no longer active, the script will always die, and the remaining steps will not run.

    We use the option to place a call in the queue. In itself, this requires a lot of thinking to make sure that the script is not die when an exception occurs. I ended up putting some exceptions in place where if there is a problem and that the recorded message never makes it to an agent, a log file is stored on the server as well as messages stored in a .wav file. Then, an email is sent to the contractor with these attachments also.

    Thus, it is as effective as make you it. Try to keep things simple at first, and then build on that to improve the experience of the appellants.

    Steps for Option 2:

    1. use the step to get a string to allow the caller to press 0 to leave a message. On the Filter tab, allow only the key 0 be hurry.

    2. in the leg successful step to get a string of digits, add the following steps.

    a. contact Dequeue step.

    b. call no redirection to the number voicemail pilot.

    I have not used this option, so I can't say with certainty how Callmanager will handle this call. The voicemail system will need to see the call as transmitted from a number that has a voice mail on the system account. If this does not work, you can use a dummy CTI Port with a fake extension that is configured to transfer to voicemail, then the voicemail box must be associated with the wrong extension. If you use Cisco Unity, you will also be able to use a routing rule to force the IPCC calls to a particular mailbox. Call the Viewer from the unity tools depot allows you to see the way in which the appeal is made to the unit.

    I hope that helps you and that it is not too verbose.

  • MeetingPlace Express - help please?

    Hi all

    I'm a MPE installation planning and research to import users via a CSV file.

    Unfortunately, according to

    ( it seems that you need software installed in order to know which column headers are required.

    Whoever MPE would be so kind as to either make an export and send me the CSV file (without course modules) or let me know which fields must be in it?

    Thank you very much


    Hi Stuart-

    I have attached the info export file for the profile header and the file group. Just rename the .txt .csv. Here are the procedures in case you don't have them -

    Just curious. We don't create users in MeetingPlace Express, rather we use CallManager CCMUserids via LDAP configuration in MeetingPlace Express. When the user connects to MeetingPlace Express for the first time, the profile is created automatically. Here is the link -

    Refer to the section "requirements for user authentication to an external Directory." It's so much easier :-)


  • Airport Express

    I have an old airport express (used as an extender) and a Comcast cable modem. In order to get a signal on my iPhone (AT & T), I had a microphone AT & T cell. I can't use the microphone cell as there is only a single port ethernet on the modem. If I buy a new Terminal Airport Express or extreme, either will work as an Extender of the internet to my computers iMac so that boost the signal of my iPhone?

    If they both work (see above), port (WAN or LAN) must be connected to the extension of the computer and that for increase of cell signal? Thanks for your help.

    I have an old airport express (used as an extender) and a Comcast cable modem.

    Extending Terminal AirPort Express? What is the brand and model of the cable modem supplied by Comcast?

    In order to get a signal on my iPhone (AT & T), I had a microphone AT & T cell. I can't use the microphone cell as there is only a single port ethernet on the modem. If I buy a new Terminal Airport Express or extreme, either will work as an Extender of the internet to my computers iMac so that boost the signal of my iPhone?

    If your modem is a simple modem, an AirPort base station would work. For the extension, the 'old' AirPort Express should be a 802.11n model if you want to do it with a wireless connection between base stations.

    By "restart my iPhone signal" If you are referring to his cellular signal, then no.. Only the MicroCell can do that.

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