Camileo HD - what is the default loader?

Hello, I have so many things lying around here I do not know what adapter supplied with the equipment. Can someone tell me the default adapter that comes with a HD TV? And how it looks like maybe? I'm going crazy because I'm afraid to hurt my camera / battery so if someone can give me help, I'd be a happy man!

Thanks in advance guys


the default loader is called: adapter SYS1196-0505-W2E

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    Thank you


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    Thanks in advance

    832812 wrote:

    SQL> Select resource_name,resource_type,limit from dba_profiles where profile = 'DSS_UNLIMITED_PROFILE';
    RESOURCE_NAME                    RESOURCE LIMIT
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    See you soon

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    For more tips and tricks on OEM GRID Control:

    Published by: robztw on November 30, 2009 13:32

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    Thank you

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      Note Following this step lets services Microsoft continue to run. These services include networking, Plug-and-Play, record of events, error reporting, and other services. If you disable these services, you can permanently delete all restore points. Do not do this if you want to use to restore the system with the existing restore points.

    5. Click OK, and then click restart.
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    I have a sort of a time trying to figure that out, but I'll try to find a font Windows decent that looks good anywhere like XP, but I don't know what to choose and I don't know what XP used or even which uses Windows 7.

    I know how to change things, but knowing the value default for each could help me decide. I try with ClearType on and outside, but I continue to turn in the same text hard to read which is either crushed or seems smeared. It is not the same experience good all over as it was with XP, although I'd rather not have the pixelated look on text.


    Segoe UI is the default font in Windows 7. Segoe UI is a humanist typeface family that is best known for its use by Microsoft. Microsoft uses Segoe UI in their marketing materials online and print, including recent logos for a number of products. In addition, the Segoe UI font family is used by many Microsoft applications. This is the default font in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The font is also used for, e-mail service from Microsoft which has replaced the previous Hotmail.

    Thank you.

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    If you use CMYK offset printing, you need a specific profile to use in all cases, and you need to get it directly from the printer. In Europe, which is generally ISO Coated FOGRA39, but don't assume that whatever it is. CMYK is a Pandora's box in any case, better to avoid until you know your way around (or prepare a steep learning curve).

    Above all, always have color management policies defined to "preserve embedded profiles. It's the default, do not change. And always incorporate the profile. With the setting "preserve" it's automatic, except to save for Web which you should check.

    (BTW these presets have no particular meaning and you can have your own custom settings, and they do not have to be synchronized. But for now let's not complicate this more necessary).

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