Can damage the FPGA module if I connect accidentally two pins writing together.

My current configuration has a PXI chassis with two FPGA modules.  Each FPGA module has an adaptation Module 6581 on that.  I would like to test the signal through my system path by having the user to move some cables that would be a reason for a return to the other looping FPGA.

I fear, however, the risk of the user is not correctly as shown and somehow a channel available in writing that connects to another channel write-enabled.  This damage to the FPGA or adaptation modules?

Hi Brian,.

Your concerns are correct. We never want to connect two pins that are output voltage. If two pins are outputs digital mistakenly connecting them together may damage one or both nodes in output since there is nowhere to flow the potential.

It is well to connect to two pins that read a voltage. If both pins running entry digital (reading of the pins), as there is no risk, nor pin would be likely to be damaged.

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    No, you will need to install the FPGA Module of 2015.

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    Yes, I tried all of these suggestions before posting and thank you for the reply.  I even called Comcast, my cable provider, in despair attempt to resolve.  Of course, they were no help, but it didn't end up being a problem, with what they should have helped me.

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    Hi Johan,.

    DDR2-400 has a transfer rate of 3200 MB/s. DDR2-533 has a transfer rate of 4266 MB/s.

    High speed DDR2 DIMMS are compatible with low speed DDR2 DIMM, although the motherboard or controller memory CPU will be bound to the limits of the low-performance modules.

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    For others this has been resolved with

    This is the setting in sqlnet.ora


    later, commenting on the above setting and restart the listener. It worked.

    Thanks for all the answers

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    Kind regards!

    It depends on what you mean by 'install '.
    (1) install the software on your server: when you use the CD or download the Oracle code and install on your server, software for many modules is copied. You can see the tables, procedures, packages, executable files belonging to the modules you have no plan to use in the near future.

    (2) after the installation of the software, you go to sysadmin > License Manager. Here you choose the modules / components that you plan to use and have a license for. You can activate selectively OM/HR here. Once you do this, these modules are "installed" in a perspective of licenses. When you install a module, another module can get installed in a shared mode. For example if you installed the inventory, Oracle on its own may installed HR in shared mode. That's ok.
    You can check the modules you have installed looking fnd_product_installations. I-online installed, S-online shared mode of status N => is not installed.

    Hope that answers your question
    Sandeep Gandhi
    Techno-Functional consultant

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    Your WLAN is locked? Can you connect WIFI if you delete the WIFI password for two minutes?
    Have you tried to reboot your router?

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    If the laptop stops due to overheating, then yes it probably requires a repair. They would usually check the thermal paste/pad and fan to make sure it's working properly and that there is no internal blocking.

    You could try a cooling block to see if this will help to keep your laptop cool enough to exploit.

    You can also read through this to see if there's something more you can do:

  • The CompactRIO Modules are not connected

    I'm currently developing a compactRIO, but modules are not detected in system OR distributed, Manager even after hitting refresh Modules in the scan engine. LabView is able to detect modules, but the code does not compile. Watching the memory usage in the Distrubted System Manager it shows that there is no available memory and he has no memory allocated. I tried to reboot the device, uninstalling and reinstalling the software, but nothing has worked. Any ideas of what I could do to try to fix it?

    Thank you!

    This was the tutorial I used to implement

    He has got to work! I reformatted the compactRIO and reinstalled the software and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks for your help!

    For anyone who runs into this problem, I found the following documentation to be a good reference:

    I followed the steps described in the section "Troubleshooting steps" OR Scan Engine deployment.

  • X230T rigid hinge, can damage the display of stress?

    I just got my couple of X230T days and have been assessed. Performance and scalability is very good, but I find the poor build quality. Seriously, a cover blind on the slot of fingerprints?

    I found a major concern and you want to ask people if you guys have the same thing.

    The hinge is very steep (to be clear, he feels "rigid solid" and not "incredibly steep') and when I change to Tablet mode, the glass that covers the screen shows as if Gets a lot of pressure and it shows a few bumps on the lower edge of the screen. (EDIT: actually, it shows this same bump in laptop mode.) It looks like little by when you put electrical tape to cover two or three uneven surfaces together. It is not the effect on the visibility of the LCD screen or colors, but I'm just worried that one day the glass can break from there. There are actually two points along the bottom edge, but the photo shows only a right above the hinge.

    Please see the photo and tell me anyone of your X230T has that?

    This photo shows just the screen is raised a little on the top left corner.

    Ron_9972 wrote:

    You can take in at a local warranty service provider and let them take a look.  There are two in the Portland area:

    TechScaler, Inc.

    901 SW 1st Ave.

    Portland, OR 97204


    MCPc, Inc..

    15575 SW Sequoia Pkwy.

    Portland, OR 97224


    Is the poor performance digitizer covered by warranty as well or is - this just the way it was designed?

  • Which of the following activities can damage the performance of datadbase?

    What activities can be identified as the common causes of impassable of suboptimal performance of database?

    1 large amounts of recursive SQL executed by SYS
    2. recursive SQL executed by one user other than SYS

    The correct answer must be 1. large amounts of recursive SQL executed by SYS.
    Please see the following statement in this linked page:

    "High of Recursive (SYS) SQL levels: large amounts of recursive SQL executed by SYS.
    could indicate management activities of space, such as the measure benefits, taking place. It comes
    impassable and impact on the user response time. Recursive SQL executed under another user, what ID is
    SQL and PL/SQL and it's probably not a problem. »

  • PERC 5 - no Configuration is present! Foreign import can damage the hard disk data ("this is an irreversible process)?

    Our 2950 has humming well when...

    Physical disk 0 change LED color from green to flashing orange.

    Configuring Raid 0 has 2 two identical disks combined into a VD.

    To troubleshoot an amber blink, we re sitting readers and even swapped their location, ultimately restore their substantive positions of basket in their original locations.

    Suddenly, amber LED changed to green new!

    However, the server is unbootable-"zero or logical drives found".

    Reports PERC 'no present Configuration!' in the config of VD but also two reports 2 error free readers in the config of PD.  He also pointed out a 1 DG and VD (1) and (2) PD in config stranger (contrary to what config VD reports - "no present Configuration."

    Ubuntu in rescue (booted from the CD) mode does not see two physical disks.

    What should we do?

    Thanks in advance - this server hosts the web services of a not-for-profit organization.

    Excuse the rawness, but you need to know about the functioning of the RAID and this server before trying anything. There are many places in which he could definitely bad (I'm not saying that isn't already).

    Start the utility CTRL-R, VD MGMT screen, highlight the controller, F2, foreign Import.

    If she fails to import, go to the CTRL MGMT screen and give me the version of the firmware of the lot.

    Next time, call Dell technical support or ask a question here to help them know what to do and how to solve it.

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    Hi all

    I use module, labview and FPGA 2015 2015 (32-bit) on a computer laptop windows 64-bit 10. According to the white paper ( ), the FPGA version of the module must be supported. However, I can't the FPGA VI to open and only get an error.

    I'm trying to run a target FPGA simulation mode. The VI was created on a computer laptop windows 7.

    Is there a possible way to open a FPGA VIs on windows 10?

    Thanks in advance.

    Solved! The mistakes have nothing to do with windows 10 or module FPGA. The VI I exported computer laptop windows 7 was actually corrupt and was recorded as then.

    Although the VI is still running on windows 7, it seems that some memory settings have not been exported right and this caused the problem on the new laptop.

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    I got my 300 d satellite with no model no PSAK4E for Windows XP earlier. The only problem is that I can't install the energy saver. The message error «a fatal error has occutred, code 0 x 2» I discovered that this has something to do with the common modules, which I do not think that I have installed.

    However, the problem is that I can't find the common Modules on drivers Toshiba's Web site. Is there another name for the common modules, or are they simply not there?

    I want to reinstall Windows in order to install the common modules first. However, it is a little difficult without this having the installation package. I already tried to do some research on the subject but can't find the right information on my model. I found a few 3rd party software but I don't know if it's a good idea.

    Could someone help me, or indicate where I can find the common modules for my model?


    The common Modules are not available for models A300D.
    Person not A300D series needs this module.

    But I found some other Power Saver for Satellite A300D series.
    I chose to ve on the Toshiba European pilot page this:
    -> Satellite A satellite-> Satellite A300D-> all-> Win XP.

    Now, I see two energy saving; 7.04.02.Q and v 7.04.02 v

    Check both

    Before install you it, delete the old version, clean the operating system using the CCleaner, reboot the laptop and try to install once again.

  • Cannot deploy when you use the FPGA configuration file

    Hi all

    I'm new to NI Veristand. We use a controller NIPXI 8108 with a map of FPGA OR 7841R. Is the used chassis OR PXI 1042 q. VeriStand does not deploy, when we try to add the target FPGA. For adding, we used the default for NOR 7841R provided with veristand FPGA configuration file. The error is attached! Without adding the FPGA target, we are able to deploy.

    We programmed with LabVIEW FPGA card and it works.

    Please help us!

    Thank you


    Hi Sid

    This is because the FPGA card is not connected through the chassis

    Right click on the (unidentified) PXI system and identify as PXI 1042 q.

    Right-click on the PXI-1042 q system and identify the PXI-8108 controller.

    Then it will automatically fill the devices under the controller

    Now try to deploy again. It will work


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