Can I activate Windows 7 more than once? __

I am very interested in switching from Windows XP to Windows 7, but one thing has me worried. I have a home built computer that I update every 1-2 years and I clean install when I do. I'll be able to activate my copy of Windows 7 more than once on my own personal computer?


As long as it is installed on a computer at a time Yes.

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  • Can I use windows 8 recovery more than once?

    * Original title: recovery of Windows 8

    Can I use windows 8 recovery more than once?


    You can use the recovery media to reinstall as many times as you wish, as long as there is only a single installation of the operating system installed at any time and if preinstalled recovery media is linked to this machine and cannot be transferred.

    See you soon.

  • HP 15-ab027tx: can I use discs of recovery more than once?

    I got a new HARD drive and I installed Windows 8.1 through recovery discs that I created, but I need to know that I can use these disks more than once.


    Yes you can, there is no limit to the number of times that that they can be used.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • why I can not go back more than once all of a sudden and double letters are not allowed?

    I have to reset the cursor to go back more than once and nothing can hit twice (the second will not be displayed) very very frustrated!


    1. You did changes to the computer before the show?
    2. Is - this USB keyboard or wireless?
    3. What is the brand and model of the computer, the mouse and keyboard?
    4. What version of Windows are you using?
    5. The issue is limited to a particular application?

    Please follow the steps below.

    Method 1:
    Run the troubleshooter mentioned in the link below
    Windows Vista

    Windows 7:

    Method 2: Check the boot issue.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    NOTE: After completing the troubleshooting steps, please reset the computer to start as usual (see the STEP 7 of the article mentioned below)

    I hope this helps!

  • Can transfer easily to be run more than once on the receiving system?

    Can transfer easily to be run more than once on the receiving system?

    I installed Win 7 on a separate XP drive and I am able to switch between them starting from their respective readers.

    I made an easy transfer between them and now intend to install it and test my programs on Win 7.  Once I've got everything working properly, and that all migration issues are resolved, I would like to make a clean second run Easy Transfer of XP just before the final switch to Win 7.

    "Clean run" I mean I want all the Win 7 system to be completely replaced by the new data and the parameters of the XP system.

    Easy transfer will do that?

    What I would recommend that you do, is create a new account user in Windows 7, then restore the backup Windows Easy Transfer in the new account and delete the old account that you created in the first place.

  • Multiple press: How can I make a button to perform an action more than once?

    I am currently creating an interactive document.

    I have a map with circular buttons to points of interest. I need information to fly from the right side of the page that gives information about the area of the map that is identified by each button.

    Currently, I have all my buttons and put activities in place to work, however, each button lights up only its animation assigned only once.

    If I click on "zone 1", it evokes conscientiously information of zone 1. I've also built in a button 'Close tab' that puts information to leave the screen to reveal a clear view map. I can click on the 'X' to remove the information. When I click on the button 'zone 1' once again, nothing happens.

    Here is what I tried:

    • using fly in and fly animations to control expected to come from off the screen.
    • using trajectories to control objects want to enter from off-screen.

    In both cases, the buttons and animations have interpreted as you wish, but I can't get them to repeat!

    Help, please!

    Thank you!

    If you decide to use the swf instead of pdf, here's a way to do this.

    'Information 1' comes up on the screen. Instead of having a close box to remove, do 'Information 1' button. Define the action of this newly created button: event [click] Animation of Action [Animation] [the name of the button] Options [back]. This will allow users to perform a 'information 1' go off the screen and should be able to activate the original animation more than once. If you need a sample file to see what I mean, I can send you a.

  • artists are to display the window more than once in sync

    iTunes version 12.2.4.   In the timing window on the right side under "Artists" of some artists appear more than once.

    For General and advice on the Organization of the iTunes, see grouping of tracks in albums . In particular, any given artist name should be spelt constantly everywhere where it appears in the two fields artist album and artist, and still have the same sort value.


  • Hello.. I'm from the programming, but new to actionscript. I would like to ask if there was a library where all built in functions, methods, and events can be searched. As for VB, MSDN (of Microsoft Developer Network) used to be there. More than once it h

    Hello.. I'm from the programming, but new to actionscript. I would like to ask if there was a library where all built in functions, methods, and events can be searched. As for VB, MSDN (of Microsoft Developer Network) used to be there. More than once it happens that I write a few lines of code, but a built-in function already exists for the same thing. Is there a way to check it out ahead of time?

    An online resource are QAnywhere® to Adobe ActionScript 3 (AS3)

  • Help! CC of PHOTOSHOP: I want to reproduce the same project more than once and to modify their dynamic objects linked separately as different projects - can you help me? Please

    I want to reproduce the same project more than once and to modify their dynamic objects linked separately as different projects - can you help me? Please

    If related files please consult are located next to the file that contains the duplicate folder and edit files duplicate so corresponding should translate into changed content in the file duplicate.

  • repeating subforms can you script to stop the same value being selected more than once

    I have a LiveCycle form with a subform that is repeated when the first field (text field 2 characters) requires the entry of a code between 01 and 99. You can script so that you cannot enter the same value of code more than once?

    Here's a code in Formcalc that works for you. Put it in the output of the textfield event.

    In this example, the page is called myPage and textField is called TextField1. Rename them as you need.

    indexCount var = 0

    var thisIndex = $. parent.index

    While (indexCount< thisindex)="">

    If (myPage [indexCount]. TextField1 is myPage [thisIndex]. TextField1) then ("you already used this number")

    $ = ""


    indexCount = indexCount + 1


  • Codes of the lesson can be used more than once?

    My students purchase the book for class and use the codes of the lesson in the back of the book. These codes may be used more than once? Sometimes my students buy used texts. Thank you!

    Yes, I use classroom in a book for Photoshop and InDesign. Thank you!

  • How many times can I activate Windows 7?

    Hi am a windows 7 ultimate .i wan to know how many times can I activate windows if I replace (service) or update my motherboard or processor?

    Hi, first of all active windows.then than my motherboard got faulty so they replaced by new one when I called microsoft that they told me that if you change your motherboard or processor only once more I can activate(total_2_different_PC).so suppose I have activate now my second activation is more in the future if I update my board or the processor can again activate?

    Never heard before. Yes, you may not be able to use the INTERNET activation, but telephone activation should work... If you find my answer helpful, please click the button "Vote as helpful"! Thank you! My Blog

  • Can't activate windows.

    I recently installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit after a 32-bit version, because I added more ram for my pc. Now, I can't activate windows with the key that I have, I get error 0xC004E003. -What it means and how to fix it?

    Hi Slayer567,

    Follow the steps below:

    1. click on launch

    2. right click on computer, then click Properties.
    • In the Windows activation section, click change product key. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click continue.
    • In the product key box, type the product key, and then click Next.
    • If this does not work for you, follow the steps below.

    1. click on Start

    2. open an elevated command prompt. (Type cmd in the start search box, right-click on the program that appears and select run as administrator)

    • After cmd opens, type slui.exe 4
    • Select your country and call Microsoft Product Activation Center.
    • Provide the product ID, you see on the screen of the wizard
    • Once verified, you will receive the Confirmation code. Type in the boxes and activate Windows 7.

    Don't forget to mark this reply as answer if it helped and let me know what happens.

  • Stop the link open more than once


    I created a button inside a document to Animate canvas.

    However when I click it, it opens to the severeral homepage times. Probably because that it loads the script whenever the timeline plays.

    How to prevent the load or avoid it to open more than once?

    The script im using is as follows:

    this.button.addEventListener ("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_8);

    function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_8() {} ("", "_blank");


    One thing to do, you can try is to remoive the listener of events inside the function so that the button open is nothing, after the opening of the window.

    this.button.addEventListener ("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_8);

    function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_8() {}

    Window.Open ("", "_blank");

    this.button.removeEventListener ("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_8);


    If you would like the option to reopen the window atr once then add the listener when the window is closed.

  • Is it possible to adjust the sound volume of Windows to more than 100%?


    I have a very simple question:

    Is it possible to adjust the sound volume of Windows to more than 100%?

    I explain why I need to do this:
    I can watch DVD files or .avi with my computer and VLC, that allows to adjust the volume to 100%. Some DVDs have a very low sound. So if I set VLC to 200% volume and the system volume to 100%, I can watch movies in good sound conditions. Then, my computer speakers are strong enough for me watching a movie.

    However, I have a problem with VSD: I use VOD with Windows media player and that player does not allow me to adjust the sound to more than 100%. So I put the sound of Windows media player at 100%, the sound of Windows to 100%, but the sound is very low.

    Please don't tell me to buy speakers, mine are pretty strong, and I find it uncomfortable to plug the speakers.

    Please don't tell me to use a software that increase the volume of the file I want to watch VOD.

    Is there a way to increase the sound volume of Windows to more than 100%?

    Please don t tell me this, please don t tell me that. You want to hear other people's opinions or what?

    AFAIK all sound level settings in Windows are synchronized and if you change the sound level in the properties of the speaker at the same level will appear in the Windows for the Volume Mobility Center and the maximum level is 100%. No more than that.

    As you already wrote the sound level can be increased in combination with Windows and some players.

    Is there any other way to watch these videos, but using WMP?

Maybe you are looking for

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