Can I build at the second disk on Satellite P200-1I4?


Before all sorry for my bad English. =((

I have a toshiba SATELLITE P200-1I4 and the question is: can I install a HDD (additional) more. Or there is only one SATA slot in this laptop? Unfortunately for laptop is not close to me now, and I can't remove the back panel and see.
On the web site of Toshiba, I can't find any information about it.

More information:
S/N: z7269306k - M/n: PSPB3E-0J601MRU

Thanks, and I hope that all written above is understandable. =)

Best thing you can do is to remove the cover for the second HARD drive and see if the HARD drive connector is available.
If this is not the case, there is no possibility to upgrade the HARD drive.

Maybe someone on this forum has the same laptop model and can check for you.

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    I read in some reviews that these models have an empty space for an additional HARD drive, but that some models do not have an additional connector for a second HDD.

    I wonder if it is possible to install the second HARD drive in my A300-15 has.

    Thank you!

    Hello Ivo

    To be clear: A300 laptop come with a few different hardware configurations. Some of them with one and some of them with two hard drives. The plastic case is the same for all models of laptops and you can find room for the second HARD drive, but the motherboard is not the same and not stretch with the second HARD drive.

    Remove the cover from the HARD drive to the second HARD drive and let us know if the HARD drive connector is available.
    I'm sure that there is no connector.

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    You said that the hard drives are sata but your bios recognizes them as IDE depending on your position. You might have to set your bios to operate in sata mode or enable AHCI of have recognized them as sata. Regarding the error you get, look in the system BIOS to boot from hard disk command menu. This is different from the command menu of usual starting where you choose each time you start a cd ROM or hard drive ect... The parameter that I refer to determine which hard drive of your computer starts on the first. Change to the primary master 500 GB disk > save your settings and restart your computer. Even if one is defined as main and the other slave is not serious. Some bios have the ability to choose what hard drive to boot from. In other words, it is adjustable to start first on the slave drive.

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    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • I can't put it on the second drive in Satellite A300-1EG


    The question is whether I can put on the second HARD drive for laptop Toshiba A300-1EG, there is a place for one I found and what HARD drive it's, I mean 2.5 "and etc?

    As I read, there may be no connection to HARD drive, depending on model, how can I discovered?

    Thank you.


    You can check yourself.
    Remove the plastic cover that holds the second HARD drive Bay.
    Is there some HARD drive connectors, then you could install a second HDD.
    If the connectors are missing, then you will not be able to use the second HARD drive.

    I know that it s a little but confusing due to the second HDD bay but the fact is that different models A300 supports different motherboards and not all motherboards are equipped with two HARD disk controllers.

    Welcome them

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    It's real simple... you can't boot from a drive in the second. Without them.

  • Satellite - black screen and can't restart with the recovery disk

    I have a black screen and can not restart with the restore disc but it seems to be.

    I find this odd, I can't ask Toshiba direct on my problem, but I have to wait for one nature in the heart of my problem or give me a helping hand


    This means that you can see anything on the screen of the laptop or only if you try to start with the recovery disk?
    You can start Windows or access the BIOS?
    You must post a few more details, otherwise we can t help you :(

    Furthermore, Toshiba is not your first contact, you should ask an authorized service provider. They can help you too! :)

  • Can I recover fom the Toshiba disk recovery programs?

    I have an A350 satellite that came with a Windows 7 upgrade offer that I intend to use. I created recovery disks, but I guess that these only restore an image of the Vista partition and not be able to install all programs accompanying the A350 such as Ulead DVD MovieFactory for TOSHIBA and a TOSHIBA DVD player, is this correct? I believe that I can download Vista 32 and 64-bit drivers from the Toshiba web site and utilities system and these should be OK for Windows 7, maybe around the release date of the versions of Windows 7 for Windows 7 can be made available.

    Thank you

    Hi mate

    Well, the Toshiba Recovery disk contains the image, and that image contains the OS, drivers, tools and utilities
    Usually using this disk, you'd be abele to give the laptop to factory settings to the same State as on the first day of purchase

    So if you didn't receive extra on the disc that contains the Ulead DVD Movie Factory or another applications that software should be a part of the image.

    Notes; your HARD drive will be formatted using the recovery disk all would be erased as the partitions on the HARD disk.

  • Satellite Pro L300 - what I can reinstall Vista with the recovery disk?


    I dual-boot (running Windows Vista & Win7) and if I delete Windows Vista can I reinstall Windows Vista with my recovery CD?
    And I have another drive on my computer for recovery Partition so I can use my recovery CD to reinstall Windows vista if I want once I got rid of him and would it erase my win7 disk or remove the duel boot?

    My specs are:
    Intel Pentium
    2 GB OF RAM
    Hard drive 160 GB

    > if I delete Windows Vista can I reinstall Windows Vista with my recovery CD?
    You can use the recovery disk to reinstall Vista on your laptop but as Luke mentioned, the recovery disk would format the whole HARD drive. It would erase all partitions on the HARD drive and you will lose also the installed Win 7!

  • Win XP does not recognize the second disk in the Qosmio F30


    You have a problem...
    After using the recovery disk WinXP MCE does not recognize! second HARD drive.

    I mean in the Device Manager it's ok I see 2 hdd... but in his only C:\ Explorer

    Utilits RAID recognize also second HARD drive.
    But I'm going to use this HARD drive not for mirorring... I need this second HARD drive as separate HARD drive.

    Could someone help me solve this problem?

    Just format the drive and make it ready for Windows to use.
    Go to control panel-> administration-> computer management tools-> Storage-> disk management

    Here you will find all the options necessary to make your second HARD drive in Windows.

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    Hope this helps,


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    When I clicked on DW in the started program start, but got stuck.

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    Platform: Windows 10

    Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Thanks for all the help.

    I installed Dreamweaver on a second drive to save space on my SSD.

    I realized Cloud Creative manager to install on the second hard drive.

    After making that Dreamweaver is not started, I restarted my computer, and then everything has worked.

  • Question on the hard disk on Satellite M40X

    I'm working on a clients M40x and the hard drive broke down and I would like to replace it and I have some options and I was wondering if they will work.

    Currently, there is a MK6025GAS in which is fried. Below are the options I have.

    1 MK6034GAX
    2 MK8032GAX

    Can I use a Maxtor? If Yes, what models?

    HUGE thanks :)

    Hi dude

    You can use the hard disks of each production. It s any HDD manufacturing is. The HARD drive is important! So you need a drive that supports the enhanced IDE (ATA-6) interface!

    The SATA drives are not compatible.

    The MK6034GAX 60 GB HDD and MK8032GAX 80 GB HARD drive looks to support the ATA-100 interface (ATA-6). So, in my opinion, the hard drives must be compatible and should run


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