Can I buy creative cloud account twice? in the same account

Hello world!

I already bought photography Plan and Plan of single App, I can use it on two computers, no problem with that, but now I have to use on anther computer too, so if I buy once more under the same account! will it work? can I use 4 computers? or do I have to create another account on two computers? pls explain.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Brice,.

You can install the creative cloud on two machines, which is purchased on an Adobe Id, however you can not run the product on two machines simultaneously. You can go for creative teams of cloud and buy 4 seats for the creative cloud running concurrently on 4 machines. Please visit legal terms of use | Adobe for more information. In addition, in case you just want to use creative cloud on two machines you can buy two individual CC licenses for two users on different e-mail ID.

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