can I change the behavior for firefox menu to open instead of opening the 1st option lists?

is it possible to adjust the way the orange menu firefox behaves when you click an option?
currently hovering on an option opens the list below (for example, a list of bookmarks for favorite option, or a list of pages visited for the historical option) and clicking it opens the first item in the list.
I would like to change this so that the list is opened when you click an option, since it is not possible to hover using a touch screen.
It's quite annoying when the management of bookmarks screen opens if all I want to do is bookmark the current page (which is not possible in this form)

The orange button Firefox will be gone in Firefox 28 or 29, in releasing the Australis of redesign of the User Interface.

There are other ways to save a new bookmark. A double click on the star to the address bar does not work on a touchscreen device?

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