Can I change the RAM available on a virtual machine without having to reboot?

I would like to know if there is an option to change the RAM available on a virtual machine without restarting the virtual machine. I saw this old news item that says that it is

possible (, but I don't know how to do it. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Arne post, called PowerCLI: toggle the function add Hot VMs, shows how.

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    I've always used host names, but I have changed several times, since the structure is bigger and I now 25 virtual machines. I started renaming to v, s, w - and then their hostname.

    For now, the data store directory is a real mess without the new structure and it bothers me. Is it possible to rename directories? Perhaps using vcenter? I would like to see a beautiful tree as: DWT-win2003, centos5 tpl, tpl-debian6, s-server01, server02-s, w-exchange01, w-mssql01, just as I renamed it to VMS. I tried the migration option, but it only allows for migration between host data warehouses and not to rename the directory that hosts the virtual machine.

    How can I change the my data store directory structure? I have considered changing the paths and edit vmx files to correct the paths, and then add servers to be inventoried. But I don't really know if this can be done without penalty or if there is a better solution.

    the easiest way, continuously needs storage vMotion of the guest.  It renames the folder and the underlying file for the same as the name of object of vCenter. If you don't have much storage vMotion, then turn off the prompt and do a cold migration.

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    Cloud license allows 2 activations

    -Install on a 2nd computer

    -Windows or Mac has no importance... 2 on the same operating system or 1 on each

    -Two activations on one account CAN NOT be used at the same time (to be noted in the link above of the license)

    -An individual account is for one person and may not be shared with anyone else


    Remove the license on a computer clouds can help



    Download & install instructions can help

    -includes a link to access a page to download the Adobe programs if you do not have a disk or drive

    -Cloud desktop

    -Cloud Getting Started

    - or kglad links in response to #1 here can help

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  • Can I use the same windows on my virtual machine?

    I had windows pre-installed in my dell laptop (Latitude E6420). I did not have the cd key but I extracted using a program called Magical jelly bean key finder. Now, I have the following information on my windows installation

    Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1
    Product no.: XXXXXXXX
    Installed from media "OEM."
    Computer name: XXXXX
    Registered owner: XXXXX
    Registered organization: Microsoft
    Now, I want to install linux on my machine and use the current windows in a virtual machine inside the linux host. Is is possible if I completely uninstall this windows of my computer and reinstall the virtual machine with the same key?
    I'm not very familiar with this also can someone guide me what are the steps I have to take if this is possible.

    Hi Andre,

    Thank you for your answer, but this does not completely answer my question. I also read that OEM installation does not install the same windows on another machine (virtual machine is like different machine even if I do this on the same machine) and installation of the mine is OEM type.

    More important still, how install windows in the virtual environment? If I format the computer and install linux, in addition to this install virualbox and install inside windows that use the cd - key and it will work. ? I doubt it because the windows is already activated in this machine.

    The extract of the contract (EULA) for Windows 7 and applies to the retail and OEM of Windows 7 versions. So, Yes, you can reinstall it in a Virtual Machine.

    Yes, you will need to format the machine under Linux, then reinstall Windows 7 in a computer program virtual suitable as Oracle Virtual Box 4.2, VMWare Player 5.0 or VMWare Workstation. You can then use the product key located on the COA sticker to reactivate the license.

  • How can I change the network address of my Time Machine drive?

    Hi people,

    This is my second question in 12 hours. Thanks to help I received here, I abandoned my doomed attempt to use my old AirPort Extreme and a USB key for Time Machine backups.

    I've used my ReadyNAS for Time Machine backups, but it has never been reliable. I think I have tracked the question and I would like to try again. However, Time Machine remembers the old network address for the ReadyNAS unit (smb://NAS_TimeMachine.local/ReadyNAS) and does not 'see' the same unit at current address (afp://[email protected]/NASTimeMachine). You could collect that networking is not something I understand.

    I think that this can be also responsible for the boring 'There was a problem... "messages that I receive at startup telling me the drive could not be mounted.

    Is there a way to force the time Machine to forget the old address and 'see' a new?

    See you soon,.


    (PS I have also posted this question on the legacy of networking community, but I think it's a better place for this)

    Click the 'clock' Time machine at the top of the screen of the Mac

    Click Open Time Machine Preferences

    Click select drive

    Click on a disc that appears under the heading of backup discs , so that it appears highlighted

    Click remove disk

    Do the same for all the other disks that may appear under the heading of backup discs

    Turn off and restart the AirPort Extreme

    Restart the Mac.

    Click the 'clock' Time machine at the top of the screen

    Click Open Time Machine Preferences

    Click select drives

    Under the heading of available records , click a disk that you want to use to highlight the disk

    Click use the disk

    Close the windows

    Wait a few minutes to see if a backup will start. Otherwise, click the "clock" Time machine at the top of the screen, then click on NTI Backup Now

    Report on the results

  • Change the operating system selected a virtual machine under tension in vCenter

    Is this possible? I looked in the box change the Settings - Options - but I can't see the usual fall down?

    You should turn off the machine.

    If you have made a mistake by setting for 32-bit or 64 - bit or vice versa, it does not really affect the virtual machine.

    If you have entirely changed the operating system, then you will need to power off and do it right that there is again a critical impact. the operating system you choose decides the type of SCSI controllers and things.

    I suggest you set a stop and do time.

  • How can I get the version of VMware to virtual machines with powercli officer?

    How can I get the version of VMware View Agent running on a virtual machine with powercli or view Powercli?

    As much as I know there is no cmdlet PowerCLI for this, but you can use the Invoke-VMScript cmdlet and interrogate the Win32_Product class.

    By running the following. You can add a Where clause to return only the Agent of the view

    Get-WmiObject-class Win32_Product | Select the name, Version

  • How can I change the standard account on behalf of Administrator without administrator privileges?

    Original title: uac is restricting my access Add or change account

    My uac has no opition for Yes just not how to change my standard account to administrator account

    and how would I do that I deleted my hidden administrator account and my off my guest account so if I didn't change anything, I have to be an administrator if he allows me to have Yes tab revealed to a click...

    When you say that you moved your hidden administrator account, are you talking about the account named "Administrator"? Since it is a built-in account, Windows won't let you remove it.

    If you are referring to your own admin account then removing would be to throw out your safe master key. I can't quite work on how you could do that, but you can get it from this reckless action as follows:
    1. Set your BIOS so that it uses the DVD drive as its primary boot device.
    2. Start the computer with your Windows 7 repair CD.
    3. Press a key when prompted to boot from the DVD.
    4. Select 'PC Repair' in the menu.
    5. Select 'Repair' when prompted.
    6. When you are prompted, select System Restore.
    7. Configure Windows to a point before you did what you did.
    8. Plan ahead a little and create, test and document an alternative admin account, same as you have a spare emergency House key. This will save you a lot of trouble.
  • How can I change the size of my 3D Logo HAVE without what in fact looks like buggy :(

    Dear Pro,

    Since a few days I'm done with my "new" Logo, but now I'm shocked...

    I can't resize it or export it as I need for the Web, it's great!

    If I scale or resize what happens:

    -Effects 3D tapped, only objects within the Logo not getting not reduced properly, everything seems... shit... can't explain
    -If bad export to PNG I can't resize as good reason it looks pixel - as if it happens to big/small

    -If the patient export it as a PSD file, it's the same question as in PNG...

    What could I do to resize my Logo 3D correctly without crashing all the unique items within the Logo?
    I'm sorry for my broken English but evil hope someone can help.

    I would even use Teamviewer to check on my computer.

    Best regards and thank you very much,.



    To correct certain types of misconduct within Illy uncheck the box snap to grid of pixels (also for new objects) in the transformation Panel.

    For small images, you may have to settle for less details.

    Snap to grid of pixels is the default for certain types of documents; You can change this.

  • can you change x 86 (32) t0 x 64 (64) without having to re - install windows 7?


    convert FAT32 to NTFS. Now when I try to re - install Windows 7, I get an ERREOR message that the version of windows 7 is not compatible and it won't let me not re - install...?

    It seems that you were trying to re - install 64-bit on a 64-bit computer can't do.

  • Re: How to change the RAM for internal video on the Satellite A665-S5060 card?


    My question is how can I change the RAM for my internal video card? I found I only 64 and I want to change it to 256.

    I don't want no heavy games, I just want to change to 256.
    I tried to change it by accessing the BIOS, but I had no luck with it, no option for this, another way, I could do?

    Thank you!.


    > my question is how can I change the RAM for my internal video card? I found I only 64 and I want to change it to 256.

    No, you can not do it yourself. The system will automatically change to the need for more ram.

  • Change of depth of color for virtual machines


    Is it possible to change the color depth of ESXi virtual machines? When the remote access, this would improve performance on the network.

    Thank you

    Ojas Pereira

    I assume you mean the console VM connection which is somewhat a big eater. The only adjustment I remember was a limit on the number of connections from the console. Not that there isn't a setting but I have never heard of him.

  • Can I change the new memory and at the same time to replace the Rams?

    Can I change the new memory and at the same time to replace the Rams?

    If a MacBook Pro RAM and drvie hard can be modified/improved depends on the submodel and we do not know yours. There are dozens of variations of the MacBook Pro issued since 2006, and you do not want guessing us!

    Please do "about this Mac" in your Apple menu to get this:

    Notice the line that I have highlighted with the red arrow. Please tell us what your computer has in the thr same place. However, do not post any serial number.

    With the exact submodel we can better advise you of any available upgrade paths.

  • How can I change the ' available in the ' phone on my apple ID?

    How can I change the ' available in the ' phone on my apple ID?

    Hey there SDG21,

    Welcome to Apple Support communities.

    If I understand correctly, you want to change the phone number attached to your Apple ID. The article below the link provides a lot of information on reliable phone number that is used with two-factor authentication and it will guide you through the update process reliable phone numbers associated with your Apple ID.

    For Apple ID - Apple Support two-factor authentication

    Keep your confidence to update phone numbers

    To use two-factor authentication, you need at least a number of reliable phone to the folder where you can receive verification codes. You can update your telephone numbers of confidence when you do the following:

    1. Go to your Apple ID account page
    2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
    3. Go to the Security section, and then click on edit.

    If you want to add a phone number, click on add a trust phone number and enter the phone number. Choose to verify the number with a text or a phone call, then click on continue. To remove a trust phone number, click on next to the phone number you want to delete.

    So long.

  • Re: Can I change the processor of my C55D-A-14F Satellite

    English: Can I change the processor of my C55D-A-14F Satellite?
    Spanish: I can change the CPU of mi C55D - has - 14th Satellite?

    In General, the CPU upgrade is not supported. Check please follow document Toshiba -

    You are not satisfied with the laptop's performance?
    What do you think support upgrade RAM and disk HARD upgrade?

Maybe you are looking for

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