Can I connect simultaneously on Toshiba laptop to 2 external displays?


I am interested to know that toshiba laptop currently on offer support 2 external monitors simultaneously (one normal and then as dekstop extended in windows). I'm looking to replace my old configuration of the laptop and a station connected to two external monitors with a resolution of 1280 x 1024.

I was looking on toshiba websita to
Portégé R700-15 q

with Port Replicator Port PA3680U-1PRP then some other laptop port replicator who but not the case on the site I could find if any concrete model supports the dual use of the two (VGA and HDMI or VGA and DVI) port

I was looking on the the user guide at PA3680U-1PRP Port Replicator rpn = PA3680U & modelFilter = PA3680U-1PRP & SelCategorie = 2756711 & selFamily = 116319
and in the troubelshouting part, I found this:

Cannot display information to a
DVD-D and RGB monitor to the
same time

Check that the cables connecting the monitors are firmly fixed on
both ends. Some computer models don't support DVI and RGB output
monitors simultaneously. See the documentation for your computer

But even if you find on the file pdf of detailed spec and user guides, there is no information on whether they take in charge simultant output to monitors or not and what is the maximum resolution supported for this.

Thanks for any help


As far as I know it is not possible to connect two external displays. I know that you can only use a port. If you want to use two screens you probably external device as Toshiba Dynadock.

Check it out.

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