Can I delete photos from my iPhone, but always keep them in the cloud?

Can I delete photos from my iPhone 6s, but everything keeping them in iCloud?

See here-> can I remove photos on my iPhone in order to free the ability but on iCloud and my iPad?

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  • How do you delete photos from an iPhone but keep them on a mac

    I want to delete some photos from my iPhone 6 but keep them on my MacBook - how can I do this?

    Hey Jill,.

    This should be possible as long as you do not use icloud photo library.

    With iCloud, photo library, your devices are giving you access to your library, which is stored directly in iCloud. Therefore, when you delete a photo of iCloud photo library on any device, it removes from everywhere.

    When you turn off the iCloud photo library, each device is its own independent photo library. You must manually import pictures from your phone to your MacBook, then you could remove your phone at will.

    If you wish to continue using iCloud photo library, but also want to save space on your phone, consider turning on Optimize iPhone storage in the section Photos to your phone settings iCloud!

  • is it possible to delete pictures off I phone while only keeping them inside the cloud

    Hi can anyone tell me if you can delete photos from your phone I free up space, but still have them in I cloud, & if so, how?

    Thank you Dr. Beat

    iCloud is supposed to be a device synchronization and not simply used for external storage.  You can use iCloud photo library to "optimize" the storage space on your iPhone if:

    iCloud: use iCloud photo library on your iOS device

    Optimization of the storage on your device

    When iCloud library is turned on, your device can optimize its storage keeping smaller versions of your photos on the device. All your original high-resolution is stored in iCloud photo library and can be downloaded at any time.

    • Go to settings > iCloud > Photos (or settings > Photos & camera), then click on [device] Optimize storage to activate it.

    When your device needs more storage, it automatically replaces certain original high resolution with optimized versions. If you want to replace the optimized with original life-size versions, press download and keep the originals to activate it.

  • Can I delete photos from my phone, but still be able to access in iCloud?

    It is clear from this, get help with your iCloud photo library - Support for Apple,I can't save pictures from my phone to iCloud and then remove them from my phone. What exactly is the interest to have iCloud then? Any clarification is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    You consider iCloud in the storage of the unit. He is not and has never been.

    It is not designed for it. It is supposed to be a synchronization service. It keeps the contents of your phone synchronized on all your Apple devices and shared in real time.

  • I am able to remove a photo from my iPhone, but keep it in iCloud?

    I recently started using iCloud to save photos and videos of my iPhone to help in freeing up space.  I then went to remove pictures/videos from my iPhone and I get a pop up message saying that the photos/videos all so deleted my iCloud storage.  Maybe I'm wrong understand using iCloud, but this seems pretty stupid to me.

    Is it possible that I can remove a photo from my iPhone, but there were always stored in my iCloud account?

    Thank you

    Free space on your iPhone, you must choose Optimize iPhone storage.  Unfortunately, iCloud was not designed in the way you thought and that means, and not as a backup storage.  To do this, you must choose an option of third parties such as Dropbox, Flickr and my personal Photos of Google favorite.  If you use one of these options, you can completely remove the pictures from your phone and free up your storage space.

  • can I delete photos on my iPhone that I saved on iCloud?   So, get more storage on my iPhone

    Can I delete photos on my iPhone 6 s which I saved on iCloud?  ... well, getting more storage on my iPhone?

    No, because it would remove them from the photo library iCloud

    You can try to save storage by going to settings > Photos and camera > storage optimize

  • can I delete pictures from my iPhone if...

    Can I safely remove photos from my iPhone after I backed them up in the cloud to save space on my phone, or do I keep them on my phone as well?

    Yes > iCloud: delete the pictures and videos to save storage

  • I can't download photos from my iphone to my PC.

    I can't download photos from my iphone to my PC. The PC recognize itunes and syncing with the iphone. However, the pc does not recognize the iphone as an external device (i.e. the camera).  Therefore, I don't see the iphone under the computer as a device options. Also, I checked the autoload settings and they are correct, but the PC does not always recognize nor does automatically load the Iphone. I spoke with the support technique apple and they said this isn't a problem with the iphone, but it is rather a problem with Microsoft. can you help me please?

    Hi Byron R.

    Thank you for using Microsoft answers Forums!

    1. were you able to download photos from Iphone earlier?

    2 recent changes on your computer?

    3. are you any error when uploading pictures?

    You can try this method.

    If you click Start and in the AutoPlay to start search type and then should see AutoPlay fill under programs select auto play.

    Once in Auto play scroll devices and see if you see your Iphone within devices click the menu drop down and set to import pictures using windows then click ok and then you plug the Iphone and see if it allows you to import.

    Also if you want to ask you what measures you take whenever you plug your Iphone just select "ask me every time" based on the Auto play.

    The Iphone will not transfer pictures to your computer if the device is locked and you are using an access code. If you want to transfer photos, simply unlock (Slide to unlock and enter the access code), your device to transfer photos.

    Note: Connect Iphone to your computer in unlocked mode.

    See this link for more information on importing photos:

    Also refer to:

    After back and let us know if it helped to solve your problem.

    Thank you and best regards,

    R uma - Microsoft technical support.

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  • How do I remove photos from my iPhone and keep them in the cloud?  I use the "Photos" application

    I put clear space by iPhone 5.  How to remove photos from my iphone but keep them in iCloud.  I use the Photos app.

    As much as I know, that you can not. You can keep the pictures in low resolution on the phone, but they may not be removed at 100%.

    I started using an application that stores in the cloud. There are several in the App Store.

  • How can I remove photos from my iphone

    I tried to remove photos from my iPhone and I can't, could someone remove

    If the photos are in the albums of film or Photostream, they can be deleted on the iPhone. Switch to the view of the album which shows all the small thumbnails, press Select, select photos to delete, and then press the trash can or the Word remove. This move the photos of the film for the recently deleted album where they will reside for 30 days to allow you to recover the photos if you wish. If you want to delete the photos immediately, remove them again from the recently deleted album.

    If the photos you want to delete are synchronized from a computer using iTunes albums you can remove them by an another sync. Connect your iPhone to the computer that you synced, select your iPhone in iTunes, select the Photos tab, deselect the unwanted albums and click Sync. The deselected albums will be deleted from your iPhone, but they will remain on your computer.

  • How to delete photos on my iphone but not my icloud

    How to delete photos on my Iphone without deleting my icloud

    You can not.

    iCloud is not to do what you ask. It is a synchronization service. It is designed for exactly what you see.

    You could import from the phone to a PC. This would free of space on your phone. You can use iCloud for synchronize * only * between your PC and the cloud.

    If you set the photos on your to OPTIMIZE, will decrease the amount of space on your phone.

    Please read these FAQS. > > > Photo library FAQ - Apple Support iCloud

  • Can not export photos from my iPhone 6 on my PC

    Need help. I have about 2 500 photos on my iPhone 6. Running ios 9.3.2.  For some reason, I can't get my apps based on PC to recognize exist it of these photos on my iPhone. I tried to import them using Photos from Microsoft and Picasa.  Both apps see the iPhone but cannot find pictures. I'm puzzled.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    Here we explain how to transfer the photos from your iPhone and iPad for Windows 10

  • I can 't download photos from my iPhone.

    I can not send pictures from my iPhone to my computer (Vista) I plug the phone into the USB port, the phone turns on and shows the fully charged battery, I hear a sound in the computer as '' dada '' but I can't find the pictures.  When I downloaded before I think that the file open automatically.  I have uninstalled several files from my computer since the last photo upload. So now, I'm a bit stuck?

    The following article might be worth a visit:

    iPad, iPhone, iPod touch - iOS: personal import
    photos and videos of iOS on your computer devices
    (Mac / XP / Vista / 7)

  • How can I export photos from my iphone to an external drive?

    can I transfer photos from iphone to an external drive?

    Transfer the pictures to a PC, then burn to an external drive.

  • How can I transfer photos from my iphone 3 g on my computer

    How can I transfer unlimited for my iphone 3g to my computer.

    Hello friend.  If you mean the iPhone camera pictures, connect your iPhone to the computer via the USB cable and then open 'My computer', click on that should say 'Apple iPhone' (possibly having a picture of a camera beside him). And then go to the folder "internal storage-> DCIM-> 800AAAAA '. You should find all your photos and videos that you have recorded with your iPhone.

    For Mac users, you can use iPhoto to transfer the images from the camera.

    If you mean the pictures that sync you to iTunes. You can see this step by step guide, it's on the way to copy photos from iPod/iPhone to computer. It is easy to understand and works well enough for my iPhone 3gs.

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