Can I download games on my drive hard (e)

Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice. I received my new HP Phoenix h9 1040 computer yesterday, 99.6 GB os C car and a 2 TB datedrive1 E drive. I wonder as I play mainly games on the desktop, I'll be able to download games on the E drive and how? As I tried to install a game last night on the E in car, then an expansion for the game kit, it came with a message that could cause the disk to become unstable. Of course, I did something wrong and would like to know how... If I can download games on my E drive because I hardly have any room on my C left disc.

Thank you.

Emkins wrote: Hello, thanks, I understand some of the information that you and some of them confused hehe! Yes, you are right with the specifications of the system. OK, I understand that you must change the value by default when you download a game on drive E, the only thing that confuses me is when I click on the E drive, theres no folder to place me games like you have your files on the C drive. Its all very confusing to me, but I hope I do it in the end, if theres any other information on how to proceed would be useful, but many thanks for the information you have given to me already. Thank you.

Hello Emkins, very probably wouldn't no matter what folder on drive E: If you have not installed the applications on this drive. You can see a system folder, which would by default, that you can not or should not try to access...

You can go on the E: drive and create a Program Files folder, as it is on the C: drive and install new applications in this folder. Applications that are 64 bit x must be installed in this folder. If you have applications that are x 86 (32 bit) you must create a folder on the E: drive in Program Files (x 86) and install all x 86 (32-bit) applications in this folder. It is the way in which these programs are installed by default in the C: drive. If you do not create the Program Files folder and the Program Files (x 86) folder, any application that you install on the E: drive creates a folder in its own name. Make the program files files and that the path for the installation of these files to ensure that they all settle in these records and you would not have enforcement records showing on the E: directory tree.

If you have already installed games or other applications on the C: drive, you can uninstall the C: drive and reinstall them on the E: drive, in the Program Files folder or the Program Files (x 86) folder that you created manually on the E: drive. This free capacity on the C: drive.

If you have a game that you play, more than others, you might be able to leave it on the C: drive. This should give you the best performance if it were installed on the E: drive, since the E: drive is a flat disc.

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