Can I extend the matrix raid in PowerVault MD1000 with Perc 6/E adapter?

I created raid0 with 2 HDD. How can I add another hard disk to a previously created table?

I'm running a few commands

sudo. / omconfig storage vdisk = action reconfigure controller 0 vdisk = raid 0 = r0 = pdisk1:0:0, 1:0:1, 1:0:2

sudo. / omconfig storage vdisk = action reconfigure = 0 = raid 0 = r0 pdisk1:0:0 vdisk controller, 1:0:1: 1:0:2 vdcapacityexpansion = yes sizeinpercent = 100

result: operation disabed. How can I solve this problem? active web interface there is no command like reconfigures

Tags: Dell Tech

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