can I find/replace the leader tab character?

I have a Word document that I'm slope in ID and there are a lot of different tab with the leaders of the dot stops. The dot leaders are a simple point, but I want not a 'space-point' in order to spread them out more.

I can't understand how to find a tab with a character specific point leader and change to another - if it was a uniform set of rules of text I want to make a Style with what I wanted and find/replace all, the problem is, is that there are a few pieces of text with two tabs three and four as well as "BOLD" and regularly mixed in so I have to make a Style for all versions of tab stops and it's longer than I want to take with it.

So, is it possible to change only the leader? What is Grep something?


ID CS5 7.0.4 MacPro 8-core, 14 GB of RAM, Snow Leopard


I think that may have to be scripted?

However, you can do a search for "^ t".

And increase the tracking/kerning in the change format (200 should do)

Maybe do a replace/find so you can't change something unexpectedly.

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