Can I insert a nano card into an iPhone 6 to activate and get him out?

I got an iPhone 6 or 6 s one of my friends. He said that I needed to provide my own sim card. I know that you use a sim card to activate the phone. In my case I will not use the iPhone as a real phone but like an iPod. I understand that the sim card doesn't have to be an active card. But it can not be disabled or theft. But my main concern is: can I insert the nano for the activation of start card and put it, I can remove it and it will still work without it in?

Note: I'm not 100% if the iPhone is a 6 or 6 s?


Yes. It takes a SIM card to activate the device with Apple. Once activated, you can remove it and use the iPhone as an iPod touch.  Best thing to do is activate airplane mode, then go to settings, wifi and re - activate just wifi (this way the cellular radio stays turned off the power, since you do not in any case).

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    2. I use Broadgun PDF to generate a PDF file (i.e. electronic print) and then the document/data looks exactly as I want it to look like if I had printed physically

    Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance for help also.

    Other details: Windows 7 Pro, use of the company

    I don't see what the problem is with the print to PDF using the Adobe PDF printer as you did with the other tool. Open your new PDF Excel, then do the same process as before (assuming that it worked for you). Just go to tools > Interactive and add a button field (I assume that's what you did before) and place the file there. At least give it a try because I think that's what you say you used to do.

Maybe you are looking for