Can I install Linux in Satellite M200?

Hi all

I want to install Linux in Satellite M200, but I don't know it's the driver in charge or not, please give me advice.

Thank you


Of course, you can install Linux on the Toshiba laptop.
BUT you won't find any driver Toshiba or tools for the Linux operating system.

Toshiba does not support official Linux and that's why the pilots are not released.
You will need to use the Linux drivers from chipmaker like Intel IE

A hint; I use the Knoppix Live CD I n t need to install anything. I boot from this CD and the functional complete using Linux ca ;)

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  • Satellite P300 - 19 H: can I install Linux without losing the warrany?


    I'm a french so please forgive me for my bad English.
    I just want to know if it is possible to install Linux on my system without compromising my warranty.

    My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite P300 - 19H
    The current operating system is Vista Premium Home Edition (pre-installation on my laptop)
    I paid for 3 year extended warranty, that's why I want to be sure I can install Linux.

    If it is possible, I have to take certain steps before you try to install it in a Dualboot with Vista?

    Thanks for the reply.

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    You can install Linux without losing the warranty. Toshiba doesn't support Linux on this laptop, but you can install it of course.

    If you want to do a dual boot with Vista and that you are interested in a version of Ubuntu, you should take a look at the Wubi:
    It is a sure way to install Ubuntu on laptop with Vista installed.

    Check it!

  • I am interesting to install Linux in Satellite 300 d - 22K

    Y at - it any linux distribution recommended for Satellite 300 d - 22K?

    I have two partition in C: it is the Windows operating system. normal and E: HDDRecovery. Is it possible to install linux in safe E: and HDDRevery unit in usb pen?

    Thank you.

    Just something important for you: recovery image is saved in this folder HDDRecovery. If you remove from here or change partition, you will not be able to reuse this image.

    If you want to create this DVD using "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator' of recovery. When you have this DVD of recovery facilities, you can do what you want. Later, you can use this DVD to reinstall Vista.

    You can try to install Linux, but please note that this model of laptop is not made Linux supported.

  • No display after installing linux on Satellite A100

    Hi all

    The weekend, I decided to install linux on a partition on my toshiba satellite a100. I did a new install of windows from the recovery cd and everything worked fine. I then installed linux on an extended partition and my computer does not display anything on startup - (the LCD has a backlight) and I get all the beeps and reads it from CD etc. The strange thing is that I can plug it into an external monitor and it works fine. When I start with an external display I can then go to the LCD screen and I get a screen but it is very slow and has a lot of flaws.

    I've updated the bios, installed the latest graphics drivers (ati), but still no improvement. Since the linux install I deleted the partition scope and installed windows from the restore CD (still no improvement).

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try next?

    Thank you in advanced for your help.

    Ask what you can do?
    Delete and format the whole HARD drive and reinstall the OS from the recovery CD.
    If you want to use Linux, I advise to use a Knoppix. You can get it on the Live CD and it s not necessary to install it on the HARD drive.

  • Need help with installing Linux on Satellite Pro A300


    I would like to install Linux on my laptop and am wondering which is the best distribution I can use and is it simple to follow guide to use so I'll get to the top and running with a dual boot with Microsoft Windows Vista?

    Please help because it is really important to me!

    Appreciate your help in advance.

    Thank you


    To be honest I didn't install Linux on my laptop with Vista and XP.
    Sometimes, I use Linux Live distribution called Koppix, and I m satisfied!

    The devices have been recognized, and most of the drivers were included.

    Maybe it s an option for you too

    But Ubuntu might also be interesting for you.

    Check this box:

  • How can I install Linux (M30X)

    I tried to find information for installing Linux. But I can´t find useful things.
    Well, because I'm a computer science student, I use Linux.How I can't deal with it. If it is not possible to install, I want to know if I can change another model of laptop.


    normally, it's easy to install a current Linux distribution. Take a CD Linux Redhat or Suse or whatever and take in the CD player!

    then follow the announcement of Yast instructions, this should work!

    At, you can consult the unknown devices and search for a suitable driver.

    Good bye

  • Can I install ConfigFree on satellite Pro 6100?

    Can I install ConfigFree (& which version) on my
    Satellite Pro 6100 P4 - M 2.0 GHz/XP Pro/15.0 "TFT/60 GB / 256 MB/CD-RW-DVD-ROM/LAN/Wi-Fi/BT?"


    As far as I know that the free Config was not preinstalled on this unit.
    You can find this tool on the CD of tools & utility?
    If this is not the case, there is therefore no configfree for this model of laptop.


  • Can I install WXO on Satellite Pro L300-22N?


    I have a question:

    Can I install win xp pro / Home on Satellite Pro L300-22N? It has Vista Home Premium on it now and I don't like this system, I wonder if it supports win xp.

    Please I need to know the fast awser.



    Of course, you can install Win XP why you think that you can not install Win XP?
    If the laptop is able to run Vista installation Win XP shouldn't be a problem.

    See European driver of Toshiba.
    You can find some Win XP drivers too

    PS: before install you Win XP, you must create the recovery disk!

    See you soon

  • How can I install Linux (Ubuntu or Kubuntu) and Windows on the same HARD drive?

    Hello world

    I have Toshiba L20-148 and I have the Toshiba product recovery DVD and I have the DVD Ubuntu

    I'm only able to install Linux or Windows XP Pro I have with the recovery DVD

    and the only way I know to install both together by installing linux and windows... but every time I try to install windows, then factory data recovery, it is just the whole HARD disk and install windows only...

    any help?


    As mentioned that the Toshiba Recovery CD contains image and files during the installation of the OS on the HARD drive or the partition will be formatted. In this case all data will be deleted.
    Therefore, you must create a second partition for the use of Linux. But be careful. Linux uses the special file format. Partition Magic 8 contains and supported the creation of the Linux partitions.

    So if the new partition has been created, you can install the Linux

  • How can I install Linux or Win7 on my PC of h8-1534 HP ENVY?

    Hi all

    I try to install Linux or Win7 in my office h8-1534, because I really don't like Windows 8 System. I was working on this for the whole weekend, but I failed.

    By installing the Linux system, I followed the instructions step by step:

    I tried four editions of the Linux operating system: Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04 and Mint mate 13 and 16. All have failed to find a partition, the partition list is empty, as shown in the following image:

    While a successful installation should show this: (I have captured this image from the link above)

    I think that this may be because I not create a partition for Linux properly, but I created a partition unallocated in the Windows8 OS by using the disk management tool.

    By installing the OS Windows7, I followed the solution in this link:

    However, the Setup program cannot find the drivers during the installation process. Actually I have downloaded all the drivers on the site and stored in a USB drive and specify where the installer should find the drivers but the installation program may not always understand these drivers.

    Can someone tell me what are the problems on my installation? Especially how to correctly install the Linux operating system in my PC H8-1534?  Thank you very much! I'm so disappointed now because I spend the whole weekend but still have no resolution.

    Thank you once again.



    Hi TheOldMan,

    Thank you very much, the parameter should be set as you say.

    As for the problem of the empty partition list, it must be resolved by typing "sudo dmraid-rE" in the Terminal. This need to run Linux on the compatibility mode, so we can run Terminal.

    The above method is described in the following link:

    Thanks again for your help



  • can I install linux in a netbook with win 7 starter?

    can I install an os based on linux in a netbook with windows starter os.will all drivers be available?

    This has nothing to do with Windows or Windows 7.

    A Windows 7 Starter edition OS tends to me a small laptop or netbook.  Your computer probably does not have a DVD player.  And you can have a small hard drive, so a dual boot will not work.

  • Can not install display on Satellite L500D-14W driver


    I have a big problem with the display driver. I reinstalled Windows now I can not install the Toshiba or any other updated the driver. I can't use the old display resolution 1366 x 768, only 1024 x 768.

    The Windows Device Manager shows only Standard VGA graphics card

    I tried so many ways to solve this problem.

    > I tried so many ways to solve this problem.
    What means?
    What version of Windows do you use?

    As far as I know that Toshiba offers drivers tested for all supported operating systems so I put t understand your problem.
    According to specification for laptop, your laptop comes with preinstalled WIN7 64-bit HOME PREMIUM & 32 bit DVD. Why you n t use one of these original images of recovery?

  • To install Linux on Satellite A200-1FJ


    I have an A200-1FJ, with Vista Home.

    I want to install * Linux * but I couldn't find the drivers on the toshiba site.

    Please tell me how to install * Linux * or another operating system.

    Thank you & best regards


    Toshiba does not support Linux on the Toshiba laptop and so you will not be able to find the Linux drivers on the page of Tosh!

    If you want to install Linux on this laptop, you will need to use the Linux drivers from the single chip factory.

    Best regards

  • Can I install WXO on Satellite 1605CDS?


    I really hope that someone can help me. I have a Satellite 1605CDS and I try to install windows xp on it for the past few weeks, but now I'm starting to think that it cannot support another operating system except windows 98.

    Is it possible to install windows xp on Satellite 1605CDS and if so, please help me to do?

    Thank you.


    After a long investigation, I found a site with the Satellite 1605 material specifications.

    For me it makes no sense to install XP on this oldie!
    This device supports max 160 MB of RAM. I think it s not enough to use the XP. Of course, you will be able to install it but the laptop would go slowly.

    I installed XP on the computer with the 700 Mhz processor and 128 MB, but please don t ask enforcement: (.) One word-> horrible!

  • Can not install Windows on Portege M200

    I bought a Portege M200 opportunity. I discovered that the HARD drive was broken, so I bought a new one, plus a (160 GB)
    I know the problems Porteges can do when triing to install the OS on them, so I used this tutorial for installation of the network:
    [ |]

    everything worked well. then, my xp installation 'button' was grey, so I went with this tutorial:

    that worked well, too. The installer kopies some files and the desire to do a restart. So he brought me to Windows PE, I typed 'wpeutil reboot' as described in the second tutorial. My PC has started again and then nothing happens.
    I chossed "boot from HDD" and all I can see is a black screen with a small flashing underscore white top.

    IT IS REALLY FRUSTRATING. I also tried another method, for example the back of things (like I got [my R100 to work |]), with the same result.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    You have a smaller HARD drive you can try?

    The M200 may be limited to 120 GB HDD due to the LBA48 137 GB limit. More info here:

    Ultimately, you must use the original Toshiba Portege M200 recovery disk to reinstall Windows. You can order from Toshiba

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