Can I put an EVGA GeForce GTX 650 2 GB in my HP Pavilion Elite 380 t

I currently have the ATI Radeon HD 5450 video card came with my HP Pavilion Elite 380 t when I bought it a few years ago.  I now use the new 2014 Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition products.  I get messages saying the GPU requires approved graphics card NVIDIA and CUDA 5.0 or later, the Mercury playback engine, etc.  A friend suggested making an EVGA GeForce GTX 650 2GB.  I'm trying to figure out if this is a good option, and if I can put it in my current computer.



Let us know how the 640 works for you.

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  • EVGA GeForce GTX 650 desktop computer HP Pavilion HPE h8-1120une Ti

    I have had this computer ( ) this computer for about 2-3 years and I plan on updating my the 530 gt graphics card to the gtx 650 ti ( ) that my old card can't handle modern games for example battlefield etc. 4.

    I'm not an expert in the technology when it comes to the installation of pc hardware. If someone could give me any insite on how this can be done or if my pc case will be ENOUGH space or that it is compatible with my motherboard / bios of the computer/etc for this graphics card!

    Thanks for your time

    John, welcome to the forum.

    The video cardback in your case.  It is 6 "x 4,38".  However, the power supply unit (PSU) in the computer is only 300W.  The card requires at least a 400W POWER supply.  This would require an upgrade of the PSU, as well.  In addition, the card has a connector 6 extra pins.  The current PSU will not have the necessary cable for extra power.

    I like to use Newegg to review components.  Normally, they have the best section 'Technical data' for the products they sell.

    Here are requirements for the battlefield 4.  You have reason to believe that a video card is your weakest component.

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  • 2GB GDDR EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti FTW? I can do better for $150?

    I have a Geforce GTX 460 old but reliable. A beautiful card that has kept me during four years. But it didn't really hurt with the DSLR images and QT 1080 p high sampling rates. I don't like having to drop to 1/2 or even 1/4 resolution when editing so... Maybe I need a boost.

    I hooked an EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 3 GB for less than $95, but it arrived today via UPS in a box of crushed. Needless to say that UPS requires a refund to the seller.

    So I looked at the 2 GB EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti FTW. $150 at Amazon. Looks like I might have a few good bang by puck and an improvement over my current GTX460 which is only 1 GB memory GDDR5 256 - Bit. It is not at rest and performs better than many maps of the time, but I know I can do better.

    As a palliative for the next 6 to 8 months, what do you think of switching to the GTX 750 Ti FTW? There are already some time I researched maps and not sure, given the choice.

    We got $150 new and I love this thing what we called a guarantee but I'm open to suggestions.

    I have an ASUS Z97Pro Wifi USB3.1 mb, Intel Core i7 - 4790K Quad - Core 4 GHz cpu, and 16 GB of DDR3. Windows 7 pro 64 installed on a new Samsung 850 Pro SSD (boy is fast).

    Huge case Phanteks Enthoo white Pro. Thanks in advance!

    the gtx 580 would have been about 2 x faster than the gtx 460. the ti 750 gtx is somewhere between those of speed. If you want to buy a new one, are looking for a ti 750 gtx near $130 or gtx 960 around $200. the 960 gtx is still faster than the gtx 580. If you want to try to buy new used, try to find a gtx 570 or above for about $100.

  • HP Pavilion HPE h8 - 1213c: black screen of death because of the new graphics card (EVGA geforce gtx 960)

    I just bought a new card (EVGA geforce gtx 960) to kick some butt. But during installation, it seems to be held on a black screen of death? Not the most fun to see... in any case, I had asked the store clerk if it would work and he said to, but it doesn't seem like it does... Is there a new BIOS I should download or something? Any help would be nice...:.

    My computer is a HP Pavilion HPE h8 - 1213c

    The graphics card is an EVGA geforce gtx 960

    If you have both. You can use one or. PIN 8 can be used as a 6 pin as well. & Family = GeForce + 900 + Series + Family & Chipset = GTX + 960

    2 smaller cards use a single PIN 6. The rest use a single 8 pin.

  • new graphics EVGA Geforce gtx 750 ti fails on HP pavilion H8-1114


    I just bought new EVGA Geforce GTX 750 ti SuperClocked for my Pavilion HP H8-1114 and when I replaced the old GPU's GT 520 with the new, but it does not work and the freez of screen with the blue screen of HP and beeps several times.

    I found the same problem and it is resolved here:

    Exactly the same problem that I have that my HP desktop computer is a more recent one year, so the question is if I do the same thing that sugested him will be resolved? If this isn't the case, could you please solve the problem for me. Because I believe that there is no problem with my PC hardware and it should work fine.

    Best regards and thank you


    Hi Ken,

    Watch high aon back of the graphics card for a switch.  See the image below.

    You should have received a leaflet in the box describing the use of the switch (legacy mode or UEFI).  If your PC is a version 8 HP BIOS then disable secure boot if set. If your PC isn't at the level of the BIOS version 8 and then the switch must be in position inherited.  The brochure should describe the use of the switch.

  • Intermittent outages Desktop HP Pavilion p6510f - 25 Antec 430 WATT power & NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 650

    After installing a video card and a new PSU (Antec 25 430 WATT power & NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 650), my system has become unstable.  It worked fine for the first 3-4 hours, then had a BSOD (blue screen of death) with kernel_data_inpage_error 0000007 a and later a 000000F4 of critical failure of the process.  I did all the tests mentioned on this page but also removed and replaced the cmos battery:

    * 1137.html

    All the tests passed and no problems have been found, and yet the system still does not work after 3-4 hours of use.

    So, I removed from my system and restored to its original settings.  He seems to be back to normal now (but we'll see how long).

    This experience has demoralized me.  This is because I heard other people having difficulties trying to upgrade their systems.  Looks like he has about a 50% success rate, unless you know what works from past experiences.  I think that the only way to get a system that now has good graphics is a well tested game box (PS3, XBOX or Wii).  Are there any recommended or possibly well tested configurations for this type of system that could give me the quality of a GEFORCE GTX 650 without result in a blue screen or instability for my computer?

    Because this computer comes with ATI and AMD parts, I guess that maybe to get an ATI or AMD graphics card would work?  Whatever the graphics card, the 250W power that comes with this system would probably need to be replaced.  Are there any power supplys that recommend or possibly tested?

    I realize there are a few questions in this post, but I have a more.  Is there any motherboard of analytical tools to enusre that nothing went wrong with the motherboard?  When the blue screens are produced that it seemed to make strange noises from the drive as he stole it and after the reboot it would sometimes fail to recognize the existence of the hard drive as well.  Given that all the hard drive passed (I also ran SeaTools), which leads me to believe that power is great, but I fear now that if I upgrade the power it will only cause more problems.

    A paying, customer


    The machine was only 2 years old.  It of a shame that it worked so well for so long and then brought by a poor diet.  It is a 750 GB Seagate Barracuda hard drive.

    I went back to the power supply and the video card, cut my losses and buy a 1 TB drive.  I cloned the old disk (on fortunately he was still working) and left on for more than 24 hours.  The system is now on his feet and works as it should.  Who will be last and only attempt to upgrade.

  • EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti

    I have a HP e9180t desktop computer and I'm looking to upgrade to an EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti. This video card is compatible with my desktop computer?

    Thank you


    Unless someone actually installed one in this model, it is difficult to say with certainty at 100%.

    However, based on the specifications of the PC should be, because the specifications state that the PC has a P/S 460W.

    Just check to make sure that food has two connectors 6-pin PCI Express (PCIe), because it is a requirement for the card.


  • Will be WHAT HPE h8-1214 Desktop PC works with EVGA - GeForce GTX 750 Superclocked graphics card?

    Hi, I am new guy. The thing is, I just bought an EVGA - GeForce GTX Superclocked graphics card 750, but I still haven't received.

    Here is the link:

    I saw a few question on HP Desktop couldn't work with the 7xx GTX (couldn't boot bios or something).

    You guys could help me check who will be my office work with the one I bought just fine or not?

    Thank you very much

    Confirm h8-1214 is not compatible with EVGA - GeForce GTX 750 Superclocked graphics card! I tried to install it and the problem is BIOS not 8 version Marie-Alice

  • I want to know if graphics PNY GeForce GTX 650 VCGGTX6501XPB compatible with desktop video card Aspire M3450?


    I have an Acer Aspire M3450 Office (processor Quad-Core AMD FX (tm) - 4100 (4 CPUs), ~3.6GHz) and intend to install a card PNY GeForce GTX 650 video VCGGTX6501XPB (1 GB GDDR5, PCI-Express 3.0(x16), 1 x Dual-link DVI - D, 1 x Dual-link DVI - I, 1 x Mini-HDMI, DirectX 11, Dual-Slot). I want to know whether the video card that is compatible with my computer, PCI E slot, existing supply etc.,.

    For comments and suggestions please. Thank you and good day to all.



    the GPU you prefer, I'm not a reson for why it's not compatible. Just check with power supply to your turn, if I'm not mistaken, the power supply to your turn would be 500W, if so you are good to go.

  • the EVGA GeForce GTX SC 760 will work on my h8 - 1360t with motherboard Formosa?

    Maybe a silly question but will the EVGA GeForce GTX SC 76 working mother FORMOSA on a map?

    Sticknrudder, welcome to the forum.

    Not ridiculous at all in question.  It is difficult to know which video cards work in computers of nowadays.  I had to do a lot of research, including telephone calls to EVGA and XFX Support' are.

    In this case, the video card will not work in your computer.  All the GT to introduce 640 EVGA video cards require a complete UEFI BIOS into the motherboard.  HP didn't start to use a complete UEFI BIOS until October 2012.  Your computer was released in July 2011.

    In addition, most of the newer cards will require a power supply unit (PSU) upgrade.  It is, in other words, you have chosen the 460W or 600W PSU when you purchased the computer.  Even the 460W may not be enough to power for some of the cards.

    MSI makes a video card with a hybrid VBIOS with a switch to select an inheritance or a UEFI BIOS.  There's a video in the link I provided just below the map image.  Paul of Newegg has done a good job of explining map.  I suggest you contact their Technical Support to ensure that it will work on your computer.  It is 9.84 "in length.  I suggest to make a model of the size of the card to ensure that it will not go in the space provided if they say that it will work.

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  • Inspiron 660, updated video card, EVGA GeForce GTX Superclocked 750

    Hi, (A) I have a Dell Inspiron Intel Core i3-3240 3.4 GHZ 660. I was wondering if an EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Superclocked 1 GB GDDR5 would go with my CPU. I have a pretty computer savy guy who I am friends with who says that's fine but I wanted to check to make sure that this map is not my CPU bottleneck. In addition, my diet would be able to handle a map like this with it being only 300w?

    According to this:

    The 300w power supply should be sufficient.

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Mecury CS5.5 Ti GPU acceleration

    Hi all!

    I have problems with my GTX 285, I'm looking to update. I found the card GeForce GTX 650 it cheap enough, but I need to know, the first Pro CS5.5 Mecury GPU playback engine supports this card? It is not listed in the list of supported cards, but it is a Nvidia card, so I just wanted to be sure I also need to know: is the new map on the list, which was added in CS6 also pressed CS5.5?

    Thanks in advance


    No, this isn't on the list, but yes, it would work.  But my suggested minimum card is the 660 GTX that has more than 70% of bandwidth.  I am owner of a GTX 660 and it works very well with small change to the Adobe "cuda_supported_cards.txt" file

  • GeForce GTX 650 Ti with a t HPE-510 installation problems

    Need some comments about installing a GTX 650 Ti for a Pavilion Elite HPE-510 t.  Try swapping the GPU for the OEM GeForce 405.  I have improved the PS to a unit of 450w with 12v/20 a & have updated the BIOS to FRIEND 7.15 13/10/2011.

    When the new card is installed the PC boots never pass Gets the blue screen HP, not able to get into safe mode.  The specification for the States of 650 it's 400w & 20 minutes.

    Is it a potential conflict with the MB (Pegatron 2AB6) or not enough in the public Service?

    Thanks a lot for any suggestion or comments.


    Assume is a bad word without knowing the particular specifications for the PNY GTX 650. I'm sure it's the 650 individual you use and not only the NVIDIA 6xx series.

    But thanks for your efforts.  It kinda confirms my suspicions.

  • HP Pavilion HPE h8-1216 Desktop PC/new Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 will not install

    HP Pavilion HPE h8-1216 Desktop/windows7

    Have already replace supply 500watts power when I put the old GT520 it works very well put when I replace it with the

    GTX 650 that I just get the HP welcome screen, nothing else seems to work without a mouse and Esc just make the screen off

    and the right of return to the HP welcome screen.   Is there something that prevents the installation of the card?

    Check the ASUS PCIe - x 16 video cards.

    It all depends on your budget

    The following map has inherited by default vBIOS. Check the specs on the ASUS cards.

  • This graphics card work on my desktop DELL inspiron 620? EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2 GB video card

    Here is a link to my desktop specs

    Here is the link to the graphics card

    I'll be able to use this card with my power source for original office or will I have to buy this power supply?

    Final of the question how will these buys a positive impact on my pc?


    Yes, the EVGA 02 G-P4-3751-KR G-SYNC support GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2 GB 128 - Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 video card should work fine with the default 300w power supply.


Maybe you are looking for