Can I reduce Windows mail icon in the system tray?

Can I reduce Windows mail icon in the system tray? As Windows live mail.


Use the Windows Mail Minimizer tool

Found here:


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  • can not get a volume icon in the system tray

    Windows 7.  I can't get the speaker volume icon in the system tray.  How can I do this?

    Tuesday, may 18, 2010 22:47:12 + 0000, Al Clarke wrote:
    > Windows 7. I can't get the speaker volume icon in the system tray. How can I do this?
    Right-click the taskbar, click Properties. In the Notification area
    Click Customize, and then scroll to the bottom for Volume.
    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows desktop experience) since 2003

    Ken Blake

  • In Windows 7, icons in the system tray / notification look area low resolution

    Here's a screenshot of my notification area / system tray (whatever it's called now) flying:

    As you can see, for some programs look systray icons very low resolution and just plain bad.
    I have reviewed the icon for the executable file of these programs and has determined that all of the resolutions of the icon is available (256 x 256, 48 x 48, 32 x 32, 24 x 24, 16 x 16).
    I tried to correct the problem by placing a custom in the program directory file app.ico.
    Nothing seems to work.
    The resolution of my monitor is correctly defined in the display settings.
    I talked to other users of W7 using the same programs and they report that the icons look very well for them.

    I'm running a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate on a Lenovo T60 with a 'landscape' theme Windows applied (IE no programs custom theme or something like that).
    As a result of this issue, maybe someone could tell me what use the resolution of the Windows icon in the system tray?
    Thank you

    in fact you don't have to restore your system, because maybe you have already lived a few weeks with the problem.

    It worked smoothly for me.

    -load a default theme
    -check the advanced appearance settings
    -compare the number of dimensions of each element with the decimal version of the 'size' on

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Appearance\New Schemes\Current SaveAll\Sizes\0 settings

    -There should be two numbers that do not match (for me were 21 on dialog appearance and 23 in the registry, twice).
    -Double-click on the registry value and write what you have on the dialog edit the data type decimal.
    -Repeat for the other incompatibilities
    -close the registry
    -Start the Task Manager
    -complete the process explorer.exe (Don't panic)
    -menu file, new task run explorer.exe
    -Close Task Manager
    God bless you
  • Laptop Presario CQ56-103TU: presario CQ56 Notebook - no window 10 icon in the system tray

    Laptop Presario CQ56-103TU - Windows 7 Home Premium (not sure if 32 or 64 bits).  SP1 Build 7601.

    Together on the automatic update downloads and installs.  The top of the Tower has been activated when I bought it new.

    I don't get the Windows 10 application icon in the lower tray of systems right inviting me to book W10 to install like I did with my other laptop HP with 8.1 W.

    The art here give an opinion on why some lower end or older models may be slower to get the offer. It also gives a link to download manually if you wish. It's a good read with a wealth of info on upgrade of Windows 10.

  • want the windows defender icon in the system tray

    I want a windows Defender icioners!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    With Ken very valid points, I just want to confirm that Windows Defender will not display an icon.  This is because it is integrated into the center of the Action, which already has an icon: it is the one that looks like a flag.

    However, if you are installing Microsoft Security Essentials (and I strongly recommend that do you if you don't have an AntiVirus program), Windows Defender will automatically disabled because MSE offers the same protection (and receives updates from the same source).  However, MSE provides security of AntiVirus (Windows Defender does not protect against viruses).  In addition, MSE integrates into the center of the Action - and can be configured to display its own icon in the taskbar to your preferences.

    If it solves your problem, click on the link "Propose as answer" below and vote as useful by clicking on the green triangle for the lelft. Thank you!

  • can you put your mail icon in the dock on your top menu bar?

    can you put your mail icon in the dock on your top menu bar?

    N °

  • How can I load Windows Mail on Win 7 system of the windows.old folder

    How can I load Windows Mail on Win 7 system of the windows.old file win7 made during installation.

    Windows 7 does not include an email Client.

    You have great choices of Email client
    MS Outlook (continued from part of MS Office)
    Windows Live Mail

    To download and install Windows Live Mail:
    During installation, you will receive a list of programs to install, choose "E-mail" buy uncheck all items except "Mail".

    Mail from Vista to Windows 7 Live Mail:
    Look for the following folders in the Windows.old folder.

    (1) find the program files > Windows Mail
    (2) copy all files and folders in Windows Mail folder to a new folder (name the folder: VistaMailExport)
    (3) in Windows Live Mail, use the "Import" and point to the folder "VistaMailExport".

    Import your emails, contacts and calendar in Windows Live Mail


    Public discussion group Windows Live Mail:


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • RESOLVED: The Task Manager icon in the system tray

    I always keep my task manager running as an icon in the system tray.  After an update of software that seems to be an update of Windows XP or IE7, I can minimize is no longer my status bar task manager system; the icon is no longer present.  I have not changed the settings view in the Task Manager bar; they are all checked.  Now, I have to keep the Task Manager minimized in the taskbar instead.  [None of the taskbar settings were changed to icons in the system tray as I downloaded the SP3 for XP over 3 years ago.]  Could it have been caused by the update or y at - it a way to get the Task Manager to reduce in the tray system again?  Thank you.

    I tried all types of features troubleshooting before coming here, including a full analysis of the antiviral software from my system & checking event viewer.  I even went in the registry to see if something happened to the system tray.  BUT... The action to be performed by the most obvious and which should have been the first, I failed to do - restart.  Due to an another software update of my antiviral package yesterday, 22/02/2012, I needed to restart.  After the reboot, the Task Manager icon returns to the system tray and minimization has not caused to disappear.

    The only thing I can conclude is that something has gone wrong during the update of the software of MS Windows and installation of KB2660456, KB2647516-IE7, & KB2661637.  It was the only thing that happens so that I was with MS Paint, no browser was opened or other software packages on except what is necessary to update the files over an internet connection.  To take a hit to what it was exactly would be silly because any number of operations might have bothered with or temporarily created a small problem with the properties of the view Task Manager.

    So I chalk it up to did not not the most basic 'Fixer glitch", reboot, in my haste to find a culprit.  I hope that my blunder will remind others not not forget to start with the basics for sudden failures troubleshooting.  Thank you for your time and your advice.

    [I'm sorry; [I broke each problem statement rule with this post by do not detail what I've done, this system that I have, and what software I use and their versions.]

  • in my bar there is always some icons for the programs that I removed. How IRB of icons in the system tray?

    in my bar there is always some icons for the programs that I removed. How IRB of icons in the system tray?

    Hi chris malanda

    You can remove the program from the taskbar and check if that helps. To remove a program pinned to the taskbar, open the jump list for the program, and then click remove this program from the taskbar.

    See the help link - below

    I hope this helps.

  • Skyoe icon in the system tray

    Windows 10


    The Skype icon in my system tray does not automatically change its status online when I turn on my computer. Instead, I have to right-click, coup in line and change it myself. Once it is on it changes its status from a distance and online automatically when I leave and return to the computer. What can I do so that it changes automatically online when I turn on my computer first?

    Thank you.

    Please download the latest version of Skype here:

  • How to identify the icon in the system tray

    I have an icon in my system tray that does not display what it is with the mouse pointer.  Click left or right shows nothing.

    Double click does nothing.

    How can I identify the program behind this icon?


    What looks like the icon?

    Check startup programs to see if you can identify what it is responsible.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or
    Windows 7

    How to change, add or remove startup programs in Windows 7

    Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured so that it starts automatically when your
    system boots and you log in. Autoruns is also the full list of registry and files
    locations where applications can configure start automatic settings.

    He could stand in a previously removed program.

    Other methods to simply remove the icons.

    How to reset and clean the old Windows 7 Notification area icons

    Removal of the old icons of Notification in Windows 7

    How to customize claire XP and icons of Notifications (system tray) in Windows 7/Vista

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Icon in the system tray disappeared.

    I lost my power icon.  In my research, I found that the power supply in the taskbar properties box is not selected.  I hope that this did not

    completely.  Anyone know how to restore the icon in my system tray?


    Try Method 1 and if it is not available, try Method 3 in the link:

    "How to activate or disable the Notification area system icons in Vista"

    You can also try a system restore to before that was the problem:

    «How to make a Vista system restore»

    See you soon.

  • Windows XP: Network in the system tray icon shows not connected, but I can access the internet

    When I start my network icon in the tray system shows I'm not connected, or it shows that its acquiring network address and it stays like that, but when I opened my browser, I can browse the web, which means that I have a connection.
    I guess its some error or something, can someone please tell me how to solve this problem?

    IM using Windows XP


    • How long have you been faced with this problem?
    • What were the changes made before the problem occurred?

    You can view these methods:

    Method 1:

    I suggest you to refer to the early stages of this link:

    Method 2:

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems
  • Get 10 Windows icon in the system tray

    10 Windows upgrade icon does not appear, and I read the many articles already answered. I checked through to display the history of updates and the updates required for System 7 include, for example, KB2952664 (listed twice on 21/08/2015 & 28/07/2015) & KB3035583 (listed on 14/07/2015). However, when I open a window cmd and enter order lines i.e. dism.exe / online/Get-Packages | Findstr 2952664, I get blank results. I entered the command lines in the directories C and c:\windows\system32 respectively with the same results. Help please.


    If you get 10 Windows via get windows 10 app, you always can ISO to upgrade.

    Download Windows 10 media creation tool

    After you download the Windows 10 installation files using this tool, you can upgrade your existing 10 Windows operating system, or you can create the bootable USB drive or DVD to install Windows 10 key later. You can also save the installation files to the ISO in offline mode file format, if you wish.


  • Identify the scroll icon in the system tray?

    Lately I've noticed an icon that looks like a yellow scroll with a small circle on it run in my system tray periodically. You can see a screenshot of it here:
    It is often not there, but I'll note once in a blue moon. At the time wherever I go to the mouse over it, it disappears.
    Someone has an idea what is this icon?

    Found a link that might help.

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