Can I restore all settings using the recovery disk?

I was wondering:
Is it possible to restore the factory settings & software after formatting all incl.
The recovery partition? with the recovery of course disks.

BTW: How I format all? Cheers.



If you would read a little here in this forum on this theme, then you will find the info this recovery disk format the whole drive HARD while the recovery procedure and defines the laptop back to factory settings. This means that you will get the same State as at the first day of the purchase.


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  • How do you reinstall to factory settings using the recovery disk

    Hi, I created the set of recovery disks. Can you please guide me how to reinstall to factory settings using the recovery disk.
    Thank you

    Put the first disc in the CD/DVD drive.
    Turn on the device, press F12, choose ODD as device boot and boot from the CD/DVD drive containing the recovery disc.
    Follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Question related to delivery to zero laptop to factory settings using the recovery disk

    I tried to give my knees to its factory settings, but it took a recovery disk Windows that I have no idea about.

    Where can I find it?

    Hello Rumourio,

    Yes you are right, if you perform a factory reset in this computer that has Windows 8.1 will now change all its files and settings Windows 8. It seems everything as it was when you bought the computer.

    Hope this information helps. Otherwise, feel free to write us again for more assistance, and we will be happy to help you come.

    Thank you

  • F11 not opening and cannot restore using the recovery disk

    Hi I have a HP dv4 2106tx model recently I am facing a lot of problem on my OS so I decided to restore the system using the recovery disk that I created earlier when I purchaced my laptop recently.

    to restore when I restart my system and pressf1 systemdoes not open a windo recoveryrather it boot directly to the windows.

    on my hard drive that I have the recovery partition, even I am not able to restore my system.

    When you restore the system to factory settings using Recovery Manager of cyberlink it is said that to recover the factory setting system needs to restart on reboot it does not at all.

    so please find me the ways to restore my system.

    Thank you

    Put 1 of all the recovery CD in the drive power on and press F9 repeatedly when you see the HP logo, and then select the reader of cd/dvd in the startup list, when it appears, it should start the PC from disk 1 and start the Recovery Manager.

  • Satellite M300 - how to use the recovery disk

    Hello world

    I was wondering how to use the 2 recovery discs that I burned recently if I wanted to fix my USB ports (as seen in my Toshiba M300 - wire to USB ports)

    Any suggestions?


    You can use the only recovery disk to reinstall the whole OS!
    This means that the use of the recovery disk will format the whole HARD drive and will set the laptop back to factory settings!

    If you want to use the recovery disk and then insert it into the ODD and the start-up of this disc.
    Then the installation of the OS should move forward and you should follow the instructions on the screen.

    All that s

  • Sony vaio fw Series notebook PC hangs after complete recovery using the recovery disk

    I have sony vaio fw notebook computer series. the problem is that a week ago my laptop keyboard did not work properly, his work of sttops not all but a few keys and I stop directly by using the power button / stop and then I turn it on after day and the computer started to freez. I though I could get rid of this by restoring the complete system and I did it by using the recovery disk that I created at the firrst time I've had this laptop. during the recovery process, my laptop crashes twice but in any case, I managed to do thanks to a system of complete restoration and after that when I turn on my laptop, then it worked fine for 10-15 minutes but after that it started to freeze up again. I had to stop it again using the button / stop and it happened about 5 - 10 times, after that I decided to do a full restore using the restore disc. as I was doing that the process is not complete because it crashes when I do this. Finally, I managed to do a full system restore after more than 10 + time and guess what it lights up then my laptop crashes completely. I can't open anything... mouse works very well but if tried click on any program then you can not click on it, please help what should I do now... p.s, my computer works fine in safe mode with networking, but in normal mode its completely freeze


    Go to the Sony website and download the latest Vista drivers for your model.

    If the problem persists after that, you may have a hardware problem.

    See you soon.

  • Re: How to get Corel WinDVD without using the recovery disk?

    The update for Corel WinDVD was rather messy and because of this some owners laptop uninstalled to try to install the new software. Now, we ended up with the only possibility of an image recovery, which, in practice, means losing the software.

    Updates for the Bluetooth and wifi are also pretty messy.
    Is isn´t possible to get this software back without using the recovery disk?

    As you probably know recovery image installed on Toshiba laptops is a kind of software that includes the operating system, drivers, tools specific to Toshiba and utilities but also some additional software like antivirus or DVD player application.

    All drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities are available on the Toshiba download page, and if you want to install the version of the OS, you can download each of them.
    This additional software is not available for download. It's a kind of gift on the owner of the laptop because as the new owner, your machine must be ready to employment with full protection and opportunities to use multimedia content.

    If you don't like it, you can remove the system and use your own applications.

    Summary: this software cannot be downloaded separately and if you want to have it again, you must install original image of recovery designed for your machine.

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

  • HP Pavilion p6290d: change to smaller capacity desktop hard drive using the recovery disks

    Currently my hard drive (750 GB) is having a problem. I have a spare hard drive (500 GB), I can replace the 750Go with the 500 GB hard drive using the recovery disks that I created when I got the pc?


    All I can say is that you have nothing to lose to give a try.

    500 GB could be sufficient to allow the recovery discs, you did to work.

  • Desktop HP pavilion s5-1540: using the recovery disk

    I have the recovery disc I made when I got this pc.

    Now, I need to use.  I started the pc with the disc, but nothing happened.

    Can I get advice on how to use the recovery disk?

    Note.  I'm not very computer savy.

    I sent my pc in for repair to a place of repair no HP (insurance).  They have installed a generic operating system but there is no program file.  I want my pc as it was when I got it.

    I can't get these disks to run.

    any help is much ajppreciated.

    Insert the recovery disk 1 in the drive, restart the PC, when you see the HP logo screen start to type F9 on the keyboard, this should load the Boot Manager, and then highlight (using up/down keys) internal CD-ROM drive cd/dvd and press ENTER, it will now boot from the recovery disc 1 and we hope to start the restore process.

    It is a long process not to disturb the tactile keys or pc, while he recovers, it will reboot several times on his own, you know when it is done when it asks you to set up the pc for first time use.

    Make sure that the recovery discs are clean before you start.

  • Question aboput using the recovery disk

    If I use the recovery disk, it will remove the Toshiba assist installed on my pc? I don't have the tools and disk utilities.

    Thank you

    Using the recovery disc disc HARD integer will be erased but it is applied to factory as from the date of purchase. This means that everything will be installed again (all drivers, tools, and utilities).

    The laptop will be as good as new. And of course Toshiba Assist is part of the recovery image and it will be there again.

    Good bye

  • How to recover files before using the recovery disk?


    I have a Toshiba Equium and when I turn it on it loads the screen where you log does not appear, it has a black screen with a mouse, and I need to use the recovery disk to get back to normal, but I don't want to format the hard drive that I have a lot of files so it is anyway to recover the files?


    In my opinion the easiest way is you remove the laptop HARD drive and put it in a box external HARD disk. Then, you can connect this external HARD disk to a different computer now and have access to the files on your HARD drive and you can perform a backup.

    An alternative you can boot from a Linux Live CD and back up your files on a different USB devices.

  • Satellite A300-1mz I use the recovery disks after an upgrade of the HARD drive?

    I'm upgrading the disk hard of my * toshiba a300-1mz *, but I am sure that I can use the * recovery disks * marked the first boots to the l.o. (vista)

    I expect your support...
    Thank you very much...


    Yes, you can do it!
    If the HARD drive has been recognized by the BIOS, then you should boot from the recovery disk Toshiba in order to reinstall the operating system which has been pre-installed by Toshiba.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite U300 - how to use the recovery disk?

    I inserted the recovery disc 1 and then restarted my computer, but nothing happened.
    I really need to fix my cause cell it's time to review!

    Does anyone know how to use the recovery disk or affecting function press when the laptop starts to use the programmed recovery?

    Thank you!


    If you have inserted the recovery disc you must only start her everything that s!

    I m not sure but I think you can go into the advanced boot menu if you press F12. Alternative change you the boot priority in the BIOS. You can access BIOS by pressing F2.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A210 - cannot use the recovery disk - error 20-DATA-048F

    I'm going to use the cause of recovery partition does not work my windows, and whenever I do it, it comes up with an error "20-DATA-048F.

    How can I fix my computer!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Have you tried to format the HARD disk until you try to use the recovery disk?
    Sometimes, I read in the forum that this may solve the problems with the recovery disk and so you can take the Windows XP disc or another tool that is able to format the drive.

    But after that, you have the Toshiba recovery disc. You are not able to use the HARD drive recovery feature.

  • Satellite L300 - can't reinstall Vista using the recovery disk

    My daughters Satellite L300 gave problems that seem to be hard disk errors.
    I installed a new hard drive and tried to reinstall vista from the recovery of the product CD.
    Partitions are created successfully and then I get an error "C:\program files\adobe\acrobat restoration...". several times followed by etc

    "image restoration of error."

    "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."

    "Imagex error not to VISTA F:\06235XSP.svm Index 2 odd c:\!

    "Press a key to continue."

    And thye ned.

    All ideas


    Hmm, looks like the laptop cannot restore the operating system from the recovery image
    To be honest I'm not very well why this error pops up but eventually it s m related to the new HARD drive installation.

    Perhaps, you can format the HARD drive again using a clean Microsoft Windows CD (Win XP, etc.).
    Boot from the CD of Win and format the HARD drive.
    Then go to the recovery disk, boot from the recovery disc and try reinstalling the operating system

    Maybe it would work

Maybe you are looking for

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