can I restore or reset my iPhone 4 without upgrading to the most recent iOS?

I need eliminate some storage, have backed up using iTunes. Given that my device is an iPhone 4 and cannot move to end iOS, will be I stopped to restore my apps once I reset to purge the storage? Or is there a better way to serve the storage?

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Mary jo


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I understand your message that you want to create more space on your iPhone 4, but are concerned that you will lose some of your applications. I understand your concern, because there are a lot of apps that is no longer available on older versions of iOS. I would recommend if you are updated to the latest version of iOS for your iPhone 4 you create manually more space.

You can do this:

1 Delete apps that are no longer used by building and maintaining your finger on the application and then type the X that appears in the upper left corner.

2. removal of unnecessary/old messages in the Messages app.

3. import your photos to your computer and remove them from your iPhone. This article includes steps that you can use:

Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

4. Remove no matter what music you listen not to the iPhone. Here are the steps you'll need as well as additional measures for other items that can be deleted:

Remove music, movies, applications and other content to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

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