Can I return to 38.0.1 Toolbars take too much space: subject bar not minimizable and attachments are a separate tool bar rather than online.

The massive 38 version of space around the titles and toolbars; the "subject" bar takes the massive space and is therefore no longer minimizable and attachments display in a new toolbar background rather than in the bar as to, subject and SIZE.

This makes useful reading the text or a very small image. See the image on 2 different screenshots.

Thanks, Eddie V


Wayne Mery said

It seems to me that you have not yet installed

THANK YOU, WAYNE. This addon got the + and - back themed bar releasing much needed content space.

It leaves the 'bar fixing' at the bottom that is just a minor inconvenience, takes little vertical space. In the old system, it was just an element in the list of properties for incoming e-mail.

Once again, thank you very much for your excellent help. Best for you, Eddie

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