can I send a fax without connecting to a phone line

I plan to move to a 'verizon wireless' home phone that does not support faxes... Is there a way I can send a fax from my HP Officejet printer all-in-one without connecting to a phone line?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Need to connect both devices to send a fax.

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    Can I send a fax to a HP Deskjet 2540 printer all-in-one? I have phone line VoIP 'Basic Talk'... are not currently connected to the printer.

    Hi @Sunny9,

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    I understand you're wondering if you can fax with the printer HP Deskjet 2540. I am happy to answer this question!

    According to the user's guideof this printer, the printer cannot send fax. It can only print, scan and copy.

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    Hi rogerdad,

    Yes.  The printer does not have to be connected to a computer for copies or faxes.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    With Adobe send, you can only send to an e-mail address; not a fax number.

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    Hi Vincent,.

    Thanks for posting your question on the Forums of community of Microsoft.
    1. do you get an error message?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?
    3. What is the brand and model of the computer?
    Method 1:
    Install the latest drivers for your phone, on your computer.
    Drivers for phones are usually included in the suites of PC, created by the manufacturers of mobile phones.
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    I hope this helps.

  • Can I send a FAX from a computer with a jetpack?

    Using a laptop with windows 7 and a jetpack.  No land line. I can send a FAX from my computer with attachments without wire.  When I try it says cannot send attached file types.  I changed from jpg to .tif.  Still does not work.

    Windows Fax requires a modem for compatible fax connected to a std land line

    You can sign up to an email to fax service

  • can I send a fax using thunderbird

    I use Open Office Writer and would like to directly send a fax from the "file" drop down.
    My Windows 7 computer is connected to the Canon MX410 all-in-one printer that has
    ability to fax. Y at - it a configuration using Thunderbird that will allow me to send a fax?
    Thanks for your reply.

    This is not possible with Thunderbird out of the box. Thunderbird can send e-mail messages. If you find an Internet service accepting e-mails and convert them to a fax, you may be able to achieve.

  • I can't send a fax. I get a script error.

    I have a windows 7 x 64 computer with windows 2008 server standard.  I have setup the server with the fax server role.  I can connect the Windows 7 workstation and Windows scanning on the Fax Server.  When I try to send a fax but I get the following error:

    Script error
    An error occurred in a script on this page.
    Line of 2126
    1 tank
    Error: Argument or invalid procedure call.
    Code: 0
    URL: res.//leframe.dll/preview.js

    I completely reinstalled Windows 7 x 64 thought, that the files were corrupt, but I still get the same error.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled Fax and Scan and run SFC and no corrupted files were found.

    I was wondering if the cause of the problem is the fact that the folder my documents is re-located to a folder of data networking, because who has moved fax and my documents folders.
    Any suggestions?

    Hi Jonathan,.

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums:

  • Switched roadrunner to you-verse phone service now I can't send a fax. indicating error 351.

    I have an officejet pro 8500 a909n, I used to have phone of roadrunner service, no problem of fax.  Just switch to U-Verse phone and now I can not send fax.  I contacted the support of U-verse, and they said I had to contact my fax machine manufacturer and ask for a filter?  tried to contact HP, but my warranty has expired.  really?  How can I get the answer to this question.  Y at - it a setting I need to change?  or software? don't know what they mean by a filter.  Any advise?

    HP technical support had me pass the telephone cord I was using and go to the cord supplied with the machine.

    Is a RJ11 plug, also, but a record of two, not four connectors on a taken rj11 Ratings.

    In addition, it has an in-line filter.  This works.

  • How can I send an e-mail to a smart phone?

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    You can use a qrcode, on the computer, copy the link of the site, go to this site:

    Paste the link in the form, select static, click on generate, now save the qrcode and send by e-mail or connect the Mr. smarth phone to your pc, transfer on Mr. smarth phone qr code, then use an application to read the qrcode on Mr. smarth phone

    type the link in an email and send to yourself, then open the email in your smarth phone or send to someone

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    Does anyone else have this problem?  Suggestions and help that I have already mentioned above is welcome.  Thank you. Unhappy in Portland and the thought of Samsung is in my future.

    Backup to iCloud only works in Wi - Fi, you can not use a cellular network connection to backup your phone to iCloud.

    If the iCloud backup does not work, back up your phone to your computer using iTunes and set it back to factory settings, and then restore from that backup.

    On safeguards in iCloud and iTunes

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    Restrictions put in place in settings/general/Restrictions?

  • How can I send a fax using pc? What improvements are needed by my O.S. (Vista Home Prem.64 bit quad) to allow the sending of a fax? Scanner/printer is installed.

    Using comcast for internet cable. Service not switched. Built in soft modem Agere Systems PCI-SV92 PP. Epson CX8400 printer / scanner installed. What additional software/hardware, or fax service subscription may I need? Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you, Ken. Ken

    As you can see from the link above of MS, Vista Home versions do not come with Fax software.

    Home Premium, you can only change it to Vista Ultimate, which has included Fax software.

    A less expensive way is to buy 3rd party software Fax:

    Snappy Fax 2000 allows you to send and receive faxes from your computer. You can use your scanner to scan documents and then sent a fax to any fax machine, or use the print command other applications to use the virtual fax printer, allowing you to send faxes directly from most Windows applications. In addition, the program also supports faxes sending via the internet, filtering of unwanted faxes and transfer incoming faxes to other fax or e-mail addresses. Additional features include import address book, faxes by email (with zip for images support), OCR, spell checking and much more.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Manmohan Sharma

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