Can I send email from the Q9 using gmail as my email provider?

I have configured my gmail account on the phone via both POP3 and IMAP4 to try to get out of work emails but cannot send the email from the phone.

No reception at all problems!

have been using [], as suggested on other advice

'requires an SSL connection' is checked

"outgoing server requires authentication" is checked

Do I need a different protocol? or not the q9 not support the smtp Protocol?


No, there isn't any other username

just in case, here are the instructions to set up gmail on WM6 by using IMAP. You do not use your e-mail complete under the username are you?

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    Thank you.

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    This is probably something you should ask to Quickbooks as they are the experts on this subject.

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    Hello nuiektore,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    If I understand correctly, you cannot send mail because the send icon is no longer visible.  I know how important email is and I'm happy to help you!

    Very probably the send sort icon has been removed from the toolbar.  Here are the instructions on how to recover:

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    Have a great day!

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    Although looks like your new update of windows 10 has not the right or any other DNS servers set up. Thus, when Thunderbird is trying to send a mail it it looks like for the server and there is no... you can navigate t goole, com using this machine and one web browser other than the one provided with windows 10.

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    Research here shows that this is the case. The field of your shipment at all simply not exist in DNS.

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    As far as I KNOW, Verizon is blocking SMTP email from Outlook (or any other mail program), unless you use a Verizon email via their SMTP server.

    Your server is, since Verizon block port 25 (smtp), that the post does not turn off.

    Option 1. Use Verizon email address and their server.

    Option 2. Whether can accept other ports and change it in Outlook.

    Option 3. Use a Webmail via the browser.


    Jack MVP-networking. EZLAN.NET

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    Ring your ISP and see if theyre of the probs

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    I hope I understand your question... You can not send mail, but you can receive. Is this correct? If this is the case, check the setting of the outgoing mail server. Make sure that your user name and password are there.

    Settings > Mail, Contacts, calendar > your account > account > outgoing mail server - tap the name of the server next to SMTP check in the main server and make sure that your user name and password are entered and correct - even if it says that the password is optional.

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    2.i would use the data type variant for sending my data.

    Can someone help me please. Thank you

    Regardless of the meaning. Once you have a connection each end allows it to send data to another. Just create what you want to look like interaction.

    Do you want the client sends a command that request data?
    How do you think the response data to look like?

    You can send variants, but probably not worth the effort.


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    whenever I try to answer or write a new e-mail, the "Attachment ID has wrong format" message appears and I can't send email, how do I fix?

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    Hello Pamwolfe,

    What program of e-mail that you use or sign in a service such as Windows Live Mail Webmail?
    If you use Windows Live Mail I suggest to take a look at this site:
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