can I switch from icloud photo library app photos without losing the photos

I have my settings so that all my photos have been removed from iTunes and are now accessible via the iCloud library, but I don't like the way they are stored in all THE PICTURES rather than in their respective albums that I spent hours and hours of sorting.

If I drag iCloud photo Library, everything returns to how it was (basically, my photos will appear on my iPad in their albums?)

The images are not stored in iTunes, so I don't know what you removed and hence. Your photos and your videos are stored and organized in the Photos app, on your computer and on your iDevices. iCloud library is how they are synchronized between all of your devices. This includes your albums. If you don't see any albums on your iPad, maybe not looking in the right place? One caveat is that you have nested folders.

You can disable iCPL on your iPad and then return to using iTunes to sync photos, but like I said, you should see your albums with iCPL.

Photos user / help guide:

IVous has a very detailed and well illustrated article on iCloud photo library:

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