Can I transfer my music Apple laptop computer to iPad without wifi?

I just downloaded a video clip of 4 GB of music to Apple for my laptop and I want it on my iPad as well. My iPad is related to my subscription of Apple's music, but I can't work on how I can transfer it to the ipad. Is it possible to transfer them via iTunes with the cord of lightning? I really don't want to use a different 4gbs of data to download on my ipad.


With an iPad at hand, people are able to enjoy music, movies and so on. Listen to music with an iPad is not as convenient as with an iPhone or an iPod, but when users want to enjoy their favorite music with the iPad, they can also get a great visual experience. When you want to listen to music on the iPad, they must transfer music from laptop to iPad first. In addition to buying music on the iTunes Store, people have several other methods to move the music on their device. You can use iTunes or iOS FonePaw transfer.

You can also view the guide here: move content from iTunes on your computer to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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