Can I upgrade the CPU T2310 Satellite Pro L40 - 15A series laptop PC?

Hi, (I apologize if this has been asked before, but when I search 'Satellite pro l40 series' I couldn't find any relevant response)

I've been looking around the net & found contradictory answers to this question so far, so I hope that this forum may be able to help.

I have a 15 D portable computer Satellite pro L40 and I want to upgrade the processor Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.46 Ghz T2310 an Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4300 2.1 GHz 1 MB 800 CPU or something similar.

I found the following issues

"f consider you a CPU upgrade, there is not a lot of options." The Intel GL960 value express notebook chip supports only up to FSB 533 Mhz processors. So, does not allow most of the Core 2 Duo CPU update (with 667 MHz). "

But then, I also read that the GL960 can run 800 MHz processors?

I also asked the question on ebay to the seller of the CPU T2310 & received this response

«SHOULD be OK, but your T2310 533 Mhz FSB and the T4300 has 800 Mhz.»

Motherboards intel more modern should easily accept a 800 mhz cpu, but I cannot guarantee. May be an idea to see if you can find out if there are other models of Toshiba L40, also with 800 mhz chip, because it would be a good indicator.

And if I can't pass a T2310 because of the 800 mhz too is their a 533 mhz cpu that will be compatible & more powerful for audio production that my current Ghz CPU T2310 1.46.

I've only had this PC 4 years again, it seems not to be very mobile friendly if this resource could not be designed to handle upgrades.

Thanks for the tips.

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Problem is that upgrading the CPU is not taken in charge and everything you do is at your own risk.
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    Dear Bruce

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    I did the update of BIOS more than 20 times in the last month and I really wonder what you mean with terms such as EEPROM or AFUDOS. What BIOS update version that you want to use? I assume as 5.10. Am I wrong?

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    Core 2 Duo is old technology. In the list in the post above, you can install the versions 'budget' of the Intel Core processors (i3, etc.). The Pentium 2030 M is the fastest at 2.5 ghz, but I couldn't find one for sale online. It is roughly equal to an i3 - 3120 m.

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    Safe computer laptop doesn t after upgrading memory due to these different problems;

    -memory modules are not compatible set
    -memory modules are not compatible with the laptop
    -memory modules are defective
    -a memory slots is defective

    In most cases, replace the memory module helps.

    A hint; have you tried to move the modules of memory in the slots? Sometimes it helps.
    A few weeks ago I updated my memory and safe laptop didn t.
    I thought that it s a malfunction of memory, but after the switch module Notepad started successfully.

    Good luck

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    Satellite Pro L40 - 15A

    Any help appreciated.

    Hi ib1.

    You use the version preinstalled Windows from Toshiba or is it your own installation?

    What to update the display driver? Take a look at the Toshiba page for the new display driver: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Don t forget to look in the * archives * on Toshiba page because this model is a little older, so all of the downloads are moved in archive.

    Check this box!

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    1110-z20 is powered by the mobile celeron @ 2.0 ghz - all other technical specifications except the hard drive are the same... (ati radeon m6 with 16 MB, usb 1.1 mob and so on...).

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    Can what cpu I use?

    Thanks for your replies!


    AFAIK the 1110 series computer is equipped with an Intel 845MZ system controller.
    I found some details about Intel 845MZ chipset on the Intel page. It must be able to manage the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 - M with 400 MHz FSB Processor
    On the Intel page, you can find the entire family of the CPU.

    But generally the replacement of CPU and the upgrade is not recommended and no one can say whether the OS will run stable after these updates, so be careful.

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    All compatible Toshiba laptop parts can be ordered from the local ASP.
    The service allowed in your country could order such a part of Toshiba if it would not be in stock.

    But as far as I know the Satellite Pro A120 needs a * PA3092U-1ACA * AC universal adapter that takes in charge 15 V, 4A, 60W.

    Try to search for this part number on the net and I m you can find deals.


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    Any tips?


    Hi Sonaya

    I can understand you but cheaper battery unfortunately isn't the best solution. What you need is compatible and original battery for your laptop.

    If possible, wait a bit, save the money and buy the right one.
    When you remove the original battery, you will find the exact reference. To order a new one.

    Anyway, I think battery cheaper than you can find on ebay. Check it out and compare prices.

  • Satellite A35-S159 - can I upgrade the CPU, GPU and HARD drive?


    I have one in my possession and I wanted to make a good game.

    I don't know if I'll be able to cause. It hurts thinking may be able to put a processor duo or quad, and I do not know if the CPU will be able to support a really good graphics card, and I also think about changing hard drive.

    Any1 know what hard drives are compatible with what I can use which are good for games?


    I m wondering that you want to upgrade this old notebook. In my view, that a new laptop would be a better solution.

    On the CPU and GPU upgrade I can only say s is not possible and not Toshiba support. The GPU is soldered on the motherboard and t can be exchanged.
    I think you should read this:

    The HARD drive can be upgraded. This isn t a problem.
    AFAIK the A35 Satellite is equipped with a s IDE HDD and this means that you buy a drive HARD IDE interface up to 128 GB.

    Good bye

  • Can I upgrade the CPU on my old Satellite M60

    Hello I would like to know if it is possible to upgrade the processor to my old m60
    and, if possible, which would be compatible CPU model?

    Thank you


    I doubt that you will be able to upgrade the processor.
    Upgrading CPU is delicate.
    First of all, you should check what CPU's are supported by the chipset.
    Secondly, the BIOS is not tested and designed for other processors and so this can be a big problem.
    In the worst cases the CPU is not supported by the BIOS and the laptop will not turn on.

    Last but not least a faster processor would generate more heat which would lead to a higher temperature and plant s notebook

    As you can see the CPU upgrade it discouraged and in most cases is not possible

  • How can I "downgrade" the BIOS on Satellite Pro P100 - 160 (PSPAE)

    I have just flashed the BIOS on my Satellite Pro P100 4.8.

    The CPU runs at 100%. (90% + for windows explore)

    Only a single core is recognized by my Vista gadget.

    85 CPU temperature

    How can I "downgrade" the BIOS? Where are the older versions?

    When the new BIOS version is available to download older versions are not available more.
    What Satellite Pro P100 you exactly (model name, model number)?

  • Upgrade the screen on Satellite Pro C50 - A - 1 K 9


    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50 - A - 1 K 9 and I am very happy with it. However, I was wondering if there is a way to upgrade the screen for a full HD, one? And if yes, can you point out some retailers to do this, instead of the United Kingdom.

    I did a quick search online, but couldn't see anything. Currently deprived of sleep with my studies, so I'm not myself confidence haha.

    Thanks in advance.


    As much as I know these upgrades are not taken in charge and it is not as for me that Toshiba offers several different screens for each laptop model. In my opinion, you should contact Toshiba service provider in your country and ask if a different view can be used on your machine. They have access to the database of Toshiba and can verify this.

    In general the laptop is as a sort of package of different hardware components. Some of them have the best hardware configuration and cost more than one sort of standard notebooks.

    Until you bought your laptop have you checked specification of the notebook?

  • Can I repair the dead on Satellite Pro A100-662 pixels


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    Can I do to solve the problem?
    Thank you


    No, the dead pixels can be repaired. The only solution really is the replacement of the screen!
    But the replacement of the screen depends on the amount of pixels!

    Please check this Toshiba document for details:

    and the other thread on the same topic:


  • How can I fix the screen on Satellite Pro L300?

    How can I fix my screen Satellite Pro L300? I went by mistake about it.
    Although there seems to be nothing wrong with the external armor but there seems to be a few lines on the screen.

    The glass is cracked? You see the flow of liquid crystals when you move the screen?

    If the lines are perfectly horizontal or vertical, and then the glass behind the protective plastic surface is cracked, requiring a replacement LCD.

    An authorized service provider can give you a new LCD Module. Visit the Web from Toshiba for a list of the ASP

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    I have a problem with the drivers for my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro spa40.
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    Please visit the new download page and the sub type product choose the option ARCHIVE.

    By the way: what model of laptop do you have? Is - this A40 or what?

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