Can I upgrade the video card on HP TOUCHSMART IQ525

Can I upgrade the video card on HP TOUCHSMART IQ525?  At the moment it has a Mobile Intel 4 series express chipset family graphics on it.


Ah, thanks for the correction.  But the answer, unfortunately, is still probably no. However, you can check yourself by visiting the HP web site, go to the support section and drivers, then let it detect your computer.  Which will lead you to a specific page to your PC exact and will have manuals and other technical specifications for you.

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    I have a HP Pavilion a4311f desktop computer.  I want to upgrade the video card.  Can I do this and what compatible video card?

    You can install any power supply and any card, but you will be unhappy.   You must specify a goal. If this is the game, enter a title.  With some info, a better suggestion can be made.  As reference, look at my configs listed below.

  • Can I upgrade the video card in my dm4-2180us?

    I like to play games here and there. My netbook has a good processor and RAM but the video card that came from factory, I cannot play games I like. I would like to upgrade, but I don't know what the map, if any new card can be inserted.


    Sorry to say, but it is not possible to change the graphic chip Intel because it is physically soldered to the motherboard and therefore, is not an evolutionary element.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Can I upgrade the video card on Satellite Pro L20?

    Can I change video card in Satellite Pro L20?


    Short and simply answer: no, you can't

    The graphics card is a small chip that attaches to the Board. Do not compare the graphics card for laptops and a graphics card for desktop PC.
    You can update or change is what HDD, memory modules.

  • Can I upgrade the video card in my Pavilion m6-1045dx?

    The vehicle currently has graphics Intel HD 4000, but I was wondering if, because it is not as fast as it should to play games like the Sims 3, which could be improved. It is a Windows 7 64 bit


    The video card is unable to be upgraded without a complete replacement of the motherboard.

    The cost of making such a replacement would likely exceed the cost of trading or selling your laptop and buy one with the desired graphic solution.

    Below is the link to the service manual.

    Motherboards supported is listed in Chapter 3.

    Based on the specifications of your laptop, the best video solution is the motherboard with part # 686930-001.

    The cost of this motherboard is $447,45.

    Not worth it, IMO.


  • I have a desktop hp a305 pc. can I upgrade the video card?

    He joined the XGP intel.  I can provide all the system information, but I would like to know if it's possible before I look into it further.

    You can upgrade the PC with a PCI video card. Are you sure that it is useful to spend the money on a PC which is about five generations behind current PC? If your plans are for games, then you should be aware that even with a video card updated it does not very well more recent games with a high SPF. The biggest factor limiting the CPU and operating system.

    As always, the choice is yours.  Most of the video on this page Newegg cards will work. I suggest that you stay with the lowest prize cards, but choose as much memory as possible.

    I recommend saving up for a new PC system more current rather than invest the money in which one might stop working shortly.

    Kind regards


  • Can I upgrade the video card for a dm4-3095la

    So I was good this laptop and I quickly noticed it's really bad at the game and I did research why and I saw the problem was the graphics card and I was wondering if it was possible to update the graphics for the special edition of beats dm4-3095la.


    No, except if you replace the motherboard, which would cost almost as much as buying a new laptop computer with better graphics.

  • upgrade the video card for HP TouchSmart 600-1120 or renounce FF XIV

    We just bought the HP TouchSmart Desktop PC 600-1120, and now, we found that we cannot play FFXIV top because he has the wrong video card.  He needs an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 video card.

    Can we change the map?  It will mess up of the touchscreen?

    This model does not support the upgrade of the GPU. The touchsmarts use the Integrated GPU and do not have expansion slots required on the motherboard for adding a video card.

  • Re: Satellite X 200 - can I upgrade the video card?


    I have the X 200 23 G

    I wonder I can update my videocard (NVIDIA GeForce 8600 M GT) or change it?

    Thank you.

    Hi, unfortunately you are unable to spend not generic parts in a laptop as they are designed.

    The only parts you can upgrade are the processor, memory, ODD, and HARD drive. But even in this case, not all components are compatible. For example, if the BIOS cannot recognize the new processor, the system may not start, or it will overheat, or operate at a slower speed.

    I found an article on the Toshiba site there explaining more in detail:

  • can I upgrade my video card

    PC laptop HP pavilion dm4 - 2153ca can I upgrade the video card or not?

    Here are the specifications of your laptop HP Pavilion dm4 - 2153 of this Entertainment and Service and Maintenance Guide for your laptop. According to the specifications, you have the UMA graphics system and is the service guide you have Intel HD 3000 / chart UMA. In addition, the HP PartSurfer refers to several components the system of UMA. This suggests that you can not improve the graphics on your computer.

  • Satellite Pro M30 - can I change the video card?

    Is it possible to upgrade the video card for M30?

    Also noticed lately that the cooler starts roaring Java =. =' can it be connected to my (now defunct) video card or I just better clean the cooler?


    The video card can't be updated because it s soldered onto the motherboard.
    Here is a document Toshiba upgrade the CPU and the GPU:

    But why you want to upgrade the video card?
    However, you clean your laptop if you use the jet of compressed air. This could blow out the dust from the cooling fans.

    Good bye

  • Upgrade the video card on Satellite X 200-20 g

    Hello everyone

    I'll find a way to have my 8700M GT updated on my X 200 laptop.
    I paid for it more than 2000 and I paid for 2 years warranty.
    A few months later, I discovered that some of the new Toshiba are equipped with 9700 m GTS!

    I know that the X 200-20 G is having a mxm graphics card which is removable to be upgraded (not being is not part of the motherboard).

    I couldn't find anywhere in the Toshiba site, where I can ask to buy a new graphics card, or if I can send my laptop and ask for an upgrade price.
    I suppose someone who has paid a sum of money for Toshiba can be listened to, or get a special offer to swap its model to the newest one after even not a year of use.

    I really want to upgrade the video card, and I don't really know where to find advice or information about it, other than on the side of Toshiba.

    Thanks to everyone or admin, to let me know how I should do, or process.

    Kind regards


    Read the knowledge base of Toshiba, I created this article

    It may be interesting for you.

  • I have a computer laptop g60-635dx. can I upgrade the graphics card on this laptop?

    I have a computer laptop g60-635dx. can I upgrade the graphics card on this laptop?


    Here are the specs of your machine: & lang = to & CC = US & TaskID = 101 & prodSeriesId = 4074269 & prodTypeId = 321957

    He uses: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 M, which is soldred to the motherboard so practically you can not change because you have to change the motherboard, to buy the new video card, to change the cooling system... all adding up will cost more than a new machine.

    Kind regards.

  • Upgrade the video card

    I have a HP Pavilion h9-1187 windows 64 - bit pc with nvidia GeForce GT 530 by default.  I need to upgrade the video card, but this motherboard has only one of pci express 16 3.0 slot.  Almost all decent video cards require two slots.  I guess that most cards except those in the crossfire, two cards together configuration, must the two slots.  Most of the time, I guess the seller asking two slots due to the space.  Remove the CAP from my pc and possibly void the warranty, can someone tell me what video card width this pc may take.   I have the motherboard COMPANY PEGATRON, the default value.  If you care to recommend a video card decent all 250-300us about feel free.  Thank you. Apologies, but as a newbie I also posted this in the hardware section of the bureau of the forum as well.  I'll delete the entry that is in the wrong part of the forum.

    When a card is listed as having "two slots", this means only that he would hold the PCIe x 16 location and regardless of the slot is adjacent. It does not require a connection to more than the PCIe x 16 slot. Looking at the photo below, the long black slit under the "IPMMB-FM" is the PCIe x 16 graphics card slot. "The slot short slot needs to be empty, then the '2 locations' map can adapt it without connection to this.

    Almost any card graphics PCIe 2.0, 2.1 or 3.0 will work on your computer. Please look at these PCIe x 16 graphics cards for a selection in your price range. Please see Guide of Dave_G of a discrete video card selection of useful information on the subject.

  • Upgrade the video card in Pavilion HPE 380t


    I want to upgrade the video card in my HPE 380 t, currently it has geforce gtx 260, I want to install a geforce gtx 560 ti or 570.

    I have 2 problems with the viability of this. 1. space. and 2. Food. Has anyone successfully completed a similar upgrade on this system?

    Plug current sys is the following.

    • Intel Core i7 - 930 quad-core [2.8 GHz, 1 MB L2 + 8 MB of cache N3 shared]
    • 12GB DDR3 - 1066 MHz SDRAM [6 DIMMS]
    • 1 TB hard drive 7200 RPM SATA 3 Gb/s of 750Go
    • 1.8 GB NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260 [2 DVI, HDMI and VGA adapters]
    • LightScribe 16 X MAX drive DVD +/-R/RW SuperMulti

    power of 460 wt

    About the food, the psu calculator gives me the following recommendations

    I need my current configuration 529W!

    with a gtx 560 ti , I need 513

    with a gtx 570, I need 577W

    This raises a few questions:

    1. How can my system running on a 460wt power if the power supply calculator recommends 529w (nvidia reccomends a PSU 500w for the gtx 260 which is installed on my machine?)

    2. how the song gtx 560 ti could possibly require less energy than my current gtx 260?

    3. could I move to one of these cards without replacing the power supply? (I'd be willing to lose the dvd/rw drive, this falls 30w)

    4. what someone has updated the PSU in a HPE 380 t? Looks like there is a little extra space, but not much?

    About the video card itself, I am concerned about the space, I looked inside of the case, there is a decent amount of clearance around the gtx 260, but I'd love to hear from someone who has tried to replace this card.

    Specifications for standard cards are:

    gtx 260 courses:

    height: 4,376 inches, length: 10.5 inches, width: double slot

    recommended psu 500w

    GTX 560 ti

    height: 4,376 inches, length: 9 inches, width: double slot

    recommended psu 500w

    GTX 560 ti super clocked

    height: 9.4 inches, length: 11.8 inches, width: double slot

    GTX 570

    height: 4,376 inches, length: 10.5 inches, width: double slot

    recommended psu 550w

    bang for buck the 560 ti superclocked is the best deal, unfortunately they are also the most cumbersome...

    All advice appreciated!


    The difference will be the distance between the power supply and the optical bays can be annoying.  Open your PC and do some measure and see if a thumb causes less issues.  Don't forget the extra cable lengths.

    Tip: When you install the new power supply, remove the front cover, lock the optical drive and slide if forward to facilitate the installation of the power supply. Do the PSU upgrade before you get your PC stable before installing new video card.

    These "how-to" HP articles should be useful.

    The OCZ has a bus verses double 12 volts the Corsair with a rail.  There is always a debate about who is best. Both have advantages and disadvantages.  I prefer implementing the only bus.  The really big PSUS, all seem to have several buses. The material of the size of the bus which had to bear the whole of the amperage on a bus would be rather substantial with very large power supplies and there are other reasons.

Maybe you are looking for