Can I use paypal to pay my iCloud storage?

Hello. I'm paying for my cloud storage plan, but I only have paypal, is it feasible? Thank you!

You can use an iTunes store credit, a credit card or a debit card.  If you can only use Paypal, buy a gift card to iTunes with it and redeem the card to create and iTunes store credit.  Your purchase of storage will be deducted from the credit to the iTunes store and will charge a credit or debit card only if the credit is insufficient to cover costs.

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    You can add an mSATA SSD of desired capability, and it will be displayed in Windows as another drive.

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    1. it depends on the purchase.

    2. which is done automatically when authorized.


  • I can't use the App Store after installing iOS 9.3.1

    I can't use the App Store or iCloud, after I installed the iOS 9.3.1.

    Force restart your iPhone...

    Press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

    Then try the App store or iCloud.

  • I have an iPhone 6 and an iPad Air both have always been updated you are prompted and are therefore currently operating on 9.2.1. It just says: update could not be completed, and that was in the 11-15. I pay for extra storage if this isn't the issue...

    I have an iPhone 6 and an iPad Air both have always been updated you are prompted and are running 9.2.1. I can't get either do an iCloud backup, he repeats to me just last backup could not be completed. The last successful backup has been in November 2015. I pay for most large storage storage account is not the problem but, the fact I pay for cela and cannot use it is very frustrating = / I really need to get my backup iPhone I have a few important pictures there. I have read other posts, but nothing useful there. Is this a problem in one of the updates at this time or some other interferente app? Or? Thank you...

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    Please check that your device is correctly connected to the wireless internet (settings > wifi) and is plugged into a power source, check also that you have enough space in iCloud for your back upward.

    You can check the space available in settings > iCloud > storage and the space needed for the next backup to the settings > iCloud > storage > Storage manage > backups > appliance > Back Up Options > next backup size (wait for the spinning until the gear icon).

    Assuming that you are eligible for iCloud upward, you should try a forced first stop, hold down the buttons side in top and home together until the unit stops, then restart by pressing the side/up button.

    Then, try to connect the device to a new location (different WiFi network)

    If your backup continues to fail, you can try to disable the backup on your mobile device (settings > iCloud > backup), reboot the device and then turn on BackUp on new.

    If this help not disable backup again, remove your existing back to the top of settings > iCloud > storage > Storage manage > backup > this device (scroll down) > delete backup, restart the device and then turn on BackUp.

    If you are unable to make a return to the top, try to connect on iCloud (settings > iCloud (scroll down) > Sign Out (you will need to enter your password at this point), restart the device and sign in iCloud to settings > iCloud.)

    The next thing to try would be to restore your network settings. (Settings > general > reset > reset network settings)

    Reset your network settings will erase your cell phones and wireless network settings, including saved networks, passwords for wifi and VPN settings, that you can use. It will affect to the Internet but will not be an impact on telephone services because these settings are automatically configured by your carrier. It may take a few moments to enter again all your network settings, but it shouldn't cause you any major problems. If you are comfortable re - enter your network settings, you can try this step earlier in the troubleshooting procedure, i.e. after the forced shutdown suggested above.

    If this does not help, try to disable some elements for the back upward in a model to try to establish if your problem is caused by specific data on your device. You can do with settings > iCloud > storage > storage management > backup > appliance > Back Up Options.

    If you are still not able to perform a backup from iCloud, you can try to restore your phone which you should do by making an iTunes backup via your computer and restore from that.

    Be able to go back to the cloud can be very useful, especially if you have access to a computer or rarely have access to one, however unless you need specifically to use iCloud to go back, you'll find a backup on iTunes much more convenient and possibly more reliable. However if you save up to iTunes be sure to encrypt the back upward if you want to keep your data on health and passwords etc.

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  • Can I use Apple pay to pay for my music and fresh iCloud?

    I want to use the map I have in Apple pay pay for icloud. I can't put the card into my apple account.

    It is not possible to pay to iCloud by using Apple pay.

    "Payment methods accepted for upgrades of storage iCloud include credit, debit cards and the iTunes Store credit cards. If you have enough iTunes store credit to perform your upgrade, you will be charged the remaining amount. »

    Here > plans iCloud and pricing - Apple supported storage

  • Can I just pay for the membership of creative cloud without using paypal?

    Can I just pay for the membership of creative cloud without using paypal?

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  • pay with paypal, can not use my paypal credit

    So, I want to buy a subscription via paypal since I don't own a credit card.
    I really need for school, the trial version has expired, so I thought that I pop money on my paypal and pay with paypal, but I get the error message "Add credit card"»

    I live in the Netherlands and it says that I should be able to pay with paypal.

    Please help me.


    Please reach out to PayPal for problems with payment. PayPal had introduced a new user interface, thanks to which you are asked to enter your credit card while trying to purchase order.

    ^ Ani

  • can I use icloud with on the work of the iphone

    my screen is black siri works but takes a while how can I use my icloud backup is possible

    What you want to do with the back facing upwards

  • Devices on all my iCloud preferences says "this device can be used to receive codes of audit ID Apple." How can I change this if at least one, if not several, can receive the verification code?

    Devices on all my iCloud preferences says "this device can be used to receive codes of audit ID Apple." How can I change this if at least one, if not several, can receive the verification code?

    Try to go here and see if you can add them to your Apple ID.

  • Can I use App Store/iTunes credit to buy space iCloud?

    I think the upgrade of my storage drive to iCloud and want to use some App Store credit I have left more. Is it possible to buy a storage iCloud with this method of payment plan (and if so, how) or could it be charged on my credit card?

    Paul_the_Mac wrote:

    . Is it possible to buy a storage iCloud with this method of payment plan


    iCloud and pricing - Apple supported storage plans

    Methods of payment accepted for upgrades of storage iCloud include credit, debit cards and the iTunes Store creditcards. If you have enough iTunes store credit to perform your upgrade, you will be charged the remaining amount. Apple Store Gift cards are not accepted as payment for the upgrade of storage iCloud. Learn how manage storage space you are using.

    Your iTunes credit should be automatically used first to pay for the upgrade of storage iCloud.   As long as there is enough credit it will use for future payments, otherwise it will charge the credit card if possible.

  • Can I have more than one player iCloud folder in my finder? One account for work and one for personal use.

    I want to synchronize my work to my home mac mac but don't want my work and personal files of mixture in the same iCloud drive. I want to be able to simply select the folder in the finder and access my files to work with my staff connected to iCloud services. I have 2 sets of devices. A working iPhone and a personal iPhone. My work requires that I have strictly for work purposes only to get rid of my phone personal is not an option. Is there a way to have the disc records hard icloud of two different accounts on the same mac under the same profile?

    ICloud there than one disc for each Apple ID. You can, however, create more than an Apple ID, but that creates other issues as demanding that you trade ins iCloud to access the content of the newspaper reader.

    You can create subfolders in your drive to iCloud for work and personal use. You can also purchase a subscription to more storage if you need.

    No solution to this question. Each has its compromise.

    Could you use, say, iCloud for your personal files, but use Dropbox for those work-related?

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