Can I use Sata of COTS drives in PERC H700 on R810?

Can I use off-the-shelf (non-Dell) SATA drives in a PowerEdge R810 server with PERC H700 of RAID controller?

We currently have equipped Dell SAS disks that will remain in their own virtual disk and want to add storage in bulk as a second virtual disk using less expensive SATA drives.

(We have the latest BIOS & firmware all along)


Cot = common on shelf?

It depends on. I would recommend against any consumer/desktop/laptop or NAS drives (like the Red of WD). Use enterprise-class SATA if not certified Dell. As long as your firmware H700 is most recent 7/2010 (?), then the non-certified discs will be allowed, but no player not certified is guaranteed to work.

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    Not your portable computer does not support SATA II.

    However, you can buy the SATA II hard drive and put it in your laptop. Only way to get it going is to restrict the new speed of SATA HDD, I accelerate. To do this is to introduce a jumper on the drive to restrict it to SATA I speeds up. Once it's done put in your laptop and viola, it works.

    Good luck, but I would like to get a toshiba technician to install it if its under warranty. It's for your own good, so you don't turn your laptop into a boat anchor.

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    Hello! You need a new PC Yep!
    But there are other ways to do

    You can buy a SATA USB adapter that will allow you to plug in the HARD drive on another PC and the take-off data


    Good luck!

    Best regards: 1029rjmenvy17t

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  • HP Pavilion dv7 - 3188cl: can I use an external hard drive with my laptop computer?


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    Hi @ptr1959w!

    Yes, you can use an external hard drive on your laptop - just connect via one of the USB ports on your machine, partition and format it in disk management, and you should be ready to go. Here is an article with the steps you can follow to do this:

    Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    See you soon!

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    You can use the external hard drive to transfer your data from your internal hard drive.  Cannot move system files (such as Program Files, Windows and swap files) well.  Looks like your use of the word 'memory' made reference to disk space - it normally refers to which an external drive would not affect RAM.  If you mean disk space, however, you can certainly free SPAC drive this way.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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    I use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and lots of sample packs and I have need of more memory. My machine is maxed out at 512 MB of RAM.
    If I buy a 4 GB Flash drive, can I load my DAW on the Flash drive and optimal storage space or should I buy a hard drive to accomplish my problem of not having enough memory?

    Thanks in advance!

    512 MB you should be fine for Windows XP. OK, the application may run more slowly than on a modern computer - but performance is reasonable.

    Like me, I have a computer with 1 linear array of 512 MB memory and a 128 MB memory chips - making the total up to almost 640MO - but I use Photoshop CS3 on it daily and it works fine for most tasks.

    However, if you want to get some further improvements to your computer for the RAM intensive applications performance, I would recommend increasing the virtual memory.

    More about memory virtual here-

    To increase the virtual memory-

    Do a right click my computer > click Properties > Advanced tab > settings under 'Performance' button > Advanced tab in the performance Options window > change button under "virtual memory".

    Now select the custom size option.

    The options below, you can see some details like -

    Minimum allowed - XX MB

    Recommended - XXXX MB

    Currently allocated - XXXX MB

    Make sure that you set the value of initial size (MB) near the recommended space. The value of maximum size to a value much greater than currently allocated space. (But always value less than 2048 maximum size - you don't need that much).

    That could give some amount of performance increase - but he won't give you a magical boost of performance.

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    When it is connected to the PC, it is visible in disk management?

    Was this a drive that has been formatted using your Mac with the mac file system? If so it will not turn on the PC, without the use of third party software

  • Can I use 1 TB hard drive on my Satellite L40?


    Is it possible to change my 120 GB drive hard wit 1 TB HITACHI SATA III hard drive on my Toshiba L40?
    I think my HDD is Sata II now and I'm not sure if is compatible with SATA III and the size 1 TB...

    Post edited by: Warren G

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to find the official statement from Toshiba on this subject but, well I know, you can use SATA III on this old machine.

    I put t know what is the reason to use this HARD drive. You cannot use your old laptop with normal HARD drive with, say s, 300 Go?

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    I have a Pavilion a6500f I can access is no longer as he continues to tell me there are registry errors.  My recovery disk (I got a) or do a hard reset or else he will start.  It came with a window that says recovery system or start Windows normally.  I get a new hard drive to it and have a whole new Windows 7 installed.  The thing is that I don't want to lose all my stuff on the old hard drive.  So my question is can I install the OLD hard drive as a second drive to the new?  If I can then I can just copy all the files from the old drive to the new and use the old as a memory drive.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    The simple answer is Yes.

    (1) I would like to replace the hard drive with the same drive size or larger. But does not exceed 2 T.

    (2) I hope you made the original recovery DVD set the original recovery firstly, DVD media DVD + R try as these will save you having to create a driver disk.  If you really have to buy a complete set of recovery, get it here. It will have all the necessary drivers.  Only $27.00

    (3) I copy the files and destroy the old disk. Its usefulness is damaged since 2008.

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    I have a Dell Inspiron Mini running on Windows XP, that I dropped and broke a plastic wedge.  The broken plastic cut a wire to the screen, leaving me with a white screen.  I was able to use the fn 1 toggle to turn on a second monitor via a HDMI cable.  However, I decided that the blank white screen bothers my eyes, I went into the display settings and select 'make this my main screen' which means, do my main screen TV.  However, he turned off the TV screen instead of the empty white laptop screen.  The Fn 1 button no longer works.  I tried to do a manual telephone walkthough with Dell system restore.  By restoring the computer to its factory settings, I should allowed to use the Fn 1 button again to turn on my TV via HDMI cable - without success.  Therefore, Dell confirmed that I had a software internal problem and recommended that I post him for repair (no guarantee).  The Dell Inspiron Mini has no CD Rom internal drive, however, I have the original disks supplied with the notebook software program which is five years (or more).  The Dell Inspiron Mini operating system is Windows XP.

    Now, I have a laptop HP large format, with CD Rom drive, running on Windows 7.   Can I use my HP CD Rom to install the original records of the original Dell Inspiron mini Dell program?  Thank you.

    Thanks for the tips.

    You are welcome. :)

  • Can I use an external hard drive for my photos screensaver?

    Is it possible to use my external hard drive as the source of the photos of the screen saver?

    I'm running El Capitan 10.11.3 and have a Seagate BUP Slim.


    Just to clarify, this means the iPhoto somehow? Then, in a version?

  • Satellite A200-1 s 5 - can I use a second HARD drive and RAID?

    Hi all

    Toshiba Satellite A200-1 s 5 is eligible to add a second hard drive? It has RAID controller as much I know - it might help?

    Thank you

    If you have a SATA connector in the second HARD drive Bay, you can use a second HDD. Check it!
    Then you can buy each disc HARD what you want with SATA port.

    The Satellite A200 doesn't have a RAID controller.

  • Can WRT1900ACS use an external hard drive with disks in RAID 0, 1, or JBOD?


    Happy new year.

    Is an external drive with more disks RAID 0, 1; JBOD compatible with WRT1900ACS?

    I have this idea to tie a big (6-8 TB) external drive and use the DLNA feature as an alternative to a computer as NAS and DLNA server. The external drive could be four 2 TB Western Digital hard drives in RAID 0, 1; JBOD. The boxes can be:

    - Western Digital my book Duo.

    - IB-3640SU3 - external case of JBOD 4 x with eSATA and USB 3.0 for disks 3.5 "SATA hard.

    I hope someone can help clarify if I have misunderstood something.


    Jan Rouvi

    Hello. It is not recommended to use this type of enclosure with the WRT1900ACS, since most of this is managed by software that are installed on the computer. The software will not be able to detect hard drives, whether they are connected to the router and the router does not have this capability to configure drives in RAID 0, 1, or JBOD. The configuration of the router storage tool is just very basic. If you really need to configure RAID 0, 1, or JBOD in terms of network, you must obtain a SIN.

  • Can I use an external hard drive that is compatible to Windows on a Mac through reformatting?

    I bought a Seagate Expansion 4 TB USB 3.0 hard drive.

    F8 & PSC = 1

    But it is only compatible with Windows.

    Can I reformat the hard drive on my MacBook Pro - or it would even rise not?

    If so, what format to use? Mac OS extended (journaled)?

    Thank you!

    PS: I tried to put this in the Mac system software, but I could not find in 100 + element of submenu. I must say the redesign of the forum makes it much more difficult to use, and it is almost impossible to find positions in some themes that were available in the old form by a simple click on a symbol. It feels like Apple wanted to have as bad an organization like Google (endless sub-menus in otherwise good work pro apps e-mail) and be too cryptic in its structure than that of Windows. Apple, please go back to the simple user interfaces that can be understood by logic. Yes, I tried to put this comment in a comment forum, but I could not find.

    1. Yes, you can.

    2. Yes.


  • can I use an external hard drive LaCie Raid time capsule?

    I am trying to hang a LaCie Raid to my Time Capsule for additional storage. I don't see the LaCie. Thanks in advance for the help.

    Support Apple mentions that you can plug a simple USB to the port on the router from the airport, or several readers if you use a powered USB hub.  There is no mention of Raid type disk, which I interpret as meaning that the RAID is not supported by the firmware on the USB port on the airport.

    Uses for the USB port of Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express - Support Apple Airport

    From my experience, the Raid type drives are not recognized by the USB port on the Time Capsule or AirPort Extreme.

    Even if the RAID drive was recognized, probably would NOT ever want to connect a RAID stack on the port.

    The reason is that the port is USB 2.0 only... and due to the limitations of the processor in the airport router, the port runs at half the speed of a USB 2.0 on a computer. Thus, it would be incredibly slow with this type of installation.

Maybe you are looking for

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