can I use the key "reg" for windows 8 to install windows 7 (windows 8 does not work on my system)

Windows 8 does not work on my system (at the lowest screen resolution)

can I use the key "reg" of windows 8 to download windows 7. currently have windows 7 starter edition


Thank you for contacting Microsoft Community.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the keys provided for Windows 8 for Windows 7. In any case, directly upgrade your installation from Windows 7 to Windows 8. The keys are specific to the Windows versions, editions and architectures. They cannot be used between.

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  • Can I use the serial number of Windows 7 Home Premium to reinstall my system?

    Can I use the serial number of Windows 7 Home Premium to reinstall my system?

    If you mean the license key on the sticker cost of Windows on your computer, then Yes, you should be able to use it to activate the same hotfix version of via a retail disc. You * may * need to use for phone activation method accomplish, however.

    Kind regards.

  • Halo 2 for windows vista does not work on my windows 7. Saiys it cannot start the direct customer

    original title: Halo 2 for windows vista

    Halo 2 for windows vista does not work on my windows 7.  Saiys it cannot start the direct customer.  It will not work in single user either...


    Plase make sure you have the latest version of the GFWL Client installed:

  • HP envy 14-2090eo: can I use the same drivers for windows 8 and 8.1

    When I check in drivers which operating systems there are drivers available for my Hp Envy 14-2090eo, it says Windows 8 (64-bit) and Windows 7 (64-bit), "and im currently using Windows 7 64 bit" but does that mean the drivers to support these 2 Windows 8 and 8.1 of Windows operating systems, said in a different way "» : are the same drivers for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1?

    Best regards from hpenvy1


    Your model has the AMD/Intel switchable graphics.

    It is unlikely that the W8 AMD graphics driver will work on W8.1.

    Normally, you can use some of the drivers W7/W8 on W8.1, but the graphics is very doubtful - not switchable graphics anyway.

    You can run the windows 8.1 upgrade wizard and see what it reports.

  • Search for Windows 7 does not work

    Search box does not work. When I type for example "Notepad" it finds just follder where program means 'Programs' and can't find the exe to Notepad.

    You can try this
    Open the troubleshooter for search and indexing

    If you have problems of location of the files, folders, or other items on your computer, try using the search and indexing of troubleshooting to solve the problem. It ensures that the Windows Search service is running and checks if you have the correct permissions to search all the directories on your computer.


    • To make sure that you have convenience stores to update from the Windows online troubleshooting Service, your computer must be connected to the Internet. For more information, see Troubleshooting in Windows.

  • Using the function of scan macOS Sierra HP Officejet 7300 series network printer does not work; He had no problem with El Capitan...

    Printer HP Officejet 7300 network series that allows to work flawlessly with El Capitan does not work after the upgrade to Sierra.

    With macOS Sierra, when used as a network print service printer works fine however scan does not work. Programs like the Image Capture, HP Easy Scan etc does not see the printer. However, if the printer is directly connected to the Macbook Pro using the usb cable, a new printer is added to the list of printers (it shows print and scan functions while the printer network in the list shows only printing function) and the scanner works well with Image Capture, etc. If the usb cable is removed disconnects this printer in the list and there is no way to turn it on. I have the latest update for the printer installed from the App store. It looks like a driver issue, but I wonder if there is a work around for this problem...

    Open Under file in the menu bar, you see import of 'name of your scanner?

  • Halo 2 for Windows Vista does not work on windows 7 32-bit computer

    Recently I have windows 7 installed on my computer and I installed Halo 2 for Windows Vista on this subject. I start the game, but before that I get a lot, it stops and I get a box that says Halo 2 has stopped playing for some reason any. He is looking for a solution and comes up saying that it does not find a waiting for Microsoft to find a. It happens the same thing every time.

    It seems that everything I needed an update. I went and did the updates and then began the game as administrator and it works fine now. I appreciate the help, though, and I don't know that your tips will help someone else as well. Thank you.  PS My game doesn't have the compatibility mode on it. Everything else is good. What is happening with this?

    Thank you all. Bubba

  • This device does not work properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31) my video card does not work why?

    can u help me quickly?


    -For how long have you had the problem?
    -Did you change your computer, after which the question began?

    I suggest that you uninstall and reinstall the drivers for video card and check if that helps.

    Uninstall or reinstall a device

    Note: Not applicable for Windows Vista also.

  • My OfficeJet 6310 on the latest drivers for Windows XP, does not make the PDF thumbnails?

    I was too tired of Adobe and too often updates security etc.

    If I traded in open source Sumatra PDF instead.

    It was there of loong, but then I got an OfficeJet 6310 and now scans much paper in PDF files, which works very well (if the value of the resolution is less than 300 dpi), except that no image of the thumbnail is created! It's embarrassing because I like sail to explore using the prior view of thumbnails.

    I don't like the idea of return to Adobe PDF Reader, then I ask you out there if anyone has an idea where the problem is maybe?

    Thanks in advance


    Well, since no one has replied, I started to experiment.

    I have re-installed Adobe Reader (sighh) again and found that the registry has been added:

    Adobe PDF Preview Handler
    AppID       {5D238751-7E51-4F24-9E7D-93C58881B20B}
    DisplayName @"C:\Programmer\Reader\pdfprevhndlrshim.exe",-101

    There is therefore, seems to add some sort of "plug-in" for MS Explorer, which can act on the creation of tile and similar.

    Now my wife can use the freeware of Xplorer2 fancy, and it will beautifully preview PDFs in navigating the file system.

    So until a fancy OpenSource community finds interesting to build this similar functionality, I'll stick with Adobe, so my wife just to navigate its abundant PDF files.

    Hope this tip can be useful for some of you.

    / Peter

  • How to use the chkdsk command in windows 7 its not working not not his poster error access denied

    Please help me about the chkdsk command to remove the windows command prompt 7...

    If you try to use chkdsk for C:\ partition, you cannot run that the disc must be disassembled for the operation, which is not possible with the C:\ partition (or the partition where Windows is installed).

    Instead, go on-> do work right click on the partition-> click Properties-> in the Properties dialog box, go to the Tools tab-> under error-checking, click check now... This will automatically set a check the next time you start Windows.
  • Games for windows Live does not work on the games?


    I bought guerrilla red faction 2011 on steam. I did the installation of clicked cloth expected to download then when I got round to play, he said Xlive.dll is missing from you're computer re install the program can solve this problem. But anyway this isn't why I ask this question when I enter my windows live game isn't on the game I press home nothing happens so I can't save my game it says when I click on play on steam, it is said that its installation, but it does nothing please help I love this game into pieces! :(

    Many old games install an outdated version or GFQL.
    Try to download and install the latest version of GFWL-

    Download: Details games for the installation of software for Windows 3.5 - Microsoft Download Center - Download

    Support stuff more GFWL.

    Games for Windows - LIVE: Support Documents

    "When I enter my windows live game isn't on the game when I click on the game on steam, it is said that its installation, but it does nothing.

    Don't know what you're saying.
    -"When enter you your game;
    This would indicate that the game is installed, Yes?

    -"When I click on play on steam it says that his installation--
    While the game may have installed does not mean that Steam will allow you to play again. Almost always fixes/updates Steam games (even solo) before it will let you play.
    It is the same for the Steam Client. They tried to make updates at different times, and you have
    Let him do what he wants.

    -"I press home nothing happens so I can't save my game it says.
    You can usually save a game without logging in GFWL, but when you can't.
    or do not want to access GFWL online, it will not save your progress and stats on your online GFWL
    account for everyone to see.
    When a game when steam is offline, you can not connect to GFWL being GFWL
    a line only "Star".

    For more information, try medium Steam-
    Knowledge Base - Steam support

  • HP 2055dn Printer Laser software for windows 7 does not work

    Have tried several times to install the software for Windows 7 64 bit on my HP 2055dn printer.  Used called download: P2050-full-solution-AM-EMEA1-v6.1.exe.  Still doesn't give me the software, even if the window "uploaded successfully" appeared.  Printer works fine.  I want to be able to access the software with the function ToolboxFX.  What can I do else?

    OMG.  I finally have my ToolboxFX now.  I went to the HP support & downloaded the program page:


    It wasn't the 1st time I tried to install this program (for Windows7 64 bit).  Today, it worked.  I feel like the little engine that could!

  • Update for windows update does not work

    Yesterday (24/06/2014), Microsoft has released an update for windows update, which according to them was necessary in order to receive new updates. It is installed without any problem, except that it doesn't work.

    I tried the fixit tool, but who finds no errors. To make things worse, it seems that this update of windows installed another version of the update agent is suitable for my system (Windows 7 Home Premium). Windows support for this update site indicates that the correct version is Windows update agent 7.6.7600.256, but windows update version 7.6.7600.320 and you can see the result of the image as to what happens when I try to check the updates.

    I prefer not to do a system restore, but how to fix this?

    Is this the same issue corrected / posted by LoginBroken on February 23, 2011?

    Dave in pa,

    Do a system restore point.

    Open Notepad. Copy the information between the lines, then paste them into Notepad


    regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\wuapi.dll
    regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\wuaueng.dll
    regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\wups.dll
    regsvr32 wups2.dll


    Save as Update.cmd

    Right-click on Update.cmd, on the left, click Run as administrator. Answer Yes to the 4 questions.

    Restart the computer and see if the Windows updates works.


  • Windows search for windows 7 does not work, indexing seems to be disconnected.

    I can't find files or emails. Indexing seems to be disconnected in some way, and this is making it impossible for me to work.

    troubleshoot or microsoft fixit colud does not solve the problem, what can I do?

    Thank you!


    Try the steps suggested by azam from the link

  • HP Pavilion dv7 7077ez wireless for windows 8 does not work after upgrade to windows 7 64 bit

    I have the broadcom card. I have try all the drivers and I still cant install drivers I see on household also setup.rul 342 of the installation error wireless start won't start. What should do?

    Hi Emilinator,

    More than likely HP won't to material support for Windows 8 on any system purchased before October 1, 2011.  Most of the Windows 7 drivers work in Windows 8.

    You can try this pagewhich provides measures to solve the problems of connection to broadband for Windows 8.

    Check out this page to see if your computer has been tested by HP with Windows 8.

    You can run the Upgrade Wizard, which will scan your PC and report on what is currently installed on your PC is compatible with Windows 8.  This guide was updated for Windows 8 provides lots of information which is needed for all those planning the upgrade.

    Good luck

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