Can I use the Time Capsule wireless for multiple computers without using it as a router?

I am looking for an external backup for 2 computers drive.  I have a desktop iMac and MacBook Air.  I like the idea of being able to back up my MacBook Air wireless, but I need to make sure that it will work the way I need to.

I already have a wireless router that works well for me, I don't need the time Capsule to act as a router. I'm just needing a wireless backup drive.  So, the question is, can I use the only time Capsule as a storage device for backup of wifi or do I also have to use it as a wifi router?  My fear is that the router service is not as good as the router, I currently have.  I live in a big House of 2 floors, making it very difficult to receive a strong signal throughout the House.


can I use time Capsule only as a backup wireless storage device or do I also have to use it as a wifi router?

Time Capsule need to connect to your router/modem existing using wired Ethernet wired, permanent.

If you plan to use the time Capsule to back up your Mac with the help of the application Time Machine on every Mac, the Mac will have to save on the wireless signal Time Capsule for the process to be officially supported by Apple.

While it is possible to turn off wireless on the Time Capsule and try to save it to your existing wireless network... and it pourrait work... but there will be no Apple support backup problems... so it would be a good idea to plan to use Time Capsule wireless backup purposes.

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  • How can I configure my Time Capsule wireless for backups

    I recently changed the ADSL broadband cable. So it took to move my modem to the other side of the room where my cable connection. When I got the computer, modem, ADSL modem and the TC were a few feet from each other. However - now I have a wireless connection between my mac and the gateway Max Telstra modem and works very well. However, the TC has a yellow light hard now and does not connect to the internet. I can't the airport to recognize it as a base station and I think to be able to return to the company the automatic backups, I need to somehow get the TC identified as a base station. Would that be correct? I don't know if the yellow led indicates that the HARD drive in the unit has failed, but I begin to suspect this. Or - should I be plugging the TC on the modem and then try to have the computer to connect with the TC through the other side of the room?

    There are two ways to deal with the problem.

    However, the TC has a yellow light hard now and does not connect to the internet.

    Amber hard... which means no flashing is a very bad sign.

    Do a reset on the TC.

    Start from a factory reset. No files are lost on the drive hard in doing so.

    Universal factory reset

    Turning off the TC... That is, remove the power supply cord or the power at the wall outlet, wait 10 seconds... Hold the reset button... be nice... Turn on always even now in reset... and keep holding in for another 10 seconds. You may need assistance because it is difficult to hold in reset and power on. It will show the success quickly flashing led front. Release reset... and wait a few minutes for the TC to reset and return with the factory settings. If the front LED flashes quickly you missed and simply try again. The reset is quite fragile in these... Press the key while it is just click away and not more... I've seen people bend lever or even break. I use a toothpick as a tool.

    NB. None of your files on the hard drive of the TC are removed... This simply clears the settings of the router of the TC.

    Plug it into the Telstra modem and see if the front LED will turn to blinking orange.

    If it remains solid amber a failed hard drive is the most likely cause...

    Tell me what model it is... A1xxx of the base unless it is from the top.

    Another suggestion is to purchase a 2.5 "1 TB or 2 TB drive self-powered. That plug into your iMac and use it for backups... It is faster, cheaper and more reliable than the replacement of the TC.

    I'm in Melbourne... my email is available in the profile... so feel free to talk to me direct.

  • Airport the Time Capsule Configuration for desktop?

    I have an airport Time Capsule that I use for support and wireless connectivity to the top of my MacBook Pro.  I have a PC connected to the time Capsule of internet access to the desktop PC.  Is it possible to set up backups from the PC to the time Capsule?

    Usually the time Capsule storage drive is formatted for use with OS X.

    As the old time Capsule (Time Machine backups) are crushed

    by the software as they go obsolete or when runs out of storage space, a

    Backup of Windows files on the same unit would not be a good idea.

    If the 'PC' indicates that your desktop under OS X, then it would

    be able to make backups of the other Mac software Time Machine

    and the total capacity of the unit of the time Capsule may be mitigated by

    the addition of claims on this other machine for the ability of autonomy.

    What is the storage of Time Capsule? I'd look for a separate device

    backup of a Windows system; However if a Mac running Windows, it

    may be possible to set something up for its operating system, other backup players.

    Here is an old source, but good for some information on OS X

    and Time Machine (and time capsule)

    • Apple OS X and Time Machine tips:

    Maybe someone who has set up a workaround for Windows backup solution

    (separate drive, perhaps connected to Time Capsule/AirPort extreme)?

    can answer; that there is an extremely useful contributors in this area.

    Good luck & happy computing!

  • can't see the time capsule on network

    I have a router modem wireless method

    2.5/5.0 and I want to continue to use the wireless installation.

    I am up-to-date on El Capitan.

    The router via ethernet is an express airport 2nd generation connected to an amp for antenna and in addition to the express via ethernet is a time capsule of 3rd generation? in a press room feeding a number of multimedia devices.

    What I want to do is to backup my Mac Book Pro on the time capsule which I see in the finder, but not its content, nor I see

    It is contained in Time Machine.

    Can someone help?

    It can be very difficult if not impossible... or only very little reliable if you do not connect the computer directly to the TC...

    Anyway... have a go... find the IP address of the TC of airport utility... no chance then don't first plug the computer by ethernet directly to TB. Use Thunderbolt for the ethernet card if your mobile phone is failed.

    Once you have the IP address... Use the top Finder menu... Go, connect to the server.

    Type AFP:// (substitute your real IP of the TC).

    When the connection is done put the password and save in keychain.

    It will work up until the IP... Therefore, force is not to change.

    Still had problems give me a screenshot of the airport with the pages of summary of the Express and the TC utility.

  • Can't get the Time Capsule network to see Airport Extreme?

    I have a network set up through my Time Capsule and I want to express with my Airport Extreme, the problem is that I can't get the network to see Airport Extreme - or rather, we'll see, but when I try to connect to it, it starts to connect, and then I get an unexpected error. I tried to restore both their factory settings and did a restore forced several times to the Airport Extreme, but nothing helped. I made sure to affect my IPv6 link-local only, I've even re-created my network several times (always with the Capsule of time as the main base station, but nothing seems working.

    Any ideas would be very useful.

    The Airport Extreme and time Capsule have been purchased during the last month, and I'm under OS10.11.1

    First of all, try to update your software El Capitan to the current version of operation... 10.11.4... which was supposed to solve some of the bugs that cause the message "unexpected error".

    If still no help, try using an iPhone or an iPad for the configuration.  After the back if you don't know how to proceed.

  • Where can I download the network drivers / wireless for my Satellite Pro L300?


    I reformatted my laptop from Windows Vista to Windows XP Professional SP3 and it never came with the network drivers / wireless to connect to the Internet.

    I tried to go on the Web from Toshiba site, which is the manufacturer of the laptop, but when you type in my model that is pslb9e-02v003en (L300-1FJ) it basically says that there is no such thing.

    I also tried to Google it but had a real hard time to his research... Where can I find my network/Wireless drivers so my laptop can detect my internet! Help, please!

    I ve checked the download page of Toshiba and support for Windows XP Home edition.
    I found the driver LAN here.
    WLAN driver can be downloaded from the Toshiba WLAN portal -

    Your laptop has Realtek WLAN card so please download Realtek WLAN driver Toshiba WLAN on download page.

    I hope this will help you.

    Please post comments.

  • Can't find the time capsule after changing access timed through iPhone app airport utility (setting: no access between 0130 to 0600). But I can not connect or find the same time capsule in the 0800.

    Cannot find or connect to time capsule after you change the timed access thro iPhone app

    You must have defined it incorrectly... factory reset and start again.

    Give us a screenshot of the settings before you apply them.

  • I have 2 imacs and a laptop computer and you want to back up all three wireless via time capsule on my existing wifi network. If we can also use the time capsule as my wifi and replace my uverse wifi, that would be great. possible?

    I have 2 imacs and a laptop computer and you want to back up all three wireless via time capsule on my existing wifi network. If we can also use the time capsule as my wifi and replace my uverse wifi, that would be great. possible?

    If you want to make sure that you will be able to get the Apple support in case of problems or questions with your backups, you must use the wireless Time Capsule to back up your Mac.

    As long as the time Capsule provides a wireless signal, you can decide who to your 'main' network, then use it wireless Uverse for "guest", or children. If you do not need the Uverse router/modem wireless at all, it is possible to turn off wireless on the device and make it work only as a support modem/router...with Uverse wired.

    At this point, you can start thinking about how you want to configure things and get back in touch if you need some advice on how to do it.  We need to know what operating system that uses the Mac that you normally use to administer the time Capsule, provide good instructions, if you need it.

  • I have a new time capsule airport. How to limit the search for who can use the time capsule backup process?

    I have a new time capsule airport. How to limit the search for who can use the time capsule backup process?

    Set a password to disk... disk tab in the utility... and just give to those you want to use the TC...

  • My verse ATT modem (non apple devices to use this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs Time Capsule use) via ethernet Uverse.) Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    My verse ATT modem ({use of devices not apple wifi of this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs use the wifi of the time Capsule) and connect to the Uverse modem via ethernet.)

    Both devices are set to the highest security and each uses separate passwords.

    Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    With a bit of work by someone who knows how to do such things, not Apple computers could read some files on the Mac if file sharing is configured on the network... devices non-Apple and... He knew the device passwords or administrator for Macs.

    Mac could also play the files on other Macs if file sharing has been implemented and the device password or admin was known.

    If you ask if a PC can read the files on the Time Capsule, the answer is Yes, without doubt, assuming that the PC knew the password of device for the time Capsule.

  • Can I reset the time especially for the backup capsule?

    I have a wi - fi network with my new Xfinity configuration. I have iMac wireless, Air, the two El Capitan (10.11.3) iPad and 2 iPhones (all iOS 9.3.1) and an airport Time Capsule (version 7.6.4). It works in bridge mode and the router Xfinity has 2,4 and 5 capacity (Time Capsule is set to automatic for both). I set up Time Capsule as a wireless base station when I arrived a few years ago, but now, wonder if I should disable and simply use it as backup, time machine fearing that it might create a redundancy that slows the rate of data exchange.

    I think you could ask for if you disable wireless on the Time Capsule and try to use it as a wired device backup only.

    Apple will officially support Time Machine backups when you use the wireless on the Time Capsule to back up your Mac (s).

    So, it is possible that you could turn off the radio on the Time Capsule and backup using the wireless, Xfinity, Apple will not help you if you have a problem with this method.

    It's your call. You're not sure how well... or if... you will be able to back up your Mac (s) using the Xfinity wireless until you actually try. Assuming that it might work OK, you must then decide if you want to spend on any help Apple if you encounter any problems with your backups.


    I implemented the airport Time Capsule, using a DSL modem connected to the internet as its bridge.  MacBook Pro was used for initial set up by the bolt of lightning to Ethernet connector and then disconnected and works perfectly.  Now, I would like to use Wi - Fi for my Samsung phone not iOS.  On the Samsung wireless I connect to my home network using a password.  Well, I don't think that a password was never set.  How can I configure my wifi at home to establish a password?   I don't think that the modem settings should enter in solving this for me, but I'll add that the modem required a static IP address be entered for this connection when its router features have been disabled for the connection of bridge.

    If the Time Capsule (TC) provides the wireless network, then you can secure it using AirPort Utility, as follows:

    • Run the AirPort Utility.
    • Select the TC and then, select change.
    • Select the wireless tab.
    • In the wireless security, select the type of security. I highly recommend that you choose: WPA2 Personal
    • Enter a password in the field password wireless. Enter the same password in the verify password.
    • Select Update.

  • How can I configure Time Capsule 3 to and Motorola NVG589 to access the Time Capsule backup drive?

    I have ATT Uverse service and am ok with the performance of the WiFi of the NVG589. I want to configure my Time Capsule 3 to extend the network and be able to access the drive for backups Time Machine. I think I am following the steps in Airport utility, but once installation is complete I can find is no longer the time Capsule.

    I want to configure my Time Capsule 3 to extend the network

    The time Capsule cannot "extend" the network Uverse using a wireless connection, if that's maybe what you're trying to do. The time Capsule can only wireless "extend" the signal of another router from Apple.

    The Capsule can be configured to extend the network to Uverse if it is connected permanently... anytime... to the Uverse router using a connection through wired Ethernet cable.

    Please specify on what you're trying to accomplish, so that we can provide the correct steps.

  • How can I add a password to an existing network of the time capsule?

    How can I add a password to an existing network of the time capsule?

    I guess you mean that time Capsule has already been configured to provide a signal of wireless network, correct?

    Do you mean that the network has no password at all right now... or... do you mean that the network has an existing password, but you want to change the password?

    What operating system are you using on the iMac that you list in your profile?

  • Airport utility sees my Time Capsule wireless but can't seem to connect to it or to join.

    I recently moved and my new place I had divided the time to be wired into my Mac Mini Capsule.  Unfortunately, my modem and the time Capsule should be in the living room and my Mini Mac in another room (office).  I tried to connect or to participate in the TC with nothing doesn't.  I have reset the TC, restarted the MM and nothing.  Airport utility see the TC, but can't join her.  Any form of guidelines and suggestions will be appreciated, thanks.  DannyOkie.

    If you reset the Time Capsule (TC) properly holding the reset for 7-8 seconds button, releasing one allowing a full minute of the CT to restart... and... "or have a connection by Ethernet cable from your modem to the WAN" O "port on the TC... then the AirPort Utility will not 'see' the TC again until you put up again.

    To do this, you click the WiFi icon at the top of the screen of the Mac and are looking for a list of the new AirPort base station. Just below this list, you would click on Time Capsule to get the 'Assistant' Installation running.  The example below shows an AirPort Extreme as the new device, but you will see Time Capsule on your screen.

    When the configuration "Wizard" opens, it will take a few seconds to scan the network and then propose the correct configuration for you, with a screen similar to the one you see below appearing.

    Click next to start the process, and then follow the guests to name your wireless network name the TC, set up passwords. Once you have updated TC up and running, AirPort Utility will display the CT if you need to make changes to the settings.

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