Can not enter the parameters of the BIOS on Qosmio F60 - 147

* Hello *.
* Please could you help.*

Toshiba Qosmio F60-147 have a brand of laptop. Yesterday, I wanted to put a password on the BIOS and the field "Set supervisor password" save the password I wrote and I recorded went with the F10.
But then I want to enter is F2 during startup to restart when I press. I can't enter a kind of is. But I still can't connect is Bios Update. We don't have a problem with the windows open on my computer that I use without problem. Is why not glue only one question. ?

* I turned on the computer, I press F2 until the Qosmio logo, but I can't enter the bios and resumes.*


When you start your laptop can see you in the lower corner of the message display press F2 to enter the BIOS...?
What happen exactly when you press the power button / stop?

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    Dear team,

    I have a toshiba that is always on warraty.
    Is there anyway you can help me.

    It ceased to operate effectively. It does not exceed the Bios.
    By that I mean you reach the Bios screen, but you can not enter the Bios settings.

    model: toshiba Satellite L310

    What exactly do you say: you reach the Bios screen, but you can not enter the Bios settings?
    The BIOS is secured by password or what?
    You see a splash screen of Toshiba for short time?
    Is it possible to start the Windows operating system or to recover the laptop?

    Please publish more details!

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    Hello. I can't enter the Bios on z580 with 8.1 windows settings. I tried everything, including now shift with bios stop and accsesing under windows, nothing seems to work and windows strarts just straight up normally. Also, I can't update to solve this problem. I hope someone can help.

    Thanks for confirming.

    In your post original, you said 'change of outfit with the judgment', so I wanted to be sure that you try SHIFT-restart.

    Have you tried to stop completely and pressing the button "novo" (a recovery key). On my Win8.1 Yoga 2 Pro, that brings up a menu containing several elements, which is the BIOS Setup.

    Kind regards.

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    I activated the quick start function that ignores the Logos and boots only from the HARD drive, but now I need to install a 32-bit Windows for the school, but I can not enter or reset the Bios.

    I tried every combination of buttons, I can think.
    Is there a way to delete this feature again without disassembling?
    Existing windows are not the original, so no toshiba software is installed.

    Thanks for help.


    Have you tried pressing the F2 key while turning on the laptop?
    Press F2 repeatedly in line if this will not help press first "INS" and then F2 to enter the BIOS

    Good luck

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    The problem started when I upgraded my BIOS version A06 to A13 (running A14 now). Now, whenever I turned off my computer, the lights are still up and the fan runs. In order to stop completely, I have to press the "switch" button.

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    Anyone know how to fix this? I suspect there is something wrong with my motherboard, since I can't even get into the BIOS setup when I start my computer.

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  • Y50-70: can not enter the BIOS over and cannot find a second hdmi monitor that I have already

    First problem is that I tried after a while to get into the BIOS (have the latest version of the BIOS lenovo offers) and could not get with any of the known keys. Delete and F2 go to the windows start menu, F8 goes in the hard disk boot menu and F12 in menu advanced windows (safe mode, repair etc.). I could have mixed with key who does what, but ultimately none of them goes into the BIOS.

    Second problem, to my father's office it is a hdmi LCD TV that I previously used as a second monitor from the laptop. But I haven't used for awhile and now it no longer recognizes. I have the latest drivers Intel and Nvidia. When I press on detect in the menu of the screen resolution I have two small gray monitors (screens not detected, one for each graphics chip).

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    I finally found a way in the BIOS.

    Log on to Windows

    Bring up the Menu

    Select "Power".

    Hold down the SHIFT key and select "stop".

    Now press the Novo button (next to power button)

    This will bring you a Menu that has "BIOS Setup" in there.

    Would be easier if the F2 key could be implemented again well.

  • Can not enter the parameters of the BIOS on my Qosmio F30-112

    Dear lovers of Qosmio,

    Since I have updated Bios version 3.60 - winning, I'm not able to access my BIOS. I turn on my laptop while pressing ESC I get SYSTEM CHECK. Press [F1] to enter the bios. I press F1 , nothing happens, I pressed it several times the same thing. It's not like my Qsomio f30 - 112 made problems or anything else I want to be able to access my bios, who knows.

    Can you please help. by the way I tried 100 times > _

    Dear Hamid is very strange and at the same time stupid situation. I don't really know what the problem is here. Computers laptop Toshiba usually have 2 different BIOS versions. One is defined as Toshiba BIOS and secondly is Phoenix BIOS. Your Qosmio definitely has this version of the Toshiba BIOS and you can enter the BIOS settings using the keys F1 ESC.

    If possible try to call the service authorized in your country. If you can not enter the BIOS settings you need of some explanation expertise. If you will get some info useful please share it with us.

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    I used "msconfig, in an attempt to speed up my laptop. I did something wrong and I can not enter the first 13 items, only the trial version. I'm on vacation and he would like you could give me a temporary serial number three weeks please. Phil McMillan

    To the link below, click on the still need help? the option in the blue box below and choose the option to chat...
    Make sure that you are logged on the Adobe site, having cookies enabled, clearing your cookie cache.  If it fails to connect, try to use another browser.

    Serial number and activation support (non - CC) chat ( )

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  • I can't enter the bios using the external monitor

    Hello, I use Dell Inspiron n4010 for the last 2.5 years. My laptop monitor stopped working that's why I bought an external Dell monitor... Its works fine but I need to install the windows now... Unfortunately, I cannot get into the BIOS of the external display and can not change the device to initialize DVD ROM.

    Please can someone tell how to enter the BIOS using the external monitor (I put it as a main monitor, but it still does not work)? The Monte screen after windows starts... Is it possible to get it back? Help, please...

    Yes - I know - it's what I'm trying to show you how!

    If you follow my instructions in my last post, you will see nothing for the "six seconds".but the startup process stops at the BIOS screen and FN & F1 or F1 key will rise from the dead internal to external monitor.

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    gives a 'available Options, too many arguments' ToolTip window

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    But I can't get the syntax right, or it's bugged.

    How can I enter the options presented by 'help jsb' on integration?

    You can see the options, if you type ' - '. You will need to manually enter the options in the current versions of Firefox.

  • How to enter the bios on Qosmio E10?

    I just need to know how to access the BIOS on Qosmio E10!

    Thanks in advance


    You can access the BIOS with ESC.
    Press ESC directly after turning on the laptop.

    Good luck!

  • Can not enter the parameters of the UEFI firmware

    I bought a new 660ti for my new computer

    When I put in and plugged the screen remained black as if one has not been connected with the 'PC' in the right corner of the screen. I took the 660ti and put in my 560ti who was from an old computer that I had before I bought 800-060 and it worked just like it did when I bought the new computer, no problem, no nothing.

    People have said on different forums on how if secure startup is enabled and not inherited boot it won't work, considered most successful. But as usual with HP computers I buy, there is always something wrong with the bios and I can't find a solution anywhere.

    When I fly over the right side of the screen, go to "settings - change the settings of pc - General - advanced startup - restart" and when I finally get to change the settings of the UEFI and restart again, it is just a pure black screen and nothing happens until I quit and restart it, followed by a beep code, 6 short on about 7 intervals however I could be wrong on how many times he made 6 beeps in a row. Then it starts up as usual.

    I really don't want to have to take it to staples or another computer repair place, or my card back to Amazon.

    (another thing to note).

    When I put the 660ti in my old computer, it doesn't have a picture, but it seemed that someone poured water everywhere inside the monitor or as a NES game that had not been blown before putting it in the console and the resolution was about 800 x 600 in the monitor. I tried to activate the onboard graphics on this subject and it bricked essentially because there is no display on it at all. but I'm not worried about it as I am my new computer.

    Thank you

    Here are the specifications of your desktop HP ENVY Phoenix 800 computer - 060 According to the specification, this model comes with Windows 8 and has a BIOS with "Secure Boot" enabled and disabled ' Legacy Support'. You change all the parameters "UEFI", simply to DISABLE "Secure Boot" and ACTIVATE the standby mode 'legacy' in the BIOS.

    Please see "the computer does not start after the installation of a video (Windows 8) card" for the reason why your computer is not working with your new graphics card. First, remove all graphics cards after-sales market and return the graphics card to origin plant or use the onboard integrated graphics card to get into the BIOS. Once in the BIOS, you can change the settings as needed. Now, reinstall your new graphics card (be sure to connect the auxiliary PCIe power connector) and restart your computer... problem solved.

    Please click the White Star of KUDOS to show your appreciation

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    I can open a new tab, and the cursor is placed at the beginning of the address window. The cursor does not blink. I can't enter all the characters from the keyboard. I can open any favorite in the new tab, but the address bar is frozen.
    The same problem occurred just when I tried to fill my email address on a form in The cursor is placed in the field, but entry was frozen.
    I am running FF 13 in windows 7 64 bit.

    Sorry, I don't add to that earlier, Cor - el. I end up following your good advice because the issue seems to have resolved itself. It's magic! The only change I did was uninstall Flash 11.3 and go back to 10. I had the same problems as many others with the last Flash. As by chance, I have not had my problem since.

    TKS for you answer and offer help.

  • Can not enter the on Satellite L450D-119 recovery partition


    I have a problem to access the recovery partition on my HARD drive. My laptop crashed after incompatible software with a dongle braodband. I managed to uninstall the software in safe mode but when I went to reboot the laptop went to startup repair and t could not solve the problem.
    Now I want to recover the system, but when I enter "repair my computer via the F8 boot menu I go as far as to enter the type of keyboard and then get the message:

    "You must be logged to access system recovery options. If you encounter problems to connect, please contact your computer administrator for help. Please click OK to restart the computer. »

    Widows won boot in any mode now so I don't know how I record in and to make things worse, I have no recovery disk. The operating system is windows 7

    Help, please!


    > "you must be logged to access system recovery options. If you encounter problems to connect, please contact your computer
    > aid administrator.

    If I understand correctly, you have not put any password logging...

    > so I don't know how I register in and to make things worse, I have no recovery disk

    You can order it for money:

    [Recovery disk |]

    or get Win copy disc to install, all the drivers/utilities are available on the driver page

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