Can not find driver for CompactLogix L32E in OPC Server OR

Anyone know how to contact the CompactLogix L32E Lookout 6.5.

It doesn't seem to be a driver for it in the OPC server from OR.  Can someone point me in the right direction.

I thought that the 5300 ENI:CompactLogix would work, but it does not work.

Thanks to the folks at Kepware. I was able to get this working for CompactLogix L32E.

Step 1: In the OPC Server OR create a new channel. The channel name can be anything you want.

Step 2: Device driver will be ControlLogix Ethernet.  You can also enable diagnostics if you want.

Step 3: Network adapter. I used default.

Step 4: Write only the latest values.  Service at 10. (These are the default settings and are recommended.)

Step 5: Finish new channels configuration

Step 6: Click the icon to create the new device

Step 7: The name of the device can be selected.

Step 8: Select model of device in this case CompactLogix 5300

Step 9: Device for me ID been XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, 1, 0 IP address (note the 1 redirects the path at the bottom of basket.) 0 to the location where the processor is)

Step 9: Device synchronization.  Leave the default values.

Step 10: Automatic demotion leave unchecked.

Step 11: Leave default values do not generate start remove create and enable the subgroups

Step 12: Port and watchdogs with default settings

Step 13: Options of the project leave default. (In my case, I've changed to short because that's what most of my tags was)

Step 14: Create tagname of the device.

Step 14: Finishing Device setup.

You now have two options.

Option 1: Start creating labels according to your needs. (This is what I did)

Option 2: Newly created device right click and select property.  Then select the database creation and click auto create.

Go to the belvedere and create the new driver.

Select Client OPC

The server name will be on the menu drop down. National Instruments: NIOPCServers

Click OK

You must be done and smiling.

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