Can not find text in Firefox-> Preferences-> Applications


I tried to save automatically the "text/csv" files in the download folder. I didn't see the prompt 'Opening Xxx.csv' who has 'Open with' and ' save in ' options. I wanted to avoid this prompt and to save files directly to the download directory and open them once the download is complete. I run selenium tests to download the files and I'd be more interested to know all options user_pref I could use to achieve this.

I tried to use user_pref("browser.helperApps.neverAsk.saveToDisk","text/csv,text") in the file prefs.js in the firefox profile directory, but the prompt still appears. Grateful for the help!

Thank you
Luc Marie

You can define an action of automatic download for a specific MIME type, so if this doesn't work then you need to check how servers send the csv files and possibly configure the server properly if you have access.

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