Can not find the file desktop.ini

I back up my files each week to an external hard drive. When I get asked if I want to copy the desktop.ini file in the HARD disk. Problem is that I can not find where this file is actually located and therefore can not delete it on the source computer. I would like to remove this file to avoid the annoying question whenever I try to save my computer.

I changed the settings for source computer to view the files and hidden folders. After you perform a file search, the system shows a path to the c:\users\valued customer\appdata\roaming\norton utilities 14.
This folder contains only a log of the entries, none of which can be edited or deleted.
Not sure if I do something wrong by looking for the file "ini".
Does anyone have any suggestions?

You are welcome.

To clarify, I'm not Andy.  I copied and included the link where he was enrolled in its resolution in order to give credit where it is due.

If you don't use Norton, use the uninstall tool to remove all traces of the software.  If she has appeared in the past about the 30 day trial and you disabled, perhaps why the desktop.ini file is displayed.

See the solution re: lack of desktop.ini

This fixit deletes the file

Notepad starts with "[.]". "ShellClassInfo] [email protected]%SystemRoot%\System32\Shell32.dll,-21787" when you start your computer

Places suggested to search for the file

Look here for the desktop.ini

  • : \Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu Menu\Programs\Startup
  • : \Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu run\programs
  • : \Documents and Settings\All Users Menu

Good luck!

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    If you have only 1 instance "orcl" then the oratab file should have only 1 entry - only for "orcl". Along, only one instance "myodb" {with the db_name "myodb"} must be started.
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    See my posting in this thread: oracle sid and database the name of for more notes.

    A database can contain multiple schemas - each schema is a different database account. In other implementations of database (non-Oracle), what is called a "database", it is called a 'plan' in Oracle - but that is created as a database account. Database accounts are listed in DBA_USERS - if a user "owns" objects, it's a 'plan', otherwise, it is only a user. {Oracle also provides a CREATE SCHEMA command to create multiple objects in a single command.}

    Hemant K Collette

    Published by: Hemant K grapple on November 6, 2008 09:31
    corrected "orcl" to "myodb.

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    That could be caused by the update to camera raw 9.5: HTML

  • Can not burn to disc.  Burn the file, can not find the file, what gives?

    43 min, marriage project 2.7 GB . Can't burn the disk, can't find the iso file.  What's wrong?  I worked on it for three weeks.  Several chat sessions, uninstalled EP 11 and 13 of PE.  Reinstalled EP 13.  They say that the burn because of the disc is a known issue.  When I try to burn it to a file or an ISO file, the program says it was successful, but it does not appear in the destination.  I tried shorter test files, etc.  Nothing helps.  Are other people having this problem?


    There are several known issues with regard to burn on in elements first 13/13.1.

    The most recent is burn it to disc, folder or ISO Image and not finding the format of the final product.

    Several overcame the issue by examining the problem with and without the preference of the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher disable in Edit Menu/preferences/general. And then to go with the choice that worked for them...

    Another issue related to an ISO Image burn when the .iso file has a file size of 1 GB or more. Many have reported that the use of the .iso to produce product results of disc with the player not to recognize the format of the disc.

    First Elements ATR troubleshooting: EP 13: ISO Image File Size question

    There are several cases where Premiere Elements does not recognize the burner in the field of the dialog box to the location of the burner burning, and there are cases where the status field remains with missing media. Many of these cases are not resolved, many try another drive or another drive, for some uninstall / free ccleaner Cross (regular and register cleaner parts) has solved the problem, some go into the video editor.

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    I got it fixed, the problem was the RUNTIME_USER variable has been defined in various places to "nobody".

    I managed to solve the problem through this blog entry

    The "nobody" user had no rights of access to view the files. I did the mistake of installing with the default value of 'nobody' user name too.

    Thanks for your help anyway.

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    Yes, that's all.  All that was needed was permission to MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS.

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    I have exported databases using EAS and cannot find the files.

    Have you tried to name the file without an extension, as well as including a .txt extension in the name of the export file. In each case, the le panneau panel message confirms that the 'export data... succeeded. "

    Yet, when I try to perform an import, the file I created is not anywhere in the server, directories of application or database appear in the dialog box for EAS.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something obvious, but documentation did not help, either.

    Advice woud greatly appreciated.

    What version are you on anway file must be where essbase is installed, it will be in \app
    If you want to import then move from the to \app \app\appname\dbname

    See you soon


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    Extraction failed - cannot find the file to archive

    Hello, is it possible to update of in firefox by going to firefox > help > about firefox? which should trigger a search for an update & apply automatically...

    Update to the latest version of Firefox

  • I opened a folder from an e-mail, made changes to the word document, and thinking that I had saved on my hard drive, I closed it. Now I can not find the file with the changes. Is there anyway I can retrieve the file with the changes that I made for her?

    recovering files

    Follow these steps to find the file;

    Go to folder options in Windows Explorer > organize, click the view tab and select "Show the hidden files and folders" and uncheck the box on "Hide protected operating system files".

    Copy and paste the following text in the address bar of windows Explorer. Don't forget to replace "XXX" with your own username (or one that has been used by modifying the file), C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

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    You really should start with your problem rather than how to apply a patch you read.
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    findstr/c: "[SR] cannot" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log|more "
    It will be able to see which files are corrupted.
    To see if there
    findstr/c: "[SR] repair" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log|more

    There are often false positives for small text files that Windows uses like settings.ini and desktop.ini. Ignore these.

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    I have 5 WINDVD running on Vista SP2, home edition. At the start, WINDVD is wnaspi32.dll.

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    You can download a free copy of wnaspi32.dll from the following site.

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