Can not get on the internet when you use the merge with WindowsXP

I upgraded to Fusion 2 and am running Windows XP.  Windows XP has not check when I installed it because I wasn't getting on the internet because of all the viruses that draws windows.  Now I find that I have to check Windows after 30 days.  I can't WMWare to help me after 30 days of free support (which is a bunch of Bull).  Anyway, I tried everything that is listed in this forum and through the FAQ, the s and videos and I still can't get it to work.  Can someone help me please?



JudgeJim wrote:

Problem: I can not go on the internet whenever I'm on Windows.  My Mac is not a problem with online.  When I start the merge, I agree, but when I start Windows XP, it tells me this:

Could not open/dev/vmnet8:

No such file or directory.

Virtual device Ethernet0 will start disconnected

Sometimes it will say instead of vmnet8 vmnet0

If you have found errors like that something is not right.  Have you tried to uninstall/reinstall Fusion? Note: This is not the virtual machine at the request of Fusion.

I tried which was published for the myers40k (adding ethernet0.virtualDEV = "e1000" to the .vmx file) but that didn't fix it when I restarted merger/Windows (the text .vmx file was closed).

This is for Windows Vista not XP and you should not apply for bugs for Vista on XP unless you know that it is normal.  So sometimes it's better to ask to be sure before try you things are written to him in a team oriented to a specific operating system.

I also turned off and reset the network using NAT and bridge under network settings, and from the command prompt (I'm not too comfortable with the command prompt) at the command prompt, my IP address showed this: fe80::5445 etc, but it did not show my correct IPAddress, just this list of characters.

I have broadband with a Linksys WRT54G Router. I bypassed the router and went directly to the computer. I think it must be in the software because it did not help

If your router does not work properly, you should be able to use Bridged to network client, but without the router online, you need to set the client to use the default NAT network.  If you change the types of networks while the guest id launched, you must release/renew the IP address.  Restart then comments does this, but there are other means and until you learn what they are just restart the guest of change so that the client is not running or suspended.

I would start by checking the .dmg against its published MD5 sum file you have downloaded VMware to make sure that it is not corrupt.

Uninstall/reinstall Fusion and restart the Mac.

Start merging and then the virtual machine and it if error reports after the exact wording of the message and a screenshot if needed.

If she has any errors and you can't even access the Internet, then you need to validate the other information requested previously or there is nothing else that I can do without checking the parameters of the information requested previously.

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