Can not install and configure USB DVB - T

I just bought a tuner TV USB DVB - T (PX1211E-1TVD) and I can't make it work on my PC.
I tried it on my desktop and laptop (Windows XP x 64), and both give the error "cannot install this hardware". I tried on an old laptop running an older version of Win XP and it worked fine, so I'm sure that's not the material.
So, does that mean it does not work with 64-bit windows or modern equipment?
Can someone please point me to a working driver that my research were unsuccessful.
(If it is not a driver that works with modern computers why is this device sold yet?)

As I bought this correspondence, a full refund will be a pain, so I am hopeing that there a driver out there somewhere.



I found that the drivers for Win XP (32-bit) and W2k
Usually if someone buys a new device, then first you must check if the device works on the computer and if this OS is compatible with the external unit.
According to your message the tuner works on other phones. That is why it s not a problem tuner but maybe with your operating system.

I put t know if it of possible but maybe you can try to simulate a Win 32 bit environment.

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