Can not print Photo Tray HP Photosmart 6510

I saw many posts and responses on how to print successfully from the photo tray, but none seem to be adapted to the Mac user.  I tried all variations of Print f/Photo tray, Photo paper, main tray by default... and that you get inconsistent results.  Finally, I was able to print from the photo tray, then made u-turn trying to print using the same settings and has not been able to print again.  Several times, I got out the photo paper and reloaded without success.  Any suggestions on what I can do differently?  Thank you!



Hi G_Boz,

Follow the steps outlined in the document below.

Macintosh: Printing on 102 x 152 mm (4 x 6 inch), paper Photo in Mac OS 10.5 or later

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    I have a Photosmart 2610 all-in-one. I run Windows 7. Recently my printer does not print photos from any photo printing program. It will print things on the web, MS Office, Notepad, etc... The problem seems to be with photos only. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times, tried restarting him spool print and run the HP Diagnostic tool. Nothing has worked. Please help if you can. I'm completely fed up!

    Hello Starjs,

    When you print from MS Office if you have a photo and the words on the page, what happens? It print the words and the picture is not.

    Pages with just the words and photos not requires less hard drive space than a page that requires printing that has a photo or a large document.

    Let's try to run a disk cleanup to see if we can free disk space hard to make sure that it is not the cause of the problem.

    To run Disk Cleanup
  • HP Envy 7640: HP Envy 7640 will not print photos from the photo tray

    I bought a HP Envy 7640 today, 11/05/2016.  It will NOT print photos from the photo tray.   The printer has paper in all trays, but keep taking 8 1/2 x 11 paper rather than photo paper.  I use the default application for the display of pictures (Microsoft Office 2010) and have tried selecting both the 4x6in of the index card. and sizes of 4 x 6/10 x 15 cm.  The end result is the same, an image printed in the middle of the plain paper.  I searched the forums and found that two related threads.  Given that I just install the printer today, I figure there will be newer drivers in the last hour, so I finished downloading "printing HP and Scan doctor."  He finds a "Match of Port issue" and that fixed it, but when I printed another picture, he was still on plain paper.  If I remove the paper and leave only in photo paper, the printer throws a fit and said that it is out of paper.  Any ideas?  I'm not a newbie, but in more than 20 years of use of HP products, this is the first time that I had to fill out a problem for a Board of Directors.  (And with the instant the ink program, it starts to accumulate the number of my printing without a single success.)

    RESOLVED - photo, once you select the printer & paper, you must go into OPTIONS, then the properties of the printer, then go to the paper/quality tab, then the paper Source and select manually the specific bac (bac/Photo main tray).  Sheesh, should we not automatic as soon as you select the paper size?

  • HP Photosmart 5520 will not print photos

    I've had this machine for a few months and just discovered that, unlike my previous HP printer, it will not print photos from my PC. Unlike my previous printer, it doesn't have a slot for a memory card. When I click on "Print" for a picture of the appropriate screen appears on the screen but nothing else happens. Can I do to remedy to this problem please? The printer prints documents with no problems. I use Windows 7 right now

    Hi, what program you use to print photos?

    Have you tried another program?

  • After the updates of the laptop, printer does not print photos

    Until yesterday, I had no problem with printing photos from my laptop.  Automatic updates have been made, and now I can't print photos.  There is no problem with printing documents well.  The office prints documents and pictures ok.

    Now for some reason any cell phone shows a new and different screen for printing.  I click on the image to print, but after a minute, it goes back to the screen asking me how I want to print my photos.

    My laptop is Dell with Vista.  I have a wireless connection to the printer: printer is HP photosmart c5580 all-in-one and it is connected to a desktop Dell with XP.  I had this setup for well over a year with no problems.  It seems that something in the updates yesterday can cause a problem.  Please help I need to print these photos as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

    Sometimes the MS Updates will install hardware
    pilot who is not as compatible as you
    already had. Is it possible that a printer updated
    driver has been installed on your Vista machine?

    It might be worth a try to do a system
    Catering to one hour before the beginning of the question.

    Windows Vista - system restore: frequently asked questions

    Windows Vista - start your computer in safe mode

  • Printer does not print photos

    The printer is a Photosmart C5180. I just moved and reconnected my system. Now the printer will not print photos. I'm going to the State of the printer and it shows the order for print and says it's printing but the printer does not respond. It print documents, just no pictures. Also, when I say the printer window state to remove the print order photo it says it is deleting, but it doesn't.

    What operating system? You print photos from which program?

    Running the diagnostics to can help solve the problem.

  • Now my HP Officejet Pro more will not print Photos or anything else!

    Here I am once more.  I finally solved the problem that I had been downloading the software for my HP printer after that I downloaded Windows 10.  I could not download any software without getting an error message 'download cancelled '.  I was able to print pictures and letters typed with WordPerfect X 6.  I'm embarrassed to say that I accidentally fell into the solution and now I can scan, send faxes again.  Yay!  Problem is NOW, I'm more able to print photos, or anything else!  I go through all the motions and send the message to the printer to print, but nothing happens.  I have already run the hppiw.exe and configure the printer.  When I try to run the HPPSdr.exe, he unzips the file, the printer appears as "installed" and click on the 'Next', I get a screen with 3 different ways to connect the printer to my computer - I choose USB because it'S the way I was connected.  Then I get a message telling me to do that my printer is on (it is)!  and try a different USB port (I have) or try another USB cable (I HAVE!)  OK, so FINALLY I get to the point where I am able to print on a HP Officejet Pro 8600 N911g series Print Page of Diagnostic quality, AND DOES IT!    But I also know there is a problem with the software and I need to uninstall and click the Support link and the Driver to download new software.  But when I click on the link, I'm told I'm not connected to the internet - here we are again.  I'm exhausted.  I am 65 years old and I've been at this for 96 hours.  I've corrected the problems of scanning, but now I can't print while yesterday I was able to do it!   Arrrrggggghhhhhh.

    Can someone tell me why I get the message 'not connected' when in fact I AM connected to the internet?  sigh/smh

    Hi @Galego,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I see that you can not print with your HP Officejet Pro 8600, on 10 of Windows, and I'm happy to help you!

    Please, try the steps in the following order:

    Then, run the HP print and Scan Doctor to verify that everything works.

    I hope these steps help!

    If this, or one of the posts on this thread, helped you to solve the problem, please click 'Accept as Solution' said post. To show you 'like', or that they are grateful for my post, please click the thumbs upwards below. If there is anything else I can do to help, please don't forget to let me know!




    Thank you for joining the HP Forums!

    I noticed your post on how your 5530 Envy of HP will not print photos. I'm happy to help you!

    If please try the instructions in this guide, Print Photos (Windows)and let me know what happens!

    If you are unable to reach a resolution, please click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

    I hope this guide to solve your problem!

  • print ingenvelopes on a PHOTOSMART 6510?

    Is it possible to print envelopes on a PHOTOSMART 6510?

    If so, what should I do?

    Hello, I hope that this answer helps out you. I went looked in the manual for the answer. Page 14 is the chapter that covers the loading media into the printer. 17 pages & cover 18 how envelopes lad in the printer specifically.  I hope this helps. For more manual instructions refer to a link that you can click on to manual.  Here is a link to the Manual:

  • I can not print background images.

    I select print background images already. But I can not print background images yet. (mac firefox 19.0.2). Although I'm not this page (
    Please advice me to [email protected] Thank you.

    Same problem here. There was no picture printing problem until the upgrade. Now, they won't print and it's ruin how I run my entire business. Image logo printing on the packaging of the lists, codes bars printing of shipping labels. I deleted the cache and restarted. I also tried other browsers and is it not the problem.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

  • I can not print from Firefox, but can all the other browsers and applications (such as MS Word, notepad, etc.). I get a misprint on the print monitor as if it was a problem of queue.

    This is a recent development, but I can not print anything in Firefox. Printing open normally, it's going to the right printer that works... I can print other browsers and applications. It acts like it is in queue and then a printing error occurs and it will not be printed. I closed and reopened Firefox, open in safe mode, cleaned cache/history/cookies and restarted twice. Nothing makes no difference. Also tried printing from the preview before print that had the same result. I can print all other browsers and applications without problem, so it must be within Firefox.

    See this:

  • I can not print complete E-Mail due to the space occupied by the personal dashboard. The right side of the screen is taken by the dashboard. How can I remove the dashboard, that is to say, the column to the right of the screen?

    There is not enough room for the message between folders on the left and the (advertising) dashboard on the right.  Therefore, I often use the slide bar on the bottom of the screen to read the entire lines of the message.  For this reason, I can not print a full e-mail.

    How can I eliminate or reduce the dashboard?

    The ads are not visible under the eyes. Click the button in the toolbar of the message header in the reading pane:

    Le The full view button

    To print the message alone, click the three dots in the command bar and select print.

  • I have a Brother printer. I have almost a full black cartridge, but have more color. Printer tells me that I can not print, but is there a way to get around this? I should be able to print in black only.

    I have a Brother printer. I have a lot of black ink, but am very low on color. The printer always tells me that I can not print even if I press the black and do not want to use black to print a document of law. Is there a way to get around this?

    You must ask brother if this is possible or not.

  • photo black ink being exhausted when I'm not printing photos?

    Why the picture of black ink serves upward when I'm not printing photos? I usually only print text... is there a setting I'm missing?


    First inks printer needs just to warm up so even print anything the printer still consumes inks. In your case, you must set the printer to print in black only, not in grayscale. Not all printers allow it, what is your printer?

    Kind regards.

  • HPofficejet pro 8000 will not print photos

    My printer will not print jpeg or tiff files, when I try deals just to save it to my documents. It will print other docs okay. such as word or e-mails

    Thanks for the reply.  I did try the print and scan doctor and any other help desk services, that I could find!  All said that my printer was ok my OS is windows7 32 bit.

    I've now solved!  I tried to print on windows photo gallery and I found that I had somehow "print to file" selected.  Maybe it will help other users who may not print photos.


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