Can not resize the partition to external hard drive

I have a LaCie D2 Quadra 1 TB external drive that I used occasionally since 2009. Way back when I partitioned into two parts, the two put in place under Mac OS X extended (journaled). I put one in 867 ~ GB and the smallest to 133 ~ GB. The smallest one I use for a bootable backup.

I want to increase the size of the bootable part. DiskUtility looks that would, without erasing any data. But even once I selected for the largest part smallen (without going into the blue "in use" section) I can't always increase the size of the bootable. The grabber resizer indicator seems pointless because it won't pull up. (It's in the lower corner of R).

I made sure property allows me to read and write on both partitions.

I will be grateful for a solution.

MBPr mid2012 OS X 10.8.5

2.3 GHz Quad-core i7/16 GB/256-Flash



Have you highlighted partition LaCie Albums & has even decreased its size?

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    I am owner of toshiba satellite A100-998 with 200 GB hard drive. By default there is only 1 partition on the HARD drive when I try to resize this partition and create another 8 partition magic shows me error that it cannot write to the boot sector and it fails. I didn't install any software on this computer and it has the latest version of the bios.

    Ranish partition Manager displays the same error.
    I don't know what the problem is because I've done similar operations on multiple computers with all the problems.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions


    I also use the magic of 8 Partitions for creating and management of simple partitions on the HARD disk.
    But I wonder about the size of your HARD drive. As I know the Partitions Magic 8 does not support 200 GB HARD drive. I didn t to test but the partitions on the manufacturing site manual says it does not support.

    However, sometimes, I had similar problems with my 80 GB HARD drive. The simple solution was to defragment single partitions.

    I put t know if it will help you because of you HARD drive size, but you can try it.

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    The drive be defective?  Any other ideas?


    Have you tried to connect the external hard drive on another USB port?

    Try to connect the WD external hard drive on another computer.

    Follow these steps:

    Method 1: You can run the troubleshooter in the following article and see if this fits the Bill.

    Open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter

    Also, run the Fixit.
    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Method 2: Check if the external hard drive is recognized in disk management and assign a drive letter to the same.

    To open disk management, follow these steps:

    a. click Start, type disk management in the start search box and press enter.

    (b) if the drive is detected in disk management, I suggest you to assign a drive letter and see if that does the trick.

    For instructions, see this article change, add, or remove a drive letter

  • Satellite A200 - 196 how can I restore the Partition from Toshiba hard drive?

    I need to restore my hard drive to factory default.

    I tried now pressed the 'Zéro' key at startup, also tried one at a time, hold down F2 and F8, F10, F12, but none of them put me in the Recovery Wizard.

    I searched the help files on the PC and online but nothing helped.
    Someone at - it an idea how I can get into the recovery partition it please?


    You should be able to start the installation of HARD drive recovery as described in

    Please note: this will not work if your laptop works with the factory settings. If you have used clean OS installation HDD recovery no longer unavailable. For the installation of factory settings, you must use disk recovery DVDs.

    Everything must be described in the document s user manuals.

  • Why can I not republish media in my external hard drive?

    I started a project, then had a friend to copy and paste the overall structure of the project and continue to work on that. I got it to give me a. XML file of the last sequence, that she worked on so I could open on my hard drive and continue to work on that and first is not allowing me to recreate a link to media that is in my hard drive. My hard drive is displayed but it won't let me click with inside so that I can find or look in my external hard drive. I have relinked media before without problem. What is going on?

    Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 2.45.34 PM.png

    Hi Michelle,

    My suspect your OWC drive is the problem. Frequently, OWC customers use the right of the car out of the box and it will work properly with Premiere Pro. The drive is not formatted correctly. It must be backed up and reset with Apple disk utility. Then it will work as expected.

    Unfortunately, it can be a long process of moving all the media on this drive, reset, then copy it all back. Before doing all this, copy one of the files on your Mac HD and see if it can be reprinted for the moment. If so, this is certainly the OWC drive giving you trouble.

    Thank you

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    My MacBook Pro runs very slowly.  I El Captain 10.11.4 rare apps on it, most are closed while I'm on safari.  My photos take a 125 gb storage capacity.  If that is the question, what external hard drive is recommended?  If not, what is?

    Download and and publish a report of Etrecheck:


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    I have CS5 on my laptop. I lost the installation cd. Can I save CS5 on an external hard drive to reinstall?

    Moving to download, installation, setting up


    Please see the installer direct download: Download Adobe Creative Suite 5 products

    You can download it whenever you want and run the installer.

    Kind regards


  • Can I use time capsule as external hard drive?

    Can I use time capsule as external hard drive so that I can access a file or a specific folder by searching for its name?

    A TC is now and for always player network... no external. So there are limits to its use.

    If you are multitasking your TC with Time Machine and then using a DMG file as a virtual drive is better than directly copy files... However sharing becomes impossible. One person at a time can open the DMG.

    See pondini. T3

    Old but still interesting to read.

    You can certainly create a folder on the TC and copy your files on it, and then perform a search. Research is slow on wireless is so the speed of transfer of large files. With the help of ethernet is certainly encouraged to desktop computers.

    Sharing folders on the TC is also now more difficult with increasing security at El Capo and OS later. You do not create on the computer records are not available. And even the ones you create can occasionally and autonomous change permissions (since the TC controls drive not the computer), you lock your own files on... I answer these questions once a week.

    Not all software on Mac supports using network drives. The most difficult is photos that can corrupt the library due to disconnections... which are the most common wireless. Be warned backups are important and not easy to do because of the slowness of the USB port on the TC and you end up really need to another location on the network for backup on.

    Generally, I advise the people not not to use the TC for direct files... That is to say, if you edit a document, make sure that it is on a local drive... When you have finished the document, you can copy it to the network drive and delete the local version. Easy for... not so easy documents for photos with major libraries.

    A TC cannot save itself and Time Machine backup impossible network drives... This means that no backup will be your files in the TC, unless you take the initiative and do it.

  • best way to transfer photos from the iMac on external hard drive

    best way to transfer photos from the iMac on external hard drive

    If you are mobile loose photo files, drag them in here and if you are going to be removed from the inside, keep a copy on a second disc.

    If you move an iPhoto, Aperture, or photo library, make sure that the external hard drive contains a volume to the Mac OS Extended format, drag the library there, launch the application with the key Option key, choose it, confirm that it works and if you are going to be remove from the inside, keep a copy of it on a second disc.


  • How can I change the address of a hard drive of the add-on?

    How can I change the address of a hard drive of the add-on?

    If by address you mean the drive letter and you mean a removable drive, open disk management (right click on computer and select manage or open for administrative tools computer management).  Right-click on the drive and select change drive letter and paths.

  • Since I downloaded El Capitan I think I can't paste it into my external hard drive.  I use to download my card reader, copy it, and then download to a new folder on the external drive.  It will not work now and nor can I create new folders on the hard dr

    I used to download pictures from a card reader, copy them, and then stick it on my external hard drive.  Since El Capitan of download, it does not work - I can download and copy, but can not stick to the external hard drive.  I can't set up the files on the external hard drive either.  However, I can download what is already on the external hard drive without any problem.

    How the external drive is formatted?

  • Bad Partition on external hard drive: format the bad Partition or format the entire disk?

    I am confused how to proceed.

    I have an external hard drive 3 TB with partitions (3). One of the parititons cannot be verified. I saved the partition and tried to repair disk. Repair disk failed and invited me to reformat the hard drive.

    How can I reformat the partition without affecting other partitions (2) good bad?

    Or do I have to save all the external drive (all 3 partitions) and then to reformat all the external drive?

    Thank you

    Retina 5 k

    10.10.5 OS

    32 GB of Ram

    Back up the entire disc (as a precaution), select the partition in disk utility, click on the tab erase or Format and erase it.


  • I backed up all the data on external hard drive and did a clean install of xp pro. I can't find a lot of folders, files or programs.

    I'm looking for advice search to find photos, documents and MS Office applications, most seem to be missing. I had a large photo collection and cannot find a few hundred off more 4 000.

    How can I do to get the MS DOS programs? I have more drives. Is it possible to download the programs I had? MS will be able to see that the key is stored somewhere in my computer or external hard drive?

    A backup does not recover programs, only data.
    If you did a clean install of the program keys that are lost, so you have to install the origonal with all key media programs



    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened


    Make sure that the window of Firefox is not maximized.

    Open the system menu via Alt + space and see if you can resize the window.
    If it works, then close Firefox to save the setting.

Maybe you are looking for