Can not see my (D, E, F) drifting only 'C' derive is visible.

I have a problem with my 80 GB Sata Hard when I was doing my xp bootable with 'gain Flash' flash derive from softwear my system restars and after that I may not see my (D, E, F) drifting only 'C' is visible.

Part of disk > disk list

disc # > Disk 0
Status > online
Size of 75 GB >
Free > 0 B


A Word to the wise... When you work on entire disk data recovery, it is preferable to make a clone of sector-by-sector disk for a second disc and then work on the clone, if things blow up in your face while working on the clone you always have the original to work with, you've already lost your files with a snafu do not let to another!

TestDisk documentation is here:
Your Easus Data Recovery Wizard should also be able to recover partitions.


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