Can not send emails

I added an account to my windows mail, but it won't work.

under incoming mail, I added:

under outgoing mail, I added:

AOL is tell me in their instructions to change

"the port 587" and maybe that's the problem since I have no idea how to change the port?

I have also enabled SSL on incoming and outgoing, but did not work.

Help, please.

Thanks its working now.

I changed the port in advance as it is stated that it doesn't immediately

until I changed the box at the bottom of "servers" that says "my server requires authentication".

and you click on 'settings' and added my user name and password.

Once again thank you.

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    I've upgraded to version 4.5 of the software of the device for my Curve 8310 and now I can not send emails (receives OK). I can't access the email settings. When I go to the Setup Wizard, it happens to the page date and time and the next page returns a "404: not found" error. If I go to my 'Mobile e-mail settings' it does not recognize my user name and password (grrrrrr). Suggestions that don't involve reinstalling the original software?

    Network: Vodafone UK

    Hi mjbryan

    U put in place an email with the BlackBerry Internet Service account?  If you have, you must log into your BIS account and return service directories.  If you have not configured to send yet, you must create an BIS account and add your email address.  You should be able to set up BIS here

    See you soon!

  • I never had trouble with my server out log out before. I'm travelling and my first day I can receive but not send mail. I went through all of the suggestions of support, nothing helps. I can not send emails. I El Capitan on my Mac

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    What happened to me several times over the years, as different local networks may not connect in order to SEND email but without reception problems.

    My solution is to always use the WEBMAIL service belonging to the service of your email provider... be it Apple or Blueyonder, or anyone.

    Occasionally, a national internet service - for example; the Sultanate of Oman, in my experience - can refuse to deal with mail because the discussion on a particular topic is not permitted in the jurisdiction of that country, but it is very rarely the problem. Try just using the webmail online pages - for example; webmail service to iCloud in the case of an Apple (.mac, .me, .icloud) email address - and who usually works for me, anyway.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not send emails

    Hey people,

    All over suddenly I can't send email through my bb device. Also, can not open attachments - get a message error "request may contain information finished book, service not found.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Return service directories usually does the trick.  What you need to do is then to call Vodafone and ask them to put your BIS.  Once they have done that, ask them to send you service on your phone directories.

    My next suggestion will be an OS reload so we'll see if reset them your BIS will solve the problem.

    Please post back with your results.

  • can not send email, because it happens to stop spammers enter charactersbefore you send your message

    OK I can't send email threw my hotmail account, because in this case.  "to stop spammers enter characters before sending your message" so I then click on it and I have to do these characters in a box and a single button I is to continue or cancel so when I keep it keep giving me another and it nerve stops, I want my return email just so I can get my email on

    Submit queries from Hotmail on the forum right here:

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  • BlackBerry Z10 can not send email with pop accounts...

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    I can receive emails for my pop [email protected] and, BUT I can't send emails... someone can help me with the info from the server... and any information that could solve this problem... or help. I have

    tried everything... Please help!



    I had my RR give me new settings when my emails stopped going out. They changed their steps.
    To the lower entrance
    Mobile -
    Port 25
    Try and save at the top right.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not send emails on new storm w / integration BES

    I have the new Storm 9530 (Verizon) and have the latest version of the os installed via Nguyen. I can not even send emails via my BES. I wiped the new BB of the BES several times and I give up at this point. Our BES version is and I don't think it should be initially to do because he fully identifies the phone as a 9530. It is being upgraded to V 4.1.6 r2 tomorrow night.

    I don't get some emails. Other things that I tried to get the send feature including get the books service sent again, the reinstatement of host routing tables and a battery pull or two. The settings are set to balance as well.

    I'm at my wits end with this thing!

    Please indicate if you can and thanks in advance.

    Usually I have seen that when a person is not the appropriate permissions configuration

    Check out these KB articles: KB00274

    • can not send email, but can receive

      can't send e-mail, but can receive E-mail

      If you are trying to send to a different ISP (with your email address) you can't. You can use webmail to send it

    • BlackBerry smartphones can not send emails or messages image

      I got my Blackberry about 2 weeks and everything worked very well. But, today is not send or receive picture messages or emails and I don't know why.


      OK, here ya go...

      Try this...

      Go to OPTIONS > ADVANCED OPTIONS > APPLICATIONS > TABLE of ROUTING HOST > then press Menu (BlackBerry) > register NOW.

    • Hi, I can not send email from my webmail BC.


      I have a problem. Some time ago I sent many emails costomers and after that I could not send or respond to any email in my webmail. It seems stuck.

      Help, please!

      Best regards



      Here's an article that might help - If you still cannot send please Open a ticket with support to deepen it.

      Thank you


    • I use Hotmail for my corporate email account, and after an automatic upgrade I can not send emails. Help!

      When I try to send an email, it allows me to enter the name of the recipient and the subject, but I'm unable to enter something into the body. I was not able to add attachments for a while now, because of the last time that I have improved. As I said, it's my business e-mail and I really need to work. Thanks for any help you can provide.

      Your string UserAgent in Firefox is probably messed up by another program you have installed. Hotmail think that you use Firefox 3.0.19

      type of topic: config in the URL bar and press ENTER.

      If you see the warning, you can confirm that you want to access this page.

      Filter = general.useragent.

      Right click the preferences that are "BOLD", a line at a time, select reset.

      Then restart Firefox

      If you use Firefox 3.0.19 by choice, you need to update Firefox.

    • have dell dimension 4700 xp need help with outlook express I have error message and can not send email

      I need help to figure out why my outlook express does not work when I try to send a link, or email. I have a dell dimension 4700 xp restored. The error message cannot find the server with an error code number. I am a newbee so one who responds to it will have to break it down for me. So far, I had lots of help from proceeding to audio and graphics, and I am totally grateful for the help I get.

      Thank you, Gina Davis

      I have

      He has already worked with Outlook Express? Using OE? Hotmail is a Webmail service.

      How to add your Hotmail e-mail account to Microsoft Outlook Express

      If you don't want to use OE to access Hotmail and want to just use IE to access Hotmail, then just copy the link and paste it into a new message from Hotmail.

    • BlackBerry 10 can not send emails to someone, not in the contacts list

      Brand new here and searched this forum and elsewhere for this problem, but the gaps came.

      I got my Z10 launch day at the Canada and he likes most of the time. Most of the questions I had were actually lack of Telus. (Implemented my Telus email account has been a long nightmare of the week and the lack of Telus all!) A major nuisance, however, is that I am not able to simply someone send an email by typing its address in the bar. For the email to go through, I have to add the person as a contact, even if it will be a message of time.

      I'm doing something incredibly stupid? Or is it simply not possible to do?

      Thanks for any help.


      If just after the announcement, I try again for the umpteenth time send an email to someone, not in the list of contacts, and you don't know, it works as expected. Every other time I tried, e-mail address blushed and was surrounded by quotation marks, once I have support on submit.

      Not sure why it does not work as expected now, but I'll take it!


    • I can receive emails in windows live but can not send emails that I receive "error code 0x800ccc67" what can I do to solve this problem

      I live soundcards mail with vista I can receive messages, but whenever I try to send an e-mail, I get an error saying "error 0x800ccc67 code can I resolve that an unknown error has occurred.

      Subject 'test '.
      Server error: 421
      Server response: 421 cannot connect to the SMTP (, connect error 10060
      Server: ' '.
      Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x800CCC67
      Protocol: SMTP
      Port: 25
      Secure (SSL): Yesis

      Try this:
      Change the port from 25 to 587 SMTP and make sure that 'my server requires authentication"is checked.  If you get a different error message, post it here.
      Gary van, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

      'steven t07' wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

      I live soundcards mail with vista I can receive messages, but whenever I try to send an e-mail, I get an error saying "error 0x800ccc67 code can I resolve that an unknown error has occurred.

      Subject 'test '.
      Server error: 421
      Server response: 421 cannot connect to the SMTP (, connect error 10060
      Server: ' '.
      Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x800CCC67
      Protocol: SMTP
      Port: 25
      Secure (SSL): Yesis

      Gary van, MVP (Mail)

    • BlackBerry smartphones can not send email since upgrading to 4.5

      I just installed the upgrade of OS 4.5, and now when I try to create an email it says I have no service message set. How to configure? My phone worked perfectly for over a year, and this update has caused total chaos.

      Thank you! It worked.

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